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  1. Probably if you don't need the HFR features then the A5100 is better value. But tbh I think the A6000 is worth the extra cash... I didn't like the overall feel of the a5100 compared to the a6000. If you can do without the interchangeable lens mount then go for the RX100 IMO
  2. I agree with the FPS issue. 4K is enough for the next 4 years. Let's have full focus on low light performance, robust codecs, and 240+ FPS!
  3. I started playing with photos because I realised that it can be more appropriate than recording video most of the time. I love the night, I love lightning storms, and I love the seaside. So this image is a scene that I am fond of. https://500px.com/R3dshift
  4. Nice- I love surfing videos! Which lens are you using?
  5. Graded with filmconvert and a little MB Looks
  6. Not sure many people will be rushing for the FS700 right now with the RX10ii doing the same HFR with the same (or better?) quality!
  7. Amro Othman

    New laptop

    I would go for a Dell or Lenovo 15.6" workstation with a quadro GPU or top-tier AMD GPU for Open-CL. Otherwise a nice gaming laptop from Sager would work well also. I agree with Don that ultrabooks and tablets are going to struggle with 4K editing! Check these options out. Sager/ Clevo are well made: http://powernotebooks.com/Sager-Custom-Built-Gaming-Laptops-Notebooks-cat-26-179-78.html This one is inexpensive and has an nVidia 970m graphics card which would really help with CUDA/ Open CL. You can get it with a 4K screen as well! It also has not one... but TWO fans to cool the graphics card! That is unheard of in a laptop... http://powernotebooks.com/Sager-NP8651-Clevo-P650SE-gaming-laptops-notebooks-sys-7341.html
  8. When I get the funds this will be my new A-camera, and a6000 will be the B-cam. Thanks for the feedback everybody
  9. I think this problem was restricted to the NEX 7. I remember reading about it and even the Nex-5n didn't have it...
  10. We have clean FHD at 120 and 240 FPS already with RX10 and RX100 IV don't we? And those cameras are $800 - $1400. If you are paying double that for a7sII I don't think its unrealistic to expect solid HFR
  11. That's what I'm thinking! A7sII probably will perhaps break out 4k 50/60fps, 1080p up to 480fps at full quality...
  12. The only thing is: is it safe to upgrade for 8.1 pro or shall I do a fresh install (I usually do fresh installs instead of upgrades)
  13. Dude I was just playing Arma 3 today and using Protools 11 yesterday. Thanks for the good news, will upgrade soon
  14. How is the codec on the Nikon vs the new XAVC-S of the a6000? Btw, if you get a Sony mirrorless camera just get this from amazon and with 3 batteries you won't have to worry about battery life any more http://www.amazon.com/Wasabi-Power-SLT-A55V-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX10/dp/B0049WBZEK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437861060&sr=8-1&keywords=wasabi+np-fw50
  15. ​Well obviously they aren't- because they have been through that stage at the beginning of their careers and have access to cameras like ARRI's, RED, etc. But many future Hollywood cinematographers are comparing specs between the GH4 and A7s. That demographic of "people who think it would be cool to shoot some video" are getting pretty badly ripped off. This package wouldn't be so bash-worthy if it was priced, say, 30 to 40% lower. Some here are saying "let Canon charge and market their products themselves however they want". Sure, they will- let us also laugh and bash their marketing however we want, too! ​ What would be far better is if they would buy this exact kit but separately- as already mentioned by Andrew. That way they could save a few hundred dollars for lighting, no? ​ This is the only thing that I agree with you on. I am trying recently to shoot more and read/ post less. Same goes for music recording. It is plain old laziness combined with actually being busy with other work. But fair point as I believe if people spent half of their forum time shooting and editing there would be a lot more interesting content out there indeed...
  16. The main reason Canon is still popular is because: - Riding on their strong name and reputation. - EF lens system is very popular and widespread. - Colour science makes photos and videos look good straight out of camera, like skin tones etc. Apart from that, for the money, their camera tech is old and boring as f***
  17. ​Oh please. Canon deserve to be bashed for their laziness towards the pro-sumer/ indie pro video demographic. Get over it. Even if I could afford a C300 Mark II, I don't think I would buy it. Out of principle, the price/ performance ratio does not even come close to what I think is acceptable in 2015, especially without HFR. And that's not just me. It's a lot of other people too.
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