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Sony's new $2500 cellphone


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I guess that is really really reaching the new bar for how much they can charge for cellphone.

Though the ability to use micro hdmi as monitor/livestreaming is really nice but there is yolobox which is similar for less than half the price and have way more input.


Just seems like Sony is really going for your wallet.

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It's basically the Xperia 1 II anyway. Not too shabby as a phone, if Android is your thing, but the unique features it has - 12MP camera 1.7" sensor and 3.5mm headphone jack with Hi-Res DAC are bettered on some £500 phones.

The Pro Cine app is not great, pretty mushy codec!

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I appreciate the baby steps Sony took with making it easier offload photos and video from their cameras...can we just please have something like WiFi 6 onboard with a simple bluetooth hold-phone-up-to-camera-to-pair and then automatically sync photos and perhaps video directly to our phone of choice whether iOS or Android wirelessly. Why is it so hard? Perhaps they would sell more cameras, just saying.

And please, god no, don't put android or iOS in my camera with apps and widgets and notifications. I don't want a notification that Toneh Northrop posted a new YouTube video while I'm shooting. Give me ergonomics with physical buttons that can be customized and a bright micro-LED or OLED EVF and articulating screen with touch navigation menus like Blackmagic does. Don't try to beat phones by being phones, it isn't going to work. Just work seamlessly with my existing $1000 phone so the camera just becomes an extension feature of my phone--without silly bulky hotshot mount or an annoying dangling, flimsy micro-hdmi cable.

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9 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Micro HDMI input will make it a nice lightweight, if flimsy monitor. Battery life should be decent too.

But the price is ludicrous.

Good news is it's a phone and should depreciate rapidly, it would e worth half the cost this time next year. 

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On 1/31/2021 at 10:44 AM, Amazeballs said:

Now some chinese manufacturer need to make a 250$ phone with an HDMI input and mock Sony with it.  

It'll have 50 to 100ms lag, within a year there won't be any OS updates for it anymore, the UI will be unresponsive and it'll have a screen with 85% sRGB color space.

But the YouTube shills will make 30 unboxing and hands on reviews saying how amazing it is, total game changer, shocked face thumbnail.

Everyone who bought one regrets it and 3 months late we moved on to the next gadget of the moment.

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