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  1. It does doesn't it! Good catch. What I don't get at this point is if this is positioned below or above the FS700. And the FS700, as much as I would love to have one, is out of my budget especially considering its codec. If this is meant to compete with the BMPC then that would be great. The one thing missing from the Blackmagic for me is the 50+fps
  2. Yep, I would love this new Sony cam to replace my little Nex-5n... but it looks like my best bet is the $1500- $2000 GH4. This Sony 4k mini F55 sounds like a 4 to 5 grand pricetag from what little info we have so far!
  3. Apple have always offered shitty outdated graphics in all their systems, except for the latest iMac with 680MX.    They are far more interested in profit margins over giving their customers decent graphics cards. As Kays said, if you hate windows but still need the beef, hackintosh is the way to go. 
  4. Fair enough, let's keep it simple and on topic more or less.   IMO it's fine to publicly criticise people, as long as you are open. When you say only nice things to their face and then bitch about them behind their back, then it's wrong/ hypocritical.
  5. How have clients been towards you wedding shooters? Any nightmare stories where the bride blames you for lousy shooting or not capturing a key moment? Just curious as I'm dabbling with the idea of it :D
  6. That would be amazing indeed, however that might mean overheating since the camera has to convert from raw to jpeg in camera, and at a HFR. Just a guess though, not an expert on the camera's electronics...
  7. Nice work man, I like the colours and rendering :)
  8. Yeah, the price is still quite high for the whole package of the FS700. I would love it to be more affordable, since I have a Nex-5n and all my lenses and adapters would instantly work with it... together with the speed booster it would make a pretty nice image I'm sure.
  9. I wonder what Sony will make of all of this? An FS700 is way out of my price range and it's image isn't even beating the 5d3 with ML. The only thing it has going for it is the high framerates at full HD. VG-900 was exciting on paper but not good in actuality for example. They were ahead of the game for price/ performance with the 5n, 7, and RX100 but now they are lagging behind with no budget video dslr in sight....
  10. I think any class 10 should be fine because the bitrate isn't that high.    16GB is enough for a gopro but I guess 32GB can't hurt. I sometimes use 32GB transcend in my Hero2 and I think I would run out of battery before I run out of space for sure!
  11. No offense dude but that looks awful imo! If you want to have a big laptop i would rather go with something like this: http://powernotebooks.com/Sager-NP9370-gaming-laptops-notebooks-sys-5373.html
  12. Hey guys, thought I'd share my first solo video project :) http://vimeo.com/64094247 Shot on Nex 5n. Edited in Premiere with a little contrast and sharpening added. Critique away! Known issues: - I struggled to get the skin tones right. The 5n isn't that awesome with skin tones and even after correction they are still off. I think it was made even worse while shooting because I used fluorescent lighting. - Messed up composition of the girl while interviewing in a couple of shots. - Used Sunset profile for most shots and Portrait for others. Not a great idea! Cheers
  13. How so dude? If mobility is important then it is totally possible to edit 4K on a laptop- provided you skip stuff like the macbook and go for a recent gaming/ workstation notebook with the correct hardware. The gap between notebook and desktop power isn't that huge these days.
  14. Well I have an SSD in my laptop for that, in case my external 7,200rpm USB3 drive can't keep up. Although I haven't tried editing raw just yet. I am going to shoot some footage on my friend's MarkIII and test it this week hopefully. I'll compare SSD versus classic 7,200rpm drive and see how each one fares :)
  15. On the technical side, yes if you work with 4K and/or raw then your macbook pro simply won't cut it anymore. I have an Alienware M17x which is a gaming laptop, with a powerful i7 CPU and soon to be 680m nvidia graphics card. It's great with Adobe Premiere because of the CUDA support. Soon enough people will start realising that if you want to efficiently edit this stuff you need either a PC desktop, hackintosh (like Andrew discussed before), or gaming/ workstation notebook running premiere or whatever program can utilise CUDA. Clevo/ Sager laptops are particularly nice if you want a professional looking and well-built laptop with beastly power. If you absolutely can't go PC and don't want to set up a hackintosh, then the best option would be the new iMac with specifically the 680MX graphics card option. That's a good card and will have enough CUDA cores to handle the big files. And soon we will have the new generation of graphics cards from both Nvidia and ATI. The biggest mistake you could ever make is wasting money on a Mac Pro. Hugely overpriced and very dated now. There are much better 3rd party graphics options for the Mac Pro now... but if you go with the stock spec you will get an old piece of shit that is much weaker than the current iMac offerings.
