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Canon EOS 1D MKIII specs revealed

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To summary up the findings so far around Resolve Studio 16.2 and 1Dx III files:

- HEVC ALL-I and IPB 10bit 4:2:2  25fps neither Quick Sync or Nvidia 20xx can HW decode them. From our test seems all done in the CPU. 

- A top class desktop CPU 9900K can software decode in realtime both HEVC ALL-I and IPB 10bit 4:2:2 25 fps

- A top class Notebook CPU 8750H can software decode in real-time but really at the limit (not really usable on a timeline without setting half resolution) HEVC but only IPB 10bit 4:2:2 25 fps not ALL-I (this is a strange one as IPB are more computationally intensive, probably the software decoder is more optimized for IPB).

- A top class desktop CPU 9900K with a Nvidia 2080ti can realtime playback RAW 24fps. Probably even at 60fps I would need to upload and send a file to @Trankilstef

-  A top class Notebook CPU 8750H but with a medium gpu 1050ti cannot real-time playback RAW 24fps, CPU is at 70% and GPU at 100% so maybe a gaming notebook with 8750H or 9750H with a 2070 or 2080 is able to do real-time RAW playback. Hope to find it out soon

- A top class Notebook 9750H with 2070 cannot playback real-time HEVC ALL-I 10bit 4:2:2  25fps. We would need to test IPB

I just cannot imagine if the R5 at 8K will also be HVEC 10bit 4:2:2 if there is a machine that can playback those files. Hopefully there will be HW decoding in the future for this file type.


Thanks a lot to @KnightsFan @Trankilstef and @Matthew19 for the tests and contribution


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Got the 1Dx III yesterday and I did play around a bit here some first observations:   The good: Camera is really fast in everything, scrolling to images, menu etc.. is faster than the 1

got the 1dx III - Shot a few projects with it. It's very nice. Highlight rolloff is my favorite part. 10bit ipb 60fps won't playback on a 10 core iMac pro. same for all-i 24fps. that part sucks. 

The only tool here is Peter McKinnon thinking he needs a 2400Mbit codec for YouTube vlogs.

Posted Images

Some more observations:


I did try out RAW quite a bit and is quite impressive also in Resolve is easy to work with. I will probably use RAW more than what I first thought I would. I wish RAW 50/60 would still have AF but you cannot have it all…

Other than for  shutter speed you can pull a picture from the RAW file and it will be almost indistinguishable from a RAW photo (12 vs 14 bit), in some cases I will use a compromised shutter speed so I can get both video and stills.

On Canon web site you can download the LUTs: https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/cameras/eos-dslr-and-mirrorless-cameras/dslr/eos-1d-x-mark-iii/?subtab=downloads-software

For RAW you can decide how much highlight protection by either enabling D+ or Log (yes is confusing), be aware that if you record proxy to this setting will affect the proxy:



As already said the menu with all the resolution/codec is super messy I wish you could enable only certain modes…. like disabling all the UHD modes, IBP etc…. Also the 100/120fps is another separate setting and once you disable it put the camera to FHD….


I find very good the AF that has various option for size like small, surrounding, vertical or horizontal zone etc.. a big improvement over the 1Dx II for video.


I did try again the Active Track on Ronin S and if you set the tilt stiffness to >80 it has no problem with an iPhone on the hot shoe (1Dx III + 50 1.2 + iPhone X max)


Some interesting comparison that I found on youtube (again these cameras are not really targeted at the same audience but still interesting to see):

1Dx III vs C500 II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2pj8CEJzE

1Dx III vs RED Scarlet W https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUYGQFXlwXY


For video a mirrorless version with flippy screen and the RF ND adapter would make an amazing camera…..

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On 4/5/2020 at 1:02 PM, ade towell said:


I don't like to criticize camera comparisons because it takes a lot of effort and is basically impossible to get it right. 

Just a couple of things are puzzling me: 

Kind of a wired way to test DR.... by just looking at the highlights..... also how did he check that the exposure is exactly the same (iso don't match already but also iso between models and brands are also not 100% matching)?  Highlight recovery is not the same as DR.
Also the stabilization test where it is evident (as it should be) that the Panny is better, it is completely ruined by the AF... for something like this I take EIS + working AF than OIS but crappy AF.... as I can put it on a gimbal and solve the issue, much harder to keep the focus.... 
Would have liked to see also the comparison in HFR between 1Dx III 120 fps vs 180 of Panny..... instead he does not even mention the 120fps of the 1Dx....

Maybe I missed it but he should mention that Panny has as an advantage the flippy screen and many more video features like waveform/zebra, etc....  




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1 hour ago, Vision said:

Hey! this might be handy to anyone who wants to shoots manual focus in 1DX mark iii i just discovered if you have your lens set on autofocus you will not get focus peaking in 5.5k 60p RAW. Switch it to manual focus and peaking appears which is weird. 

To be fair, that seems to be fairly standard behaviour for focus peaking. Neither of my Panasonics display focus highlights in AF mode, and the Z6 I bought appeared to display the same behaviour in the roughly 45 minutes I used it before it exploded.

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1 hour ago, David Bowgett said:

To be fair, that seems to be fairly standard behaviour for focus peaking. Neither of my Panasonics display focus highlights in AF mode, and the Z6 I bought appeared to display the same behaviour in the roughly 45 minutes I used it before it exploded.

Yah you would think Canon would activate the bloody peaking automatically since we are not getting autofocus i know its small thing but comon 😂god i feel stupid.

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