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  1. Yep, GH3 with 12-35mm 2.8 and 35-100mm 2.8 + a Voigtlander Nokton 25mm 0.95 (or SLRMagic 25 0.95) would cover everything you need. Very compact and powerful combo. Get a used GH1 or GH2 to cover the reverse or wide angle on an unmanned tripod during ceremony. Upgrade to second GH3 later on. A slider could be handy too.
  2. If you're going to shoot weddings on Canons, check out Stillmotion tutorials on Vimeo. The 5D has a very flattering image with a shallow depth of field that makes the footage look very fashionable if matched with fast primes. Get a 24, 35 and 50mm. It's also a rugged camera and looks "Pro". Make sure to get a LCD loupe for better focusing. If moire patterns of the Canon concerns you then a GH2 with SLRMagic or Voigtlander primes could be an option. When hacked the GH2 provides continuous recording (not sure if the 5DII can too with Magic Lantern). Another camera to look for is the upcoming Panasonic G6 that has the same video quality as the GH2, but with better a LCD, 1080 50/60p and focus peaking. Both cameras have a swivel LCD and an EVF, an advantage compared to the 5D. Get 12, 17.5 and 25mm primes. Manfrotto 561BHDV and Merlin are battle tested in wedding situations. Good choices :)
  3. Cameron at his color best: Attack of medlabs in Aliens. RED!!!
  4. I started out with a GH2 and a 28-90mm Vivitar zoom, varifocal with manual focus and thought at the time I got some great, artistic results. Looking back its a mess: blurry, out of focus shots with a few seconds of usable footage. I edited together clips in slow motion and added music and the video became some sort of abstract memory of the event. The one thing that saved it was the interviews: after the ceremony when everything had calmed down I set up my tripod and shot two talking heads, one of the groom and one of the bride where I asked them how they first met. This spliced together with the ceremony in slow motion made them very happy! Since that first shoot I've tried many different combos on the GH2 and found out two things: 1. SLR magic 12mm and voigtlander 25mm make for really good cinematic footage, switching lenses on the go, but its too slow to nail the shot if stuff happens fast. 2. Sony CX7xx series camcorders are a really nice option with incredible stabilization and a versatile zoom which is as good in low light as a 3.5 lens on the GH2. And clients actually prefers deep focus to shallow "I can't see grandma in the background" focus ;) Make sure you have the high ground, either by stepping up on stuff or by getting a tall (2 meters) monopod. In the beginning I always cursed how stuff got in the way of a clean shot. My preferable combo these days is a Sony CX740 with a 64gb card, the largest VF100 7 hour battery and a DvTec Junior rig. Add a Zoom H1 close to the action and you're sorted.
  5. I need Nikon G -> m43 with aperture ring and Canon FD -> m43. Then I'm a happy shooter :) Lets see who gets there first, SpeedBooster or LensTurbo!
  6. I think HDMI only works in playback. Julian?
  7. I shoot weddings and used the VG20 last weekend and the 5R the weekend before, both with the Sony 16-50 power zoom. I chucked both in the bin and now continue to use our Sony CX740s instead :) IQ on the VG20 is soft, grainy and full of moire. 5R with Sunset Profile and tweaked WB on the other hand has a wonderful dynamic range and great colors but is let down by the same awful moire/aliasing. AF on both is not as precise as on the CX and no OSS lens comes close the gyro stabilized CX. The VG20 can record continously for almost 4 hours on the largest battery. The CX on the same battery keeps rolling for 6+ hours :) The 5R has a 29min limit but shuts downs after about 15-20 due to overheating. Our crew now use 5 CX740s and we bring F&V K4000 LEDs if the venue is dark. For beauty shots and low light we have GH2s with fast primes. My dream event cam would be the Sony RX100 1" sensor with the CX gyro stabilizer and a fast 24-240mm power zoom :)
  8. The only thing missing now is seeing how the 12-35 performs with sharpness set to -5 and if moire will rear its ugly head. If this is defeated to an acceptable level I plan on replacing my three GH2s :)
  9. Thanks Julian! I'm sold :) This is everything I wanted in a GH2 upgrade minus having the SD card next to the battery. Better get some 128Gb ones :) I already have continuous power solutions for the GH2, so this is gonna be perfect for event shooting. Any idea whether G6:s bought in Hong Kong will have the PAL 29 min time limit?
  10. Please check if the camera can change exposure smoothly (with no stepping) during recording (i.e putting the camera in manual shutter priority with auto ISO). I loved this feature on the NEX 5R. Keep the tests coming! :-)
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