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  1. I like this article. I think you certainly have enough Canon gear to have them consider your input a little more attentively, despite any constructive criticism you may have levelled against them. Honest question, how do you afford to spend over $100 000 of camera gear. It's obviously a luxury not many Pro's let alone enthusiasts could afford. I'd assume either its been a profitable hobby buying and selling... or your blog has been particularly profitable. Either way, I'm jealous.
  2. I think you've got it half right. When it comes to judging different cameras usability, functions and image quality... I'd definitely go by your word above many professionals as at the end of the day you've tested and experimented with more cameras than the majority of Pros could ever wish to. You've put your thousand hours in to be called an expert ...no doubt. Regarding Canon having better color science - pretty much everyone would agree with this. The 1D seems to have been a major leap in the right direction, and if you say its a better camera I'm happy having you do the research
  3. I agree with you in part. But a professional will normally spend far more time researching, filming, editing, experimenting, spending money and effort on paid gigs than a hobbyist who plays around with their toys. The talented amateur hobbyists who create awesome videos... normally become Pros. The common denominator is both talent and time spent on the craft. For me the biggest issue I have with the kind of cameras I can afford is rolling shutter. Out of camera color, dynamic range, 4K is generally not an issue for me ... GH4, A7s or Canon Mark iii... I'm happy with all of the results I
  4. Am I correct to assume that those with A7s's are not selling them and holding off on the a6300? Its that time of the year (every few years actually) that I upgrade my camera. Considering either used a7s, a6300 or a7sii - a7sii ticks all the boxes but the price is just a bit too much. So I suppose a useful time to have a few options...
  5. http://www.cinema5d.com/rolling-shutter-sony-a7s-vs-arri-amira-canon-c300-5d-mark-iii-1dc-panasonic-gh4/
  6. I don't think this is fair in the slightest. He gave very fair reasons as to what he didn't like about the A7s. Imagine if we have to start every post with a disclaimer like: "Please note: This is just my opinion, I prefer not to generalize, everything is relative" Obviously its just his opinion. But it's the opinion of a video professional that may or may not balance the enthusiasm shown by other video professionals. I see no lack of logic or "narrow sighted gadget nerd" tone in the post Eric did. I don't think thats called for. It was just some valid points for those who may be in hi
  7. I like these comments very much Jason. I've been eagerly awaiting this review - and as soon as the price drops a bit, I'll probably get the A7s. The suggestion of Andrew toning down enthusiasm and being more tactful to camera owners of other brands, is a bit overly emotional to say the least. The truth is that I certainly don't have the best camera available and value the enthusiasm shown for the A7s as I do the honest criticism Eric showed. Andrews post is a personal account of his attitude to the camera, that is coupled with some advice to those who may need to deal with the required
  8. I think some peoples eyes must be far more critical to image quality than mine, because the image honestly looks fantastic to me. I wouldn't accept any image straight out of the camera without applying grading and a bit of cinema convert film emulation. Add some older lenses to reduce a bit of sharpness where there is too much clinical detail. But saying that, what you get straight out of the camera with just a little grading looks spectacular. But hey, it seems as if I might just be a bit easier to please.
  9. Absolutely love your music!!! Gives the feel of a very Basia/bossa nova sound... would definitely like to work with you on future projects. You've got a huge new fan here, would love it if you got in touch with me.
  10. Beautiful music... I absolutely loved that track. This new vimeo music legislation could be great opportunity for some up and coming artist who are very worthy of exposure. Kudos to EOSHD for creating the EOSHD Music Challenge. A brilliant, engaging and empowering idea. Well done Andrew - bringing the community of creatives together on this forum is very much to be admired. The resolution is fantastic. I'm still waiting to see what the A7s shows us, but the GH4 shows that it is absolutely "cinematic" enough for any pro to shoot a top notch commercial, music video or even feature. The techn
  11. A lot of people are creating amazing content. There are more indie movies and documentaries made by people currently, who surely would not have entered the industry 20 years ago. Not fair to say that nobody generates content. A mere search on vimeo will provide many examples of shorts and even features in production. Normally hobbyists are more interested in family clips, holidays etc while the more ambitious do focus on narrative. Storytelling is definitely happening, just maybe not promoted enough in threads. I second the idea to push a concept/ storytelling critique or collaborations se
  12. Not into the body shape being bigger or a £3500 price tag. That would 100% convince me to go with the GH4.
  13. New ISO tests: http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/first-real-sony-a7s-high-iso-test/
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