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  1. Fuji raw file converter ex2(by silkypix) produces identical results from the raw files to the ooc jpgs, identical, but you can then add any film simulation too and correct any exposure issues etc. same colour, etc but generally better nr than the ooc jpg and better detail.
  2. abds69, what profile are the res test? looks impressive, I must admit I compared with the Gx7 and its not so impressive though!
  3. Scroll down on the vimeo page to the comments, and you can download all 26 profiles for the a6k!
  4. Well don't use it in electronic shutter for stills under flurescent lights, come on lets be serious, no other camera manufacturer apart from Pana offering electronic shutters anyway.
  5. OK, will run a video test of the two and post the files soon, honestly I think the a6k is not bad but Sony not upto Gx7 level just yet in video. What a6k profile do you prefer?
  6. The sensor size is irrelevant because the Gx7 just performs so much better in every way, it also has 3 stops of recovery minimum in shadows in stills and a6k you can barely pull a stop without ugly banding. Add in the shadow and HL tool, the touch control etc etc and the a6k is actually not that good overall, iq is certainly better from the Gx7 and I own both cameras, sorry.
  7. If you own either you would know and not need to make such statements! I don't need to post the files or prove anything, go ahead buy the A6K, that's what I did? and then you will find the a6k is not very good, in fact its sensor is poor. It does not behave like the nex6 or 5n that went before or even the slt57. You have to expose the a6k like the old gh1, don't under or you'll be unable to pull shadows, as for detail forget trying to compete with Panasonic, they lost some time ago and just don't seem to be able to catch Pana.
  8. As an owner of both gx7 and a6k, am actually liking the gx7 much better than the a6k, which has surprised me. Especially in stills the gx7 is pretty incredible and holds its own against the a6k which is plagued by some serious issues with banding and artifacts in deep shadows. You can pull aprox 1 stop of underexposed shadows on the a6k, that's all. The gx7 is pretty impressive and you can pull 3-4 with very good results. For stills too the af of the Sony might be decent now in terms of performance but it still feels and looks a little hit and miss in accuracy. I was blind to this initially with my new a6k toy, but bit by bit the wheels are falling off it. The lack of touch, pin-point af and of course complete silent shutter and the fabulous build and swivel evf puts the gx7 in a higher class overall, it also has a level of ibis for non is lens in still mode offering an extra stop to stop and half too. On the surface a6k is great but after a month am back to gx7 and feel like a6k is unreliable trash, sorry! 24p is native to gx7 so you don't have to swap around ntsc/pal and the mics are better too, overall gx7 is still well and truly better.
  9. I think he means 4k option! Is possible I guess.
  10. OK, thanks didnt know that, what level of reboot, complete reset or just select ntsc, turn off and on? so euro model can shoot 24p! even better than I knew.
  11. Do you have 2 a cameras? 1 x pal and 1 x ntsc, only your first clip is 60p and the second is 25p, mostly they are 60 and 24 or 50 and 25p?
  12. GX7! a 50p GM-1 and some! Much better evf than G6, especially low light.
  13. ETC does have banding agreed, but hey what DSLR has anything like that, its limitations are there but its totally unique anyway? I think that Nikon and Canon need to provide evf based shooting at some stage for a proper hybrid experience for joe public, until then Panasonic are currently in a league of their own. The G6 is perfectly pitched to really give Nikon and Canon a bloody nose this time? if people just realise what the evf brings I would not understand why anyone would pick say a D3200/5200/D700 etc over the G6.
  14. The Nikon d5200 stills iq is very good, but the banding in deep shadows is very concerning and it manifests itself as fixed pattern noise too in video. Add in the lack of an evf for video work and its not really as flexible as the Panasonic series, although arguably has better iq with the right glass! The lack of 1080/50/60 too and an electronic shutter for totally silent stills shooting makes the G6 very flexible and discrete system as well ;-)
  15. G6 appears to of made a huge leap in iq over the gh2, see here, http://***URL removed***/forums/post/51476030 If you look at the chip.de samples the g6 appears to now be at around the same level as the gh3/omd/nex5n etc. Should be an interesting camera.
  16. He's not called Lord Voldemort for nothing! are you Dumb-le-dore by chance?
  17. Hey, the phrasing was ambiguous, a bit of civility doesn't go amiss either! The answer could be a lot more polite too, try it some time, works wonders, you know those old words please and thank you. Back to the topic................
  18. OK take it easy, I mis-read your phrasing, I thought you were saying you used a custom profile and then the other settings, understand now.
  19. Andrew, what was the profile you used? the d5200 also has a lot of banding in the raw still files and am wondering if this can be solved with a better profile? thanks.
  20. Wow, I think Andrew said all that, but in any event they look the same!
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