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  1.     Thank you so much for your insightful response to my question.  I honestly thought I wouldn't get too much info almost two months after my original post.   Based on your comments, Cineform Raw seems like a very useful editing codec for Raw shooting.  I had basically given up on the idea of using it, but I will reconsider it now.   One major obstacle I had run into a couple of months ago came from GoPro themselves, when they told me that GoPro studio for Mac didn't have native support for raw transcoding.     I will check in with them again now, but do you know if this support has been added for the mac platform?   Thanks so much, again, for you insightful response.  I have many more question about working with cineform, but I will wait for now before posting any more.
  2.     Well, Nigel, I am considering Cineform for the first time because of the fact that it does offer the possibility of a raw, uncompressed editing codec, which is not possible through ProRes.   After all, why go though all the money and hassle of shooting Canon Raw to then compress the file downwards anyway if, in fact, there is the ability not to.   By using Cineform in a raw format while editing, I could theoretically avoid having to make permanent color grading decisions until after the complete edit is done, thus allowing me greater flexibility creatively.  Whereas if I use ProRes I would be forced to make decisions of color balance,  highlight and shadow detail, etc... at the very beginning of the raw transcoding process, which would then be baked into the ProRes files, and therefore the film, for the rest of its life.   I was just hoping to get a little more info from users here on the Cineform codec, in general, as I have never used it.     How is it wot work with in FCP7?  Is it as smooth as ProRes?  Does it have any drawbacks?   What about editing in Cineform Raw?  Does it require more computing power for the uncompressed files?  More resources?  Ram? CPU?  And if so, how much?   Do people find Cineform Raw worth while, however?  Or is it overkill?  Too much storage space?  Too much hardware power to use effectively?   Is Cineform 444 or 422 just as good? and a fraction the size?   And if you are compressing to Cineform 444 or 422 should you just stay with ProRes at that point?   Or is Cineform Raw one of the best ways to go if you're going to bother shooting Raw footage in the first place?     So, if anyone has any further insights to my questions I would greatly appreciate the information.  Anything that will help me understand the full potential of shooting Canon Raw would be fantastic.   Thanks so much.
  3. Hello, Everyone.   I am debating whether to jump into the Canon 5D Mark III Raw video capture world, but as I have been researching the topic and equipment further I am now wondering what kind of real world computer performance in necessary in order to edit Raw video?   I have a Mac Pro (2009) with 16gb RAM and four internal HDs (500GB for OS and three 2TB for storage).   Until now I've only edited ProRes in Final Cut 7 on my machine, and I've never had a performance problem.  Moving into Raw shooting, however, I wondering if this will change my computer performance needs dramatically.   I'm planning on editing either in ProRes or Cineform in Final Cut 7, but I wasn't sure if the higher quality files and larger sizes of shooting Raw would force me to change my setup dramatically?   I will most likely need an external backup system to handle the larger storage needs, but I was wondering if investing in a RAID system is necessary?   I was also wondering is there were any dramatic performance need difference between editing with ProRes vs. Cineform?  Does one require more power to run smoothly?   I was also wondering where my money would be better invested in updates?  If I want better performance would it be smarter to add more RAM?  Or would I be better served by buying a RAID system?     Any input on how others shooting with Raw feel is greatly appreciated.  Please don't hesitate to add comments and insights beyond the scope of my initial questions here.   Thanks so much.  I look forward to your responses.
  4. Hello, Everyone.   I am debating whether to jump into the Canon 5D Mark III Raw video capture world, but as I have been researching the topic and equipment further I am now considering using Cineform as an editing codec in Final Cut 7.   Up until now I have only work with ProRes, but I have read excellent things about Cineform, so I wanted to ask others what they feel about it as an editing codec.   Does cineform work well in Final Cut 7?   Does cineform require more computer performance in order to edit with?  More RAM?  RAID?  Or would a RAID setup be overkill?   Is there a version of cineform you really prefer to edit in?  Raw?  4444?  422?   Is there much visible difference between the various quality levels?   Does cineform grading integrate well from cineform studio into Final Cut?     These are some basic questions I have after having read about cineform a bit, so I would love to get some real world feedback on it from others.   Please don't hesitate to add any additional observations you might have from your experience.  Every bit of information is useful to me.   Thanks so much.  I look forward to your responses.  
  5. Hello, Everyone.   I am debating whether to jump into the Canon 5D Mark III Raw video capture world, but as I have been researching the topic and equipment further I am now wondering how much data storage and backup will be necessary for larger files.   With estimated calculations of Raw footage being about 7GB per minute, I wanted to ask others who are shooting Raw how much storage space are you finding you need?   Terabytes seem like they would get chewed up quite quickly, so how many are people working with?  4TB?  16TB?  32TB?  And for what size projects?  5min?  30min? 90min?   Futhermore, data storage seems like it could vary dramatically depending on what editing format you end up converting the Raw footage into.  Up till now I've only used ProRes in Final Cut, but I am also seriously entertaining cineform.  It seems to have excellent feedback for a compressed file format, and would probably save space  compared to ProRes, as the Raw>DNG>TIFF>ProRes conversion for editing would require a lot of intermediate files, and storage space.   Finally, I also wanted to ask about computer performance when shooting Raw.  Since I will probably have to invest in an external backup system to get an adequate amount of storage space, I have started to entertain using a RAID system.   Do people find they need a dedicated RAID setup for editing speed now that they shoot Raw instead of H264?   Or is a RAID setup really overkill at this point from a editing performance standpoint?   Thanks so much.  I look forward to the responses.
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