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  1. Single point AF is currently the worst AF mode for Panasonic G9 / GH5 / GH5s cameras. You should test 225 AF and face-tracking using the Panasonic 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 zoom lens.
  2. How long will the XT3 be able to shoot 4K video ? I shoot lots of live events where I need 90-120 minute recording. And does it record 10-bit internal like the GH5 or externally like the new Z-mount Nikons ? I like to keep things simple and compact, so internal recording is always my preference. ...Or logical. They've pretty much gone as far as they can go with the m4/3 format, so it's time to expand into the FF market. There are many people that will never shoot with a m4/3 camera no matter how good it is, so bringing a lot of the GH5 tech to a FF camera is a very smart move. Panasonic can be the master of video on both m4/3 and FF formats. I also hope they implement the G9 high-resolution multi-frame imaging in the FF camera, so a FF camera with a 35 Mpx sensor could create a single 140 Mpx high resolution image in camera. ( Panasonic is using IBIS sub-pixel positioning of the sensor to create this image, so Canon is out if it has no IBIS tech )
  3. So one of the four contenders ( Canon ) doesn't include a LOG profile. ( I am assuming that Panasonic will include a LOG profile ) Do you think Canon will offer C-Log for purchase like the 5D Mk4 does ?
  4. Thanks Julian. You've helped to settle a long running thread on the DvxUser website about the G6 being able to show focus peaking while recording. Will making focusing while shooting a lot easier.
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