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  1. Other than interchangeable lenses, the dvx200 looks quite a bit more impressive than people give it credit for
  2. well there's MORE potential with the gh5 they try and do 10 bit internal or something, but this is no disappointment or surprise. it's actually a pretty decent balance as far as I understand. smallish files, that can record onto a cheap card, edit on any computer, and hold up alright to grading for the most part. some issues with internal v-log, but otherwise no banding and perfectly fine detail. this is like a $500 camera, right..?
  3. I've fiddled with a free way to kind of roundabout denoise a bit.. (basically find the edges and slightly blur everything else). it was probably more educational than functional. though it definitely helped - the t3i has enough artifacts that it really made quite a difference. I would use it more for sure if I had the time. less likely to use it on a portrait, when the loss of detail and texture starts to hurt. and pretty much need to add grain
  4. I'm pretty unbiased, even into the sony colors sometimes. canon can give you yellow skins, and sony can make things muted interestingly, slightly retro or something..? not sure. but these don't seem white balanced the same at all, so somewhere there's a "problem". with a shot like this, if you don't have the other camera right next to it, I'll rarely care if it's "accurate" or whatever. none of those reds are super important or distinctly red... (maybe it's an orange candle, maybe it's a pink one, who cares?). maybe a portrait would have meant more for the test. Canon is usually too warm, and
  5. I was being sarcastic, since they're both like $30,000. But don't they both do raw video? The 50mpx just doesn't do 4k
  6. I was wondering too, but I doubt it. Aside from them not pointing it out, there are no mentions of high frame rate in the specs, are there?
  7. the nx1 will be a solid camera forever. especially if you adapt manual glass, if this is totally dead in 10 years, it'll still be awesome and likely an incredible bargain. I'm sure new cameras will be fine too though, I just can't see the image ever sucking in comparison. we already have raw 6k, and the nx1 looks great. Didn't digital bolex start their company saying they're only doing the one camera? they've updated firmware, but you'll never need to "upgrade", obviously, what's more to want? - maybe I'm mistaken about that though... not a ridiculous concept. your camera being discontinued no
  8. fair.. a comparison video with the 80D and t2i might make the better point
  9. yeah, I'd think "i don't care" is a vote for adding 4k..
  10. I've always really liked (most of) this footage as well. But I'm hoping everyone's already seen it. Would love to try out a kinemax
  11. I got a $10 vivitar 2.2x the other day, which I'm liking. Looked like the highest rated of the cheapos I was scanning for. Could be worth the gamble at that price. Not sure exactly how it would respond in that sensor size and lens. Plus it's pretty big. Forget if andrew recommended one in this review or just said he's using an alright one. Expect a few issues, but maybe for the longer shots, stopping down a little, not needing the best optics, it could do the job (it's actually a 1.4x for focal length calculation btw. Not sure what the 2.2x refers to)
  12. No it's the full sensor. Don't think it's full pixel readout though.
  13. right, but be careful with that trigger.. would be a bummer to ignore everyone who's said something you don't like..
  14. the actual look of that was maybe not the most impressive part. the slowmo, choreography, editing of the preview, acting, writing style all seemed to play a bigger part in making it look great. but, if you want saturated, with my t3i, shooting semi flat, it seems like bringing all the saturation up doesn't work quite right. reds seem to clip pretty fast. in hitfilm i raise the master saturation to 40 and set the red saturation to -30. seems to work out well. I may be screwing it up myself by shooting at all flat with a t3i, or I'm in some weird middle ground there. I know others shoot even les
  15. don't think this is the one you meant, ha, but just in case.. I think the other one was a porsche? couldn't find that one
  16. Yeah, for budget raw or high end prores, with good low light, super35, high resolution, that bmcc image has always been one of my faves or like dream cameras. Yeah, I was pretty positive it'd be cheaper than the ursa mini, but even so, I'd pay more for it. Anyway, maybe a Red could drop down into a reasonable price. Or like an fs7. But if you want an ursa mini 4k as your next step up, and you've done your research, you probably can't go wrong with it. Most concerns I've heard are about iso performance, so if you can deal with that
  17. The way you use cameras, seems like it could definitely be worth trying the 1dc. For stills and 4k and if you dislike the a7sii, 1dc for that price would be awesome. You wouldn't use your nx1 in the same circumstances?
  18. speedboosted bmcc 2.5k ticks about every box for a very impressive price. Out of the question if you want 4k? I'd prefer it to the blackmagic 4k for everything but resolution and global shutter of course
  19. Yeah I'd still really like to see what even the low bitrate 2.5k can do in the nx500. Probably more difficult to get in the nx1 Thanks for the blog post Andrew!
  20. weird that the body only is still in stock http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1081854-REG/samsung_ev_nx1zzzbzbus_nx1_digital_camera.html
  21. you can post private videos on youtube and just send someone the link
  22. awesome! has anyone tried the 2.5k on the nx500 yet?
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