  16. I agree that not having 100% control and being vulnerable does foster creativity, but we aren't just talking about raw here. The ML update greatly improves sharpness, dynamic range, colour depth etc. I am myself guilty of spending a little too much time on technology instead of creative production, in video and in audio. But that is every person's challenge- to not waste time faffing about and get down to the hard work. Having this ML update in your arsenal isn't going to suddenly make you a time-wasting, procrastinating failure. Instead it will give you the option to make your non time-critical professional projects so much better.
  17.   Why? I was thinking of getting into this. Is it because it doesn't pay well and if you don't get it "right" according to the couple, they will lynch you for screwing up their perfect day?   Just guessing here :D
  18. Why is it a waste of space? I don't mind Bloom's ads on the website, I never complained about them. And this has nothing to do with Andrew competing with Bloom either as when they have differing points of view I am sometimes on Bloom's side and sometimes on Andrew's side. For example the last argument they had I totally thought Andrew was being unreasonable and it sparked Bloom's reaction etc etc. HOWEVER, in this case I totally think that Bloom's reaction to the ML hack was absurd. It went against everything I thought the guy was about, and it felt spiteful and egotistical instead of positive and progressive. Any videographer with half a brain knows that story/content is a priority and that raw workflow is slower and requires more processing power. Besides I'm not hating on the guy. I already said I respect him and his work and even tweeted that to him more than once.
  19. Posted this on Bloom's blogpost. Part of me thinks he realised he dropped the ball on this one and wants the whole thing to go away. Like Andrew said with great power comes great responsibility. AMROTH 19 HOURS AGO Your comment is awaiting moderation. Totally agree with Sam Tansey here. PB as much as I respect your work and like many of your articles, I think this one comes off as more of a convoluted ramble or rant, with too many obvious things like “focus on story and shooting more†. That’s fine though I know your website isn’t just for helping others but also for ranting too. Your response to Sam was a much nicer balanced view of everything, but your article and initial tweets were clearly negative and skeptical towards the ML hack, no matter how much you elaborate afterwards. I honestly think you responded awkwardly to the ML update because you feel left out. This amazing development is simply not relevant to you anymore. Several years ago you probably would have jumped up and down with joy. My only camera is a Nex-5n and I wouldn’t even consider shelling out my savings for a 5DMiii until I saw the videos of this new hack. In your blog post you talk about how much you love using your 1DC which is a $12k camera. Most of us can’t afford a $12 camera with all the toys around it. I appreciate that you try hard to relate to the newbies and the hobbyists as well as the pros and semi-pros, but maybe you should stop trying. You’re in the working pro league for a while now, with lots of experience and gear under your shoulders (due to hard work of course) and travelling the world giving seminars. Instead of constantly elaborating and glossing over everything, I think you just should man up and confess that you reacted to the ML raw hack that way because the whole DLSR community were crazy overjoyed and you simply didn’t feel like part of the party anymore. Not trying to provoke you with this post, just my honest opinion. Amro
  20. Kind of lame and desperate for Red to sue Sony, who have been making video cameras since like, forever
  21. [quote name='aaronmc' timestamp='1351115696' post='20247'] Kudos to you! I love the snarky additions to the transcript. I've lost almost all faith in Canon. This is what happens when a company is at the top of the heap. They stop trying. [/quote] My sentiments exactly. This has happened so many times. It's like Blizzard when WoW got popular- they got super rich and all they care about now is how to get even richer. The fans and power users get left behind as they enjoy the new demographic. Happy that Andrew is one of the only people man enough to ask the real questions, kudos indeed
  22. Thanks guys! Yes the lens is very characterful, love the swirly circular distortion, dreamy and cinematic :)
  23. [url="http://500px.com/R3dshift?page=1"]http://500px.com/R3dshift[/url] Most of these are from my Sri Lanka trip, and usually with the Oly 38mm PEN-F 1.8 that Andrew recommended several months ago, the lens is practically glued to my camera for the most part! Got tonnes of video footage from Sri Lanka that I have yet to edit, combination of laziness and lack of time- but I'll get to that soon...
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