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  1. HI comurit, I'm using an Iscomorphot 8 1.5x with 5D Mk II. Your question on which taking lens is suitable is something I have been trying to figure out and experimenting with, to the detriment of my wallet. Try reading Andrew's anamorphic shooting guide for clues. My personal findings (may be wrong) are that to minimize vignetting on a full frame: 1) If you are not using crop mode, don't go shorter that 85mm for taking lens (I would guess 105mm is a safer bet) 2) Choose a taking lens that has a very narrow lens barrel (pardon if I get the term incorrect), meaning the lens diameter
  2. Hi Andrew and folks, Be great if you could check out my music, did this a few years back but the genre to label it with still eludes me. My apologies in advance if self-recommendation is not allowed. Thanks for listening :) http://poplin.bandcamp.com/
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