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Panasonic G6 vs GH2 video test!

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PAL GH3 has 24, 25, 50, and an option to shoot 60p in a 24p wrapper, slowed down in camera.

Which is fine by me, since slow mo is the only use I make of 60p. If I want footage that I can choose whether I want at regular speed or slowed down, I shoot 50p. Much more flexible, and not too hard to convert to 24p timelines either.

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Julian....sorry for being stubborn but there's some doubting thomases over at another forum who doubt whether the g6 can record and do peaking at the same time. Can you please verify that peaking works while recording . thanks again k

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I realize this is a G6 vs GH2 discussion, but I can't find a better place yet, with someone who actually has a G6, to ask this question.


Are you able to compare the G6 to the GH3? My main concerns would be still image quality, up to maybe iso 3200, and of course video quality. This would be used for short films (my own purposes, not as a profession) and filming the family indoors, which is usually crappy lighting.


I'm in the market for a new camera, and have been eyeing the GH3 for a while, but now with this on the horizon, I'm not sure if the GH3 is really worth the $1300 price, compared to the new G6. Is the GH3 maybe 10% better, but for 50% more cost, or is it really a decent step up in image quality?


Thanks in advance for any input you can provide!

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Thanks Julian! I'm sold :) This is everything I wanted in a GH2 upgrade minus having the SD card next to the battery. Better get some 128Gb ones :) I already have continuous power solutions for the GH2, so this is gonna be perfect for event shooting. Any idea whether G6:s bought in Hong Kong will have the PAL 29 min time limit?

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That's a great test, thanks for sharing!

The G6 does look very impressing!

I think probably I'll get one! just need to double check on the nikon d5200, as I think they'll be around the same price and lowlight does look very impressing as well.... oh boy, decisions, decisions... XD

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The Nikon d5200 stills iq is very good, but the banding in deep shadows is very concerning and it manifests itself as fixed pattern noise too in video. Add in the lack of an evf for video work and its not really as flexible as the Panasonic series, although arguably has better iq with the right glass! The lack of 1080/50/60 too and an electronic shutter for totally silent stills shooting makes the G6 very flexible and discrete system as well ;-)

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Thanks for the input, I read about the pattern noise appearing at all isos is the shadows, but I couldn't see it on any of the videos I've been able to download.

I'm quite impressed with the Nikon's IQ, but frankly the EVF and 1080/50-60p are really important things for me to consider (EVF more)

and I've always loved the GH2 look which seems to be improved on this one, so...

Also apparently the Nikon has some issues dealing with aperture in video mode... not sure what to think about it.

What about the EVF on the G6? Earlier on this post I read it seems/feels smaller than the one on the GH2, is that the case? I used to have a Nex7 and absolutely loved the evf it's this one comparable?


Thanks again, y'all being really helpful :)

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