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Andrew Reid

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On 7/15/2022 at 12:15 PM, webrunner5 said:

I did a little research and as far as I can tell the Olympus 12-100mm will Not play nice with the Dual OIS on the GH5. So, I would think that lens is out. I was also considering it to be honest. Not anymore, I think.

Thanks - I wasn't sure and hadn't gotten around to googling anything yet.

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I'm a sucker for cheap wide angle and have found a nice contender for APSC and speedboosted M43.

The Tokina 12-24 f4 is a well regarded wide angle lens for APSC Nikon and Canon DSLRs, but you can totally get away with using it on larger formats to a certain extent. It has good build quality, very little vignetting, is fairly sharp out to the edges and has very little distortion in the middle of the range. They go for very little now and I picked up a copy for €150 including postage on eBay.

Here it is on a GH6 with 0.64x Speedbooster wide open at f2.5

M013C001_220725_D244_433262.thumb.jpg.9191da73267d4baee3975a41a764b40c.jpg12mm (15mm full frame equivalent, 7.5mm M43 equivalent). Vignetting is evident. This is a lens for APSC formats, after all.

15mm (19mm FF / 9.5mm M43 equivalent). Vignetting is mostly gone. Could maybe go a little wider stopped down a bit.


18mm (23mm FF /11.5mm M43 equivalent). This is the minimum you can use it on full frame, where corners are quite soft at 18mm but speedboosted on M43 the corners look decent. Any distortion levels out around here and is quite good as we zoom in further.

20 (25.5mm FF /13mm M43 equivalent)


24 (31mm FF /15mm M43 equivalent). Purple/green fringing is quite bad at 24mm, probably the biggest problem with the lens. It cleared up for me using Digital Film Tools Chromatic Aberration effect.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with it and would definitely recommend it as a cheap wide angle option for Speedboosted M43. On full frame it suffers a lot with corner softness, but is still good for square format photos if Insta is your thing!

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2 hours ago, hyalinejim said:

I'm a sucker for cheap wide angle and have found a nice contender for APSC and speedboosted M43

It looks good!  Thanks for the test!

I bought the Canon 10mm-18mm EF-S lens on the strength of this video by @ZEEK:



@ZEEK says that the lens works on full frame down to about 14mm, but he mainly uses it with a speedbooster on the EOSM.

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9 hours ago, tupp said:

the Canon 10mm-18mm EF-S

Yes, I had been looking at that first and was about to get one but then I stumbled on a mention of the Tokina and it seemed to me after a bit of research that it holds sharpness a bit better towards the corners and also there is very little vignetting other than the limits of the image circle.

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