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  1. Hi! Is the Canon C100 owners can confirm this weird behavior while turning on camera? It is normal? Honestly I do not know if I had seen it out at the very beginning. I have a camera less than a month. Example of strange colors (I can not add the embedd YT code)    
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum! I am very grateful for all the information on g6, because I'm going to buy it instead of my 5dmk2. I have two questions. Is the HDMI output is 1080p? It's very annoying in 5d, when I use an external monitor. The second question. Is there possibility of switching from PAL to NTSC region in G6, like in Canon? Because I would like to use 60p and buy the Panasonic G6 in Europe. Thank you very much!
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