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Sony A7S footage topic


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Shot with the Canon 50mm 0.95 at crazy ISO's... don't see how you would consider the photos to be bad.


Saying that, very weird choice of video samples so far. I'd prefer see less "see in the dark" and more clean at high ISO shots. Alos note, original vimeo video is actually at 720p.

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The shot of the dinner/buffet @12600 iso looks nothing special, looks like typical Fullframe performance. They removed the raws so I can't really check.


Except it was a pitch dark room to begin with.


Edit: After downloading the images I think its a weird testing setup and definitely nothing clean at 12800 ISO's. Left scratching my head a bit at why be secretive and then put these kind of shots out in the first place. I'm left agreeing with you Auracaria.

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Okay so this video is an absurd test that doesn't have too much real world application.  Having said that, much of what has been put out either from Sony or this video, has piqued my interest more than that GH4 purely base don aesthetics.  Between Andrew and Neumann, they're sick of hearing the debate over "filmic" or "cinematic" however I have to say that those terms do bare some weight on this issue.  Yes the final product is the total sum of creativity, lighting, acting, audio, editing, etc. etc. etc. some cameras produce images that are closer to what we see on the big screen than others.  It is as simple as that.  Regardless of how some of my favorite documentaries are mastered or how my favorite Hollywood blockbusters are shot, there are some DSLR cameras that do a better job than others at aiding us in achieving that look.  Having said that, while I am impressed with both Andrew and Neumann's most recent "tests" of the GH4 vs. 5d3 raw, I and layman friends I show much prefer the look of the 5d3 raw and a7s footage to that of the gh4 and others. 


I look excitedly toward the next few days for pricing of the a7s and the next few weeks for more footage.  If the image holds to what has been shown thus far in a multitude of ways (doc work/narrative work) and produces great stills, I will be selling my 5d3 and switching (I'd prefer not to have to do raw as I am a public school teacher looking to do basic narrative/doc work for my classes mostly in history.


Any one second my sentiments or have counterpoints? And can we get a function so I can like my own post?! haha :)

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Jason, I'm not trying to pick on you here... but for a few years now you've posted here on EOSHD, dvxuser, cinema 5d and I don't know where else purely on one subject matter... and that has been an absolutely obsessive compulsive whirlwind of posts on which camera to get and which is most "filmic". This has gone on for years now.


You bought the 60D, was too soft.. wanted the GH3, it was too much like "video", bought the 5D, and have made endless posts commenting on how the 5D with raw blows the socks off everything out there. Am I right in saying that you never actually even tried 5d raw? Then you say the GH4 is too much like video and much prefer the 5D image... but you're now wanting to sell the 5D to buy something else? This is absolutely crazy. You're a novice with an ultra expensive toy, who just isn't satisfied with image quality.


If you were spending endless hours filming and doing tests and actually using your camera, then at least there would be some reason to the madness. But the only video you've uploaded is a handheld point and shoot clip of the 5D that shows no understanding of filming or photography. You've been too busy obsessing with which is the best camera to get. The truth is that no matter the camera you buy, your videos will look horrible. Why? Because all of your energy is focussed purely on comparison without actually shooting or trying things for yourself. You're just judging the uploads of others.


Myself and many others have been very tactful in telling you how to get your "film look", but you insist on believing otherwise. Are your friends not tired of seeing the endless camera comparisons you're showing them. Don't they ever ask to see some work you've done? Stop stating with such confidence how things are, and which camera produces the better image. Start being less opinionated on both cameras and the "hollywood look" as you've referred to it as - and start actually learning some real technique from this forum. You have a great camera. Stop wasting your time, read the manual and start using it already. This forum has a wealth of knowledge that no film school could offer. Use it. And please stop wasting your money on endless camera body upgrades. The A7s won't be perfect either, no camera ever will.


I'm sorry if this has come across aggressively, but just look over the last couple of years of posts you've made reiterating the same obsession, without having actually gotten your hands dirty. Please, for your own sake start focussing on something else. ( i.e: focus on shooting rather than which camera is best )

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themartist, thanks for the tips and corrective feedback...just out of curiosity do you disagree with what i've written?  I also like to engage in conversation despite having expertise or tons of experience, it helps me shape my opinion and build my knowledge, i've learned a lot from shooting on my own but a ton more by posting and reading here.  So I will continue to chime in respectfully, and hope to hear feedback on my commentary directly.

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I'm pleased you took my message as I intended it. I didn't want to come across combative at all, thats not my intention.


Ive mentioned before that really most Micro 43rd, APSC mirrorless/DSLRs can do the job. Some might be better than others according to the user. Its relative. But I tell you this, I would be delighted to have a 5D. My only problem with it is the size (both for traveling and as it may draw more attention to me in more dangerous countries). But for you, I say get to know your camera like the back of your hand. By the time you've improved, maybe they bring out the Canon 5D mark iiii - in which case you still have your lenses and have learned the system.


I disagree on your understanding of and obsession with the filmic look and I think its crazy to chase after a "perfect camera" that you feel will get you closer to that vision rather than focus on your skills. Camera bodies are almost disposable. Invest in lenses, but most of all invest in your own skill set.

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Please, for your own sake start focussing on something else. 


I understand him, though. On past, I mean. I can't hardly express, your mixed emotion at their current thoughtlessness :D

E que Portugal seja campeão em terras de Vera Cruz ! :)

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GH4 is much much much much better for a video lover and also from the side photo, as it is breathtaking shots :)


Take GH4 for a half price and live happy :)


How on earth could you possibly know that? There are no reliable sample videos/tests and the retail price has nor yet been announced. The GH4 sure seems like a great camera -haven't used one yet- at an affordable price, but we still have no idea of how good the Sony A7S might turn out to be.


If it really has over 14 stops of dynamic range, excellent low light performance and the goodness of a full frame sensor, it could be a better option for the "video lover" in spite of lacking internal 4K. We'll just have to wait and see until we can compare both cameras, though I have the feeling the GH4 will be better on some aspects and the A7S will beat it on others.

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The A7S should do 10bit HDMI and 8bit 4K internal. I hope Sony reconsider and put at least the AX100 processor in there for internal 4K recording to XAVC-S. After all it is a more expensive camera than the AX100!


8bit external and 8bit internal... not much logic in that is there?

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I hope this camera gives the same nice smooth picture like the live view on the D3/D700 and not that hyper saturated shitty highlight rolling off stuff like the d800 and the rest of the new sony sensors.


If it would have 10bit external and sub 2000$ there is no excuse to not buy it.

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