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Olympus E-M5 MK III - coming in October

Marcio Kabke Pinheiro

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E-M5III rumor summary:
Announcement on October 17 (99% certain)
Same E-M1II sensor with 121 cross-type phase detection pixels. (80% certain)
New processing engine (90% certain)
Lighter, more plasticky but still weather sealed body (60% certain)
Same BLS-50 battery of the PEN and E-M10 camera series (60% certain)

With these specs, with the newer AF from the E-M1 X / E-M1 MK II fw 3.0 with PDAF, their last color science, and a lower price from the E-M10 / E-M5 "consolidation", could be a very interesting option.

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When the E-M5 II came out the press release didn't even mention the filthy word 'video', it is was all about 'film' and 'movies', I thought that meant they made the E-M1 line-up the stills focused and the E-M5 range the 'motion pictures' one. It will be interesting to see how they'll market the Mark III. But firmware has made the E-M1 Mark II a very capable contender, that gives good hopes for the E-M5 Mark III. Looking forward to that launch.

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I just like Oly cams. 

Even though they don't get you excited on the spec sheet, when you use one it just makes a difference (for me).  It's not easily explainable.  I just always chalk it up to this:  it's why someone likes a certain car over another similar model in class.  There's always some collection of intangibles that add up to a sum greater than the parts.  Some machines just harmonize with ones tastes and desires.

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I used to use a pair of MKii's for my wedding video work about 5 years ago and a decent stills cameras also.

As a full-time hybrid shooter, ie, stills and video at the same time, these could come on to my radar for next season as currently nothing quite fits the bill.

Currently shooting XT3 for video and it's perfect in every way except lack of IBIS and weak battery life.

Z6 doesn't shoot 4k 50/60p  and currently lacks a long Z lens but the form factor is fantastic.

The S1 is very close but too big and expensive when I add up all the costs.

It's 4/3rd's brother the G9 is pretty much on the money but just some concerns re. stills vs current Fuji.

Compromises everywhere, but the MKiii looks interesting at the very least...

And like Fuzzy, I also like Olympus. After Fuji, there is just something 'right' about them. Like they make cameras for photographers.

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tbh, the original E-M5 was one of the best looking cameras. this looks like it was influenced by the cheaper e-m10. I don't really like it. And rumor side says, there is more plastic in the build. Don't like that either. And the sensor seems to be from 2016. Guess what, don't like that either. 

It could still be a great camera. Olympus has one of, if not the best ibis system. It will come down to price. If it's around 900$ it could be a great deal, if it's beyond 1000$, I don't think it will really sell much

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Looks like "100p" is a typo or "120p" for Europe (double of 50p).
It's a E-M1 MK II miniaturized. But rumored price of 1199 body only is too high.

Sensor: Live Mos 4/3, 17.4 x 13 mm, 20.4 Mpxl, 4/3 format
Max Definition: [4/3] 5,184 x 3,888
Video definition: C4K (4096 x 2160 pixels, 24p, IPB at 237 Mbps), 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels, 30p, 25p, 24p), 1080p (100p, 50p, 60p, 30p, 25p, 24p), stereo sound
Frame: Micro 4/3
Multiplier coefficient: 2x
Stabilizer: 5 axes on sensor stabilization
Sensor cleaning: Yes, ultrasonic filter (Super Sonic Wave Filter)
Case protection: Anti-dust, anti-run-off, -10 ° C
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: with OI Share app; connected shooting with Olympus Capture Wireless
GPS / Manometer / Compass: –
Sensitivity: 200-25,600 Iso (Low extension to 64 and 100 Iso)
File formats: Jpeg, Raw (ORF, 12 bit), MOV and AVI (video)
Color space: AdobeRGB, sRGB43rumors
Focusing: Dual Fast AF: 121 points / cross points for phase detection AF; 121 points / AF with contrast detection. All targets, single target (normal / small), group target (5 zones / 9 zones / 25 zones), custom target 1-4 (AF area and adjustable increment)
Exposure mode: PASM, artistic filters
Exposure metering: Multi-zone Evaluative (324 zones), Center-weighted, Spot, Spot Highlights, Spot Lowlights; correction on +/- 5 EV by 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV
Speeds: shutter with focal plane: 1/8 000 to 60 s, B, T, sync at 1/320 s; electronic shutter: 1/32 000s to 60 s
Burst: 10 fps (AF-C, mechanical shutter)
Self-timer: 2 or 10 s
Miscellaneous: artistic filters, HDR, timelapse, B-exposure with continuous visualization, Raw editing, focus peaking, Live Composite, focus stacking, high resolution
Flash: – (FL-LM3 external flash supplied)
Flash plug: Claw and sync socket
Flash control: Auto, red-eye, backlight, slow sync first or second curtain, manual, wireless flash control; correction on +/- 3 IL
Viewfinder: Oled 2.36 Mpts, 100%, 0.69x, 27mm clearance, brightness and color temperature correction, anti-flicker
Monitor: LCD multi-directional touchscreen 1.04 Mpts
Storage: SDXC / UHS-II 43r
Interfaces: USB 2.0, micro-HDMI, WiFi, microphone input, headphone output,
Supplied accessories: strap, USB cable, flash, battery, flash FL-LM3
Power supply: Li-Ion battery BLS-50 (about 310 images according to CIPA standards)
Dimensions W x D x H: 125.3 x 65.2 x 49.7 mm
Weight: 414 g (SD and rechargeable)

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Looks good, if it has log it could be great. Pretty high data rate. Really should have 10 bit and 4k 60p though.

I am about to get an S1. The GH5 is still tempting but its low light abilities aren't as good. The GH5S is nice but too pricey and no IBIS. 

Olympus would definitely be on my radar with 10 bit. But low light abilities are lacking as well

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I’m really hoping Olympus takes video seriously in the EM5mk3 and the, hopefully, forthcoming EM1mk3.

10bit codec with those lovely Olympus colors and an improved 4K an 1080p image (less noise and sharpening) would be a treat.

Checkout Chris Eyre-Walker for what an EM1mk2 can do.

He shoots almost all his stuff handheld. I mean this video below sums up what Olympus offers. Great weather sealing, stabilization, and colors in a small package.


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Looks like no 10-bit or 4K 60p.
Those specs look like the E-M1II. the 237Mbps look nice at first, but with the E-M1II it was a variable bitrate and never really went above 100Mbps. Furthermore that's just available in DCI 4K. With 3840x2160p the E-M1II had a maximum bitrate of 100Mbps. 
Let's hope Olympus has addressed most of those things! 

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Honestly, I am stoked on this. If I somehow get my hands on some extra cash I would love to pick up a used E-M1 mkii or one of these E-M5 mkiii.

I shoot mostly on a GH5 and having one of these as my second cam would be killer. Good AF for the times I need it and the Gh5 for when I need 10bit / 4k60.

Olympus is doing good stuff. Plus M43 is a killer mount and I love the sensor size. 

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