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  1. I've had great luck with my Hero 7 Black and use it weekly for short surfing clips and kids use it for Youtube type garbage. The non-replaceable lens is a huge setback and the other "Mod" accessories of the Hero 8 are a waste IMHO. The last Gopro that wouldn't overheat and was rock solid was my Hero 3.
  2. Any opinions on the new Meike cinema E mount or X mount lenses? Would like to pair the Meike 25mm with the A7iii or maybe the X-T30.
  3. Im undecided whether to get the sigma 18-35 or the tamron 28-75 2.8 for my new a7iii. Will be using this lens for short films mostly. The 28-75 kit lens is actually pretty good, but would not mind a constant aperature and more light. Pros for the sigma are lower f stop and i could use it on my gx85 and sl2 cams. Pro for the tamron i guess is full frame video if thats much of an advantage. Also, anyone try the sigma 17-50 2.8 with an A series camera? Any input appreciated, thanks!
  4. Anyone have experience with the older Tokina 28-70 2.8 at-x pro lenses on sony a7 series cameras? Im thinking about getting one for my a7iii and using it manual focus for short films. Looking at a minolta mount version on ebay for close to $200. Thanks.
  5. I just made the jump to Sony after years of making excuses for Canon and all of the disabled features on their cameras. I was excited when the M50 came out but was soon dismayed to see how many features they intentionally left out. That camera could have been a bridge between M43 and FF for many and introduced a new generation of users to what Canon could offer. Imagine decent codecs, dpaf 4k, and inexpensive crop lenses! I could have kept waiting but forget it. They have nice entry level dslrs but seem to not understand or care how many people want better video features.
  6. Homestar, Does the autofocus work with the wide angle adapter? Also, what camera is this combo on? Thanks!
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