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Can you watch Vimeo videos without stops mid-stream?

Andrew Reid

Can you watch Vimeo videos without stops mid-stream?  

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  1. 1. Can you watch Vimeo videos without stops mid-stream?

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I am thinking whether to halt EOSHD uploads to Vimeo altogether.

Whenever I upload to Vimeo I can never get it to play smoothly but my connection is fibre optic.

This is with auto quality.

It seems their servers just don't have the performance needed and you get a stop-start experience.

Interested to hear other peoples experiences before I pull the plug! And as an uploader, does a Pro account rather than Plus help with playback issues?

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I've had nothing but trouble with vimeo over the past 18 months.  Uploads take longer than to any other site and their playback almost always buffers and stops even if I'm at the university which has 10gbps internet.

While trying some others I came across Wistia (not sure if it's available in the UK) and it seems to be the best though they are fairly expensive.  You can get a free account and upload up to 5gb videos with a limit of 50gb total in your storage (at least when I signed up) but your video player will always show the wistia logo in the corner.

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I love Vimeo but it's becoming a very big problem. The issue is on the server end because, not on the connection because Youtube works fine despite my average 30mbps speed. Clearly Vimeo struggles during some part of the day when there is heavy load on the bandwidth (e.g. late afternoon and early evening when people commute or come back home and watch video).

It also seems that some video get "prioritized" over others. My video with a few thousand views tend to stop much more than the one with hundred thousand or 1 million views.

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unless im mistaken, its the same old thing, like for the short im making... vimeo or youtube?

vimeo = maybe better quality if it works, better community for critical praise/staff pick, etc. doesnt work a lot which is v bad for ppl with 4 sec attention spans (everyone)

youtube = always works, uploading a robust 4k clip can work to beat 1080 quality limitations, HUGE social network, everyones on it

if youre gonna pick one over the other, the choice seems p obvious.

well, what about uploading to BOTH sites?

that works for plenty of ppl with hot videos, but if you have, say 5k views, do you want to divide them over different platforms?

its a quandry

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It's so bad that if I see a vimeo film embedded in a post on any site I just surf past it.

It seems completely independent of device, network or even country I'm trying to watch it from.

Maybe things will change now that they have bought Livestream who might have some better technology to serve the content to a wide audience.

Or maybe they'll just make Livestream as shit ;)

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With a new computer & fibre (wi-fi, not plugged in), i've experienced no problems whatsoever - 1080p, 2K or 4K.

However, with the old computer I'd have to hit pause straight away & wait for it to buffer a little, before I attempted any viewing.

On mobile, over wifi or 4G, there are no problems whatsoever & I suspect that they might be concentrating more on people watching on their phones - a big mistake.

On the opposite side of the fence - I was able to watch the Champions League final on YouTube (via Firestick) with no real problems, the occasional jitter but no stopping or buffering!

Personally, I think things will change, as is mentioned above, they have bought livestream, they allow you to upload in whatever format you like (no more double dipping with H264) & their quality is much better than YouTube (who seem to allow some people to upload near perfect videos & the rest of us get not so great versions).

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16 hours ago, kye said:

I've had fast internet for years and YT works most of the time but Vimeo has never worked.

It's like it loads a bit, gets 1 second before the buffer runs out and then says "oh, shit, I better start trying to load some more...... damn!"

Same for me most of the time. Sometimes it shits the bed all together and will just never stop "buffering". 

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