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My compact Moeller 32/2x rig. Scope on a Rope !


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I thought I would share some shots of my compact Moeller rig.
The tiny lens is the Pentax Auto 110 2.8/50mm lens, which has a rotating front element, which is not a problem in my setup and is just perfect for a 2.35:1 crop.
A really great feature is that I can set up for precision verticality once and thereafter all my shoots are perfectly aligned. Goodbye slanted video.
Another great feature of the lens support is that it lets me use auto focus rear lenses. I just focus the Moeller and half press the camera shutter to focus the rear lens and I am done. This makes life with a double focus system a breeze.
I decided to name this "Scope on a Rope" :P
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Ive got 3 of each lens

one fully open f2.8

one with washer glued right on the back at f5.6 - ish

one with washer with very small aperture hole about f11 - ish for use outside in sunlight with nd4 filter


work well just swop lenses over as necessary depenting on lighting conditions

nd's on the front are essential Cokin do sizes that fit

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Yes the auto 110 lenses are little gems. I got the whole set with camera never used for just £30 - a steal any day of the week.


I find at HD resolutions the 2.8/50mm is sharp enough without stopping down, just Variable ND handles the light levels.


Just a bit of vignetting on the NEX, but perfect for GH2/3


With a scope crop to 2.35:1 the vignetting doesnt matter anyway :P

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@ Nick


No footage yet, I have only just put the final touches to the rig - still waiting on minor parts like metal knobs etc.


I did a quick test with stills with the Moeller and Auto 110 2.8/50mm see below


The first is at MFD plus 1 Zeiss Proxar and the second with 2 Zeiss Proxars 0.5 bayonetted together, sharp enough for me :P



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