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  1. Although the just announced Mac minis don't seem to be out in the wild yet, the geekbench developers have written an interesting article estimating it's likely performance: http://www.primatelabs.com/blog/2014/10/estimating-mac-mini-performance/ Although single-core performance is slightly improved over the 2012 model, as many predicted multi-core performance takes a massive hit owing to the lack of a quad-core configuration in the new lineup. There's no discussion of what difference Intel Iris (in the mid and top level 2014 model) will have over the 2012 model's Intel HD 4000 thou
  2. Hello, Everyone.   I am debating whether to jump into the Canon 5D Mark III Raw video capture world, but as I have been researching the topic and equipment further I am now wondering what kind of real world computer performance in necessary in order to edit Raw video?   I have a Mac Pro (2009) with 16gb RAM and four internal HDs (500GB for OS and three 2TB for storage).   Until now I've only edited ProRes in Final Cut 7 on my machine, and I've never had a performance problem.  Moving into Raw shooting, however, I wondering if this will change my computer performance n
  3. For some time there has been widespread problems with Youtube buffering performance. This affects anyone wanting to distribute or view video content via Youtube.  I did some testing, and here are my results.   Symptom: A consistent 24x7 lack of complete buffering on certain videos, independent of network speed or browser. I've tested Chrome 27.0.1453.110, FF 21.0, and IE 10.0.9200.16576 on 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, Flash 11.7.700.202. I have Comcast Extreme 105, which on speedtest.net consistently produces 115 megabit/sec down, 21 megabit/sec up. My ping is 19 mS with 1mS
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