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DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic

Dave Maze

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14 hours ago, fuzzynormal said:

Yes. Normal. Thus, worthwhile?  In other words, since the thing is easily do-able and many many people are capable of doing it, what value does it have?

Should one use it just because one can, or can the visuals it offers be implemented creatively?

I had a corporate client demand it on a recent production "just because," and I felt it ultimately looked ridiculous. Ostentatious for no particular reason.  It actually was detrimental to the video. The shots had no motivation. They were just there because the client thought it looked cool. 

Everything must be balanced. For example, people are crazy with slow motion. Put this effect everywhere. It is the same crap.

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Let's recall the usual aerial shots to begin or end the typical Hollywood product and we won't be too far from the description too... ; ) As written, it is just a matter to balance the elements; and try to keep the originality as much as possible up ;-)

Time for Bloom's entry:


More review stuff from here:


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I stand everything previously said so far.

First off, the fact to prefer the smooth(er) outcome from/by Mavic doesn't mean I or anyone may actually infer anything else is inferior.

Difference doesn't necessarily require a hierarchy. This applies for both down and up.

Secondly, I guess to follow three full academic years to graduate myself in Editing/Post Production (amongst some other two film departments too) completed more than a decade ago can only put me very conveyed to see nothing against "cooked" pictures, as someone here has already pointed out before. So, does straight out of the box mean anything 'better'? Oh, poor Logs... LOL ; )

Whether be made by GoPro whether to come from a superior manual focus, almost 1-stop faster lensed by Mavic.

Either way, never said small sensor size is somehow worthwhile in terms of IQ. And this stands for each one of these toys as same as convenience does.

On the other hand, other than Mavic, those nasty artificial edges (see the power lines in that sample) still make to notice in some oversharpened inorganic forms tend to not be cinematic overall.

To me, much sharpness can result overrated if not well balanced.

Both will notoriously revert as advantage on Mavic Pro.

I'm sorry but I see nothing new from that example.


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9 hours ago, wolf33d said:

Now tell me again DJI IQ is superior to GoPro. 



message from the video author in the comments:

Honestly I almost left the shots untouched. Some I didn't touch at all such as the 2.7 linear shots. No noise reduction, no sharpening, didn't do any external color correction!


Not bad. Nevertheless, I like Mavic better than gopro.

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I wanted to like Karma more than Mavic, but i am not seeing any IQ superiority in that video in comparison to what i have seen from mavic so far. It' s typical GoPro outcome, exactly on par with Hero 4 camera. I can't say its worse than mavic's camera but it's not better either.

In terms of sharpness i think they are equal (look at 1:19, Phantom 4 would have nailed that shot....)

The edges are super soft and linear mode seems to make things worse.

In terms of colour i am seeing here the same magenta swift in shadows, exactly like mavic (kinda ugly, but fixable in post)

On the other hand, besides mavic's camera being advertised as faster i think that the first shot would have crashed shadows if it was shot with mavic's camera. Don't get me wrong, mavic may have the faster lens they advertise but it's internal processing seems to ripple it's dynamic range. Am i the only one who sees this?

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1 hour ago, Dimitris Stasinos said:

I wanted to like Karma more than Mavic, but i am not seeing any IQ superiority in that video in comparison to what i have seen from mavic so far. It' s typical GoPro outcome, exactly on par with Hero 4 camera. I can't say its worse than mavic's camera but it's not better either.


Fully agree that the difference is minimal and both are not particularly good cameras. There is no magic that can turn a tiny 1/2.3 sensor with an insufficient 60 mbits datarate in to an amazing camera. On the other side it is incredible what today a 1000$ drone with camera can do. I wish the next round they will improve the camera on these thing.

Personally I'm disappointed with Gopro that they didn't really innovate on the camera side, it is same quality as the hero 4 black and basically the same as the hero 3+ black so no real image improvements since years. Come on at least bring the datarate to 100 mbits and add interchangeable lens with a fisheye a 20mm rectilinear and a 35 ones... I use many gopro on my project but I'm must say there is really nothing that make me want to upgrade my 4 to the 5.... Nice that is waterproof and has an lcd but want I really want to see is increase in video quality..

On the drone side I fear that there is no contest between a Mavic and a Karma, with DJI having so much experience it is really difficult to be at the same level with your first drone. Just look at the amazing Tripod feature of the Mavic that make really easy to shoot slow "cinematic" movements.



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I believe that a 1/2.3 sensor can produce pleasing images if you bump up the datarate to at least 100 mbps. I can understand the reason why dji doesn't do this, obviously to protect it's more expensive solutions (even X5 has a ridiculous bitrate, to force you buy x5r if you want a grade friendly image but in a ridiculous price...).

What has GoPro to protect? And how we can find the latest IMX sensors on bloody smartphones like Google Pixel XL and the latest GoPro, a "dedicated video device" has an older sensor? Have you seen footage from Pixel XL (i think the latest one on YT are legit)? Is this the way for them to recover? Voice commands, cmon really? And that "improved encoding algorithm" fairytale is getting old now...

Another paradox: Dji's drones with tiny 1/2.3 sensors have cameras for precision indoor flying.....Indoors.....with a 1/2.3 sensor.....And more expensive platforms have MFT sensors but not VPS...These things could replace cranes in many many scenarios if they had tripod mode and VPS. This reminds me Sony's marketing. You purchase a 8000 e. camera and 6 months later, a 1000 e. consumer piece of s..t comes up with Slog, 6k oversampling and slow motion....

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If there is only a marginal image difference between the two then due to the size differences it might well come down to that old adage that the best camera in any situation is the one you've got with you.

The Mavic is very seductive to me because of that form factor. Even a 'small' drone like the Phantom ends up only being taken out when you specifically know you're going to do aerial stuff - and often only aerial stuff - as its not something you can pop in your bag on the off chance. Completely different proposition with the Mavic.

The Karma might long term prove to be the better platform as you can change the camera but the Mavic looks the better product today to me.

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If using drones is part of the vocabulary of cinema these days, it's damn close to becomming a tired catch phrase.

Be careful how you use it. Cliches' can cheapen one's efforts pretty quickly. 

With that said, I'd worry less about what you're shooting with and more about if you can narratively justify the shot to begin with. 

I had my romance with aerials. It's seductive, but it's not enough to build a healthy narrative relationship. 

More like a fun make out session. 

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