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Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

Andrew Reid

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7 hours ago, FoxAdriano said:

Out of curiosity: do you like more a video documentary shot in 25p 10bit or 50p 8bit?

Apples to oranges.


If you go on wide shots where the sky as for instance will show banding or you'll apply radical grading or yet for green screen, without mention demanding motion where a higher bit rate can really help you out, go on 10-bit with the respective protection as far as a good codec concerns.


If you want to take your chances for a rather filmic slow motion @ post mainly:

50p in the PAL part of the universe as much as possible especially where not for the big screen when there is artificial light even though you may use the shutter in order to avoid flickering or you'll end your master there;

60p for the remainder.

Including both cases with stereoscopic aim to match a soap opera look by those who are used to the gaming world and its own perspective of motion based on the mantra of high frequency refresh rates, not actually the cinematic route at all but, at the same time not necessarily a 3D synonymous either, as a few people tend to convince themselves to believe as closer to the real side of the things... and by consequence, apparently to the truth itself. It is not. You shoot for an alternative range of reality instead (E ;-)

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
13 minutes ago, jonpais said:

@sgreszcz did this happen after loading the camera settings I sent you?

I tried your settings, but I needed to change a lot of them so I've reset the settings for what I want for this week at the olympics  (C1 4k 50p, C2 1080p VFR).  After that I went back to set up my photography settings under 'A' and for some reason I cannot shut off the audio meter display - weird..

Your settings, Griffin Hammond's video about GH5 settings, and Caleb Pike's GH5 course helped me understand what is different above and beyond the GX80/G7/GX7/LX100 that I've had experience with.  I'm still not sure to shoot natural between my GH5/GX80...  I spent a few hours on the plane to Korea trying out the settings.  Strange that AF gets disabled for VFR > 100fps for some reason.  I don't use it exclusively, but it is nice to have S-AF+M focus to get the focus close, especially for fast moving things.


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58 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Shoot a snapshot of your screen so we can see. Only other thing I can suggest is to reset camera to factory default and start over.

@sgreszcz you are aware that you can move the histogram wherever you want, aren’t you?

Hey Jon, I did some more googling and found that it was a combination of last having been in VFR mode and having limiter being off that made it stuck - even if I was in photo/‘A’  mode. Anyway, disabling vfr, turning limiter back on allowed me to turn off audio meters.

i knew I could move the histogram, but I’m always used to it there ;)

i think I have this camera mostly set up and now I just have to get used to all the extra buttons, joysticks, and dials compared with gx80.

Another strange thing is that ETC mode disappears at the higher VFR modes...

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Is there a software like Kodi?
Hi friends, I love Kodi but I regret because I have to leave Kodi and to use another difefferent software.  In fact I am using a new camera to make documentaries and Kodi doesn't work. I think the file is too much heavy for Kodi. Now I make UHD 50p 150Mbps. I have a Sony Bravia 65" with 3-4 software and every softare reads those files perfectly but Kodi reads them in not fluid way and jerky. I don't watch TV with Kodi, I watch only my documentaries. Now I tell you what is important for me:
I have many documentaries in a HDD and Kodi put all the titles in a row on one page (screen).
This is the most important thing for me. I need a software that reads UHD well and that shows all the titles of my UHD documentaries. Thanks for some info.

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the video quality differs on the GH5 between VFR frame rates?

The quality of 120fps is great, and it's 180fps isn't so great.

For example, if I set the camera PAL,/ 25fps, I get an option for 100fps, which presumably is the same quality as 120fps. The next increment is 125fps. Would the quality drop to that of 180fps, or be equivocal to shooting 120fps.

Hope that makes sense. Appreciate any help!

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Hi, I'm here again to ask a question. If I have to shoot at a very sunny area, with sheer sun and earth colored red, without trees and without shaded areas, in this hard scenery is it better to shoot with Natural profile or Dynamic range Cinelike or Video Cinelike? In my country there is PAL system but I'd like to shoot in 59,94p UHD. Thanks for your suggestions.

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