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  1. panasonic anti on-sensor PDAF that you win LOL. i think panasonic careful about new AF(on new GH) may they use 2 sensor in camera 1peice is image sensor others is PD sensor same as old DSLR. * (secret source)
  2. don't worry guy,on 8K ages we will see SSD(or advance flash mem) inside around 120GB. it had much transfer from image sensor to memory (2000GB or above) ,i will show diagram. -> read from SS -> store to SSD -> process raw / HEVC(processor encoding) --> -> write to ultra fast sd-card(8/10 bit or raw) -->delete from store(because SSD capacities limit) --> repeat read from SS Why SSD? althought camera-buffer faster than ssd but it has low capacities. Why read SS to store? because we need full bitrate possible, -> read from SS ->> to buffer and incamera-process ->> store to UHS = low color profile. -> read from SS -> store to SSD -> process raw / HEVC(processor encoding) --> = high color profile (8/10/12 bit or you need raw) How? add in-camera IO management like CPU + chipset. sorry my comment hard to read, i think memory & I/O controller in camera look bad when compare to PC/SmartPhone. i want camera manufacturer develop new chip.
  3. where is panasonic varicam? you don't want gh's about ss size,dof and brah,brah brah but i know you like something about it(gh series). why no varicam!!!
  4. where is testing of GH5's AF? why you tell it's slow!!!
  5. it is simply decide,this sensor made with new tech design,material and anything that we don't know. why s35 beat FF/MF sensor? advance-cmos beat garbage cmos,i do not surprise. where you come from ? your country do not know the science!!!
  6. agachart

    I need A7s3 !!

    yeah,i want it too,12bit 4:4:4 & raw recording plus stills 14bit raw color.
  7. this sensor made by Panasonic's Join Venture but why Panny used old tech sensor from Sony(is not stack,not bsi,not copper interconnection). ha ha ha it is a real world joke.
  8. you 're right panny modified new cfa from 2*2 to 6*6 that color may like x-trans sensor!!!
  9. Oversize sensor on picture does mean it has 6000 pixel on width? it made 6K photo @6000x3000 ! but as 4:3 still image unused 100% width aspect. i guess.
  10. Em1 mark2 had cross type(PDAF) for what? You knew all M4/3 lens had Contrast Base mechanism,they will move multiple direction +/-,left/right,in/out for most contrast on subject. but pd mechanic lens has certain direction,and distance they move once(or least) for focus on subject. and you want Lumix Phase Dectect,Which lumix lens had direction controller(single chip)? I do not Know,Now.
  11. agachart

    Sony a6300 4k

    Personality,i think panasonic intent develop new Auto Focus tech for new GH. Because DFD on video can't compare to Dual pixel,NX1 continue-af and Sony 4D AF.
  12. There are no real global shutter now but artificial GS can make it low or less rolling effect. such as Multi-Voltage readout for each frame?
  13. No way,Gh series don't step to FF,except Pany release new series,new mount. May join T mount and called Lumix LS. my expect for GH5 is real Global Shutter, and full readout (no sensor crop),new monster continue-video Auto Focus. i don't care about mega pixel.
  14. no surprise about this camera,specs look excellent. But i want test duration of record time,OverHeating still appear ??? Can someone tell me?
  15. ​on SAR,A7000 will delay till end 2015 or begin 2016,may will see Lumix G8 at A7000's announcement.
  16. ​yeah,and i hope panasonic brink back wide aspect sensor like GH2. this GH4 had little time for develop ,panasonic make 2.3 crop on standard m4/3 's 16mp that made bad crop factor.
  17. ​G7 can record (external) via HDMI output when you press rec button. This i found on Nick Driftwood test pre-product of Lumix G7.
  18. Andrew,I guess you will make new topic with Nikon D5. lol ha ha ha
  19. ​Can not make s35 on m4/3 format ,i think you know. if panny make s35 camera where is lens? that is main problem. i only want they (panny) bring back Multi-Aspect sensor to new GH that will much good. 1.86 crop on exist M4/3,4/3 or manual focus it good enough for Indy cinema.
  20. ​thanks Andrew,for this topic, but i total disagree that the GH5 needs to be Super 35,they had varicam 35 now,if user want s35 format may panasonic build machine with Varicam 35 image sensor. i think GH4 was incomplete machine with 2.3 crop factor(readout 8.3mp on total 16mp that look ugly),if new m4/3 machine released as least 1.86 crop factor like GH2 i bet it'll be favorite hybrid camera again.
  21. new thing always had more interest i disagree with GH5 it has to be Super 35mm!!!,no time to new formate to panasonic/olympus(panny had vericam35 if you want super35 sensor) i will wait GX8 and GH5 that may had new mega pixel sensor. assume it had 22mp and 5k downscale to 4k . 5120 x 3840 for m4/3 still photo and 5120 x 2880 on 5K readout ,panasonic need extreme fast readout. i think they can do fast pixel.
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