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DJI just slaughtered GoPro with Mavic

Dave Maze

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I just spent 3 days editing dozens of Mavic videos I took in a span of whole year and I have to say that video quality is total rubbish. Noisy, pulsating light every 8th frame, insufficient bitrate. When I compare it to my $100 action cam (Firefly 8s- same sensor size like Mavic) with special script that almost doubles the bitrate - 1080/60 at 80Mbps, 2k/60 at 90 and 4k/30 at 110Mbps, Mavic´s video is just sight for sore eyes in comparison.

I am aware you can use denoise and someone even managed to clean out the pulsation, but that is so much of a job that I am simply not willing to do, especially with so many videos. I just wish DJI at least managed by simple firmware upgrade to up bitrates and made real 1080/60.

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