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A closer look at the Canon EOS R5 lower quality 4K mode to avoid thermal cut-off

Andrew Reid

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Guys....Canon never intended the R5 to "not" overheat. Overheating was known by Canon a long time ago in development. They "specifically" did "not" try to fix this problem early in R&D. Canon was and is perfectly fine with its recording capabilities.

My Canon rep friend told me "Cliff, the R5 will have strong recording restrictions"...over two months ago. And....he knew about this LONG before that. Again, Canon did not want the R5 to "not" have "recording restrictions".

By the way...Canon's camcorder division is perfectly happy with the fact that you can't use the R5 for long form event recording. This was part of the R5 plan from day 1 decelopment. You cannot use the R5 in place of a "camcorder".


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From that Marcus guy



The original oversampled 4K movie is crazily sharp. But after uploaded to YouTube, the difference between oversampled and non-oversampled is smaller. So I may suggest non-oversampled 4K is enough for online video. If I took 8K video around 20-25 min straight, it will overheat but it still allows you to take 4K 30p at will. I have encountered the overheat issue at these conditions. Though it will overheat, I found the 8K video is totally usable and it is already remarkable for a small camera like this. Positive on this.

1) At Outdoor 32C, took 10 x 1-min long 8K (or 8K oversampled 4K) videos within 30min; took 30 min to go the next location (camera is ON/OFF for photo-taking during the period); Took another 10 x 1-min long 8K (or 8K oversampled 4K), then it will overheat and you cannot record 8K by then. However normal 4K 30p is still available and I have taken another 1 hour normal 4K footage without any heat problem (but 4K 60p is not allowed though)

2) At Indoor 23C, it can recorded a total 27 min 8K RAW video using a 512 CFexpress card. Then it will overheat and no more 8K. Then I have turned off the camera for 10 min, it will then allow another 10 min 8K after cooled down a bit (note: the camera can tell you how much time you can take 8K before overheating)


So after he overheated in 8K he can still continue to record normal 4K for another hour in 32C temperature in summer Hong Kong.


Guess normal 4K can record for quite long hours when paired with Atomos Ninja V?  That mode doesn't heat up too much it seems.

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"Thus the 4K 30p (and 24/25p) pixel binned non-HQ mode does not have a thermal cut off"

Assuming this is true, I'm pretty damn happy.  I view the 8k, 4k/120 modes as only special case uses anyway (i.e. 5-10min here or there) so I was never concerned about the overheating limitations in those modes. 

But it was the 4k/30/24 overheating rumors that was making me nervous. 

Thx Andrew for digging deeper and confirming this R5 info.  

Can't wait to get my hands on the R5! 

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3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Doesn't look too bad to me.

I can feel the binning going on here. I'd be curious how it compares to the 1:1 readout of the 1dx II. Thats the baseline. If 8k binned is the same as 1:1 4k, cool. Right here, I'm not so sure. Oversampled mode is insane. 

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21 hours ago, padam said:

To be fair, the A7sIII or a Z6s could very well have similar problems in a smaller body, some said the Z6 can overheat in 10-bit 4:2:2 with an external recorder, its using the full sensor in that mode unlike Prores RAW with the line-skipping.
The S1 series cameras are a lot bigger and heavier and they are skipping phase-detect AF for this same reason, more processing, more heat, noisier signal.

So far, Sony hasn't enabled 4k60p in their cameras even though some sensors are capable of doing it, exactly for this reason.
Now they suddenly have 4k120p coming, probably external recording only, we'll see how it does.

The A7SIII is rumoured to have a noiseless cooling system with no recording time limits and no overheating :) 

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Quite a few QA from this R5 tester in the comment





Marcus C

Yes, just locked out the modes that cannot use. When it is overheated, it will like this: - When you choose 8K/4K oversampled/4K 60p/4K 120p, the remaining time on screen will show 00:00 - When you switch to normal 4K 30p/normal cropped 4K 30p (which is 5K oversampled)/Full HD, it will resume normal. At the overheated stage, I have shot about 30 4K footage ((1-5 min per clip) in a roll, and it just works normal. Never shut down or show any warning (condition: 32C outdoor).


So it can shoot forever on 4K30P

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That’s excellent news.  Glad to hear the camera will never be in a fully shutdown state due to overheating (like older gen Sony’s or Fuji’s) and will continue to allow normal 4K recording.

Thats pretty reassuring. You should never be left on standby on set contrary to what has been speculated.


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2 hours ago, wobba said:

The A7SIII is rumoured to have a noiseless cooling system with no recording time limits and no overheating 🙂

Yes and with 12MP, it will be the most limited camera for taking stills. 🙂
Might as well buy a cinema camera, if there has to be a separate stills camera next to it.

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6 hours ago, ntblowz said:

I think more sharper than Canon 32MP's 4K?

Yes it definitely is.
On the M6 Mark II is slightly upscaled 4K, so not surprising, although the 90D also has a slightly cropped supersampled 4K mode that is very sharp.



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