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  1. I will believe Canon R5 specs when the camera is tested to see what it can actually do. Sony IBIS was great until somebody actually tried using it with a moving camera and then realized that it was garbage for video work...
  2. TheDingo

    Fuji X-T4

    Will it have recording time limits like the X-T3 has ???
  3. New S1 fixes, which I imagine will be rolled into the next S1H firmware update... Nick Driftwood : S1 Firmware 1.3 Beta - Ghosting Fix Test Nick Driftwood : S1 Blue Light / Yellow Light Fix Test: Firmware 1.3 Beta
  4. Panasonic S1H : First Mirrorless Camera Approved for Netflix 4K Production
  5. Likely it's a weather sealed "tunnel" with the fan and radiator fins exposed to the air that passes through it, but sealed off from the inside of the camera itself. Jordan does NOT say the full frame modes suffer from bad rolling shutter, but what he does say "rolling shutter can still be a big issue, especially if you are shooting the 6K and 5.9K modes, that said however you can swing it over to the Super35 crop which is very similar to an APS-C sensor or the 1:1 which is very similar to Micro Four Thirds and there you are going to get nice quick readout. If rolling shutter is going to be a concern for your shot just switch over to one of those modes".
  6. I haven't heard anything about the pricing for the S1 video upgrade, so for all I know it will be the same $97 US that it is for the GH5 camera. And if it does turn out to be $300 US, I won't have any problem paying for it because it will be something that I will use every time I shoot with it.
  7. The GH5 didn't have V-Log L either, it was a paid upgrade too. We shall have to see what Panasonic delivers with the S1 video upgrade, but I'm expecting it will leave very little difference between what the GH5 and S1 cameras can do. ( in theory there will be no ALL-I 400 Mbps recording, no DCI recording, no anamorphic recording, but this will all have to be checked once the upgrade starts shipping ) As more in depth reviews of the S1 appear, DfD AF is proving not to be rubbish at all. It's not as fast as Canon / Fujifilm / Sony AF, but it is able to recognize humans and animals in situations where Sony AF doesn't. ( see Lok's 3 month YouTube review where he shows the S1 recognizing a person in profile, where the Sony A7III sees nothing at all ) Internal 4K60p crop is a LOT better than NO 4K 60p at all. ( it's a processing power issue, so it make take another generation of Panasonic FF cameras to achieve 4K 60p without the crop ) The size and weight all have to do with dealing with the heat from recording 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 with no recording limit. Sony is going to have to live with their 4K overheating issue, or adopt a much larger body for the A7SIII. I've been hearing about the amazing A7SIII for 3 1/2 years now with no real facts about anything being produced. I have no idea what is taking Sony so long to produce this mythical camera, but I expect many Sony fans will be upset if the A7SIII can't deliver on all these magical wish-lists that may have no basis in reality at all. Will it ship this year ? Who knows...
  8. Right now there is only one FF camera that can shoot 10-bit internal video, and it does not look like this is going to change any time soon. The A7Siii is going to need a much larger body if it wants to shoot 4K 10-bit with no time-limit, and I don't know how many Sony folks would be happy about that. ( certainly none of the still photo fans ) And then there is only one camera with 5-axis IBIS that can produce smooth handheld 4K footage, so it's going to take a few more iterations for the other brands to catch up with Panasonic DUAL IS stabilization. Panasonic is only one month in with it's S1 / S1R cameras, so the story may change by the end of the year when Sigma will have a bunch of native L-mount lenses on the market. I'm never going back to shooting 8-bit video, especially with cameras that can't produce smooth handheld footage without a gimbal.
  9. Single point AF is currently the worst AF mode for Panasonic G9 / GH5 / GH5s cameras. You should test 225 AF and face-tracking using the Panasonic 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 zoom lens.
  10. How long will the XT3 be able to shoot 4K video ? I shoot lots of live events where I need 90-120 minute recording. And does it record 10-bit internal like the GH5 or externally like the new Z-mount Nikons ? I like to keep things simple and compact, so internal recording is always my preference. ...Or logical. They've pretty much gone as far as they can go with the m4/3 format, so it's time to expand into the FF market. There are many people that will never shoot with a m4/3 camera no matter how good it is, so bringing a lot of the GH5 tech to a FF camera is a very smart move. Panasonic can be the master of video on both m4/3 and FF formats. I also hope they implement the G9 high-resolution multi-frame imaging in the FF camera, so a FF camera with a 35 Mpx sensor could create a single 140 Mpx high resolution image in camera. ( Panasonic is using IBIS sub-pixel positioning of the sensor to create this image, so Canon is out if it has no IBIS tech )
  11. So one of the four contenders ( Canon ) doesn't include a LOG profile. ( I am assuming that Panasonic will include a LOG profile ) Do you think Canon will offer C-Log for purchase like the 5D Mk4 does ?
  12. Thanks Julian. You've helped to settle a long running thread on the DvxUser website about the G6 being able to show focus peaking while recording. Will making focusing while shooting a lot easier.
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