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  1. I'm using hitfilm 3 express. I had to pay for a small upgrade to get curves. for $20 total, I'm definitely a fan. but mostly I'm using the white balance tool with RGB adjustments until skin seems to pop, and then adjusting the colors in the highlights a little bit
  2. thanks, Mercer. I've been messing with grading a lot lately. sometimes hard to know if it actually turned out well. definitely prioritizing skin
  3. thanks for the file, Panny. very pretty and flexible indeed. continually impressed with h.264. love that panasonic grain
  4. still dirt cheap, manageable files on any computer, large sensor, sort of organic look, easy colors. ignorantly buying it, learning a little, and upgrading immediately is totally fine. if they're insanely new to video, I'm still not sure I can think of a better first camera
  5. I care :3 can't wait. nice edit on this one! I really enjoyed the first crazy pete and your feature. even your test video with the nx1. talented guy, good stuff
  6. If you are trying to get the better optics by speedboosting, the gh4 and the xl are one of the most interesting combos. Not sure it'd be better than just a larger sensor under there. Would be better high isos than like an nx1, though.
  7. bahahaha! the rudolph hat scene at 1:25... you've done it again Canon
  8. original files from Andrew still available here, right? - https://vimeo.com/album/3613956
  9. they're still point and shoots, still small, with longer zoom ranges (by a lot), depends on what you need. but not crazy to consider those if you're asking what else to be looking at. gopro might be the smallest possible 4k camera I guess. not very "cinema" at all though
  10. I feel like it used to be worse for sure. enough is affordable or free online legally that I don't need much more or want to risk viruses. occasionally spending a couple dollars on amazon or going to the library.. we're pretty spoiled by legal services these days. it was a bigger problem for music way back when than it is right now too. it's actually really good overall for independent filmmakers that so much is online. I'll watch something decent on netflix 10 times before I buy a decent movie on DVD. hard to fix, but you have to embrace online streaming obviously. good to keep some perspective since it's so easy to pirate really... But yeah, it's a scary concept that you don't make any money for your work without anyone feeling like they did anything wrong.
  11. Liam

    stacking footage?

    layering.. grain on footage can help an image - recently I accidentally messed with the exposure of the grain and got a contrast, saturation effect I don't know if I could replicate too easily with just those other controls.. so that might sort of be a thing the Aaton Penelope Delta camera had a trick where it shifted the sensor one pixel diagonally every frame, so the final image would appear higher resolution. not sure it really did that effectively. don't know if that's something that can be done in post. that's also more to do with the "offset" in the topic than the "overlay"
  12. did you see the semi-recent thread by kidzrevil about using grain for the web? Rich101 had an interesting post in it, not a hundred percent it works wonders, but he seems to have thought it through gorgeous btw, love your stuff
  13. the free LUT I got from iwltbap gave an effect kind of like this, couldn't remember which one it was before. didn't mess with it too much, but it was a shot with a lot of snow, and all the snow turned kind of teal. and something like skin gets a definite strong orangeish bias. might be what you'd like. don't think my footage was flat enough for me to enjoy it. changing white to that color is a very stylistic approach, not surprising it'd be tough trying to achieve
  14. I think I'd heard the rx100iv is a stop or two better in low light than the lx100, plus it has better slow mow, log, and the 5 minute 4k limit doesn't sound like a dealbreaker for you, with the great 1080p it has. Plus it's a little smaller than the lx100. The pocket is awesome. With a speedbooster and boosting the raw maybe, it's not bad in low light at all (or at least meets the 1600iso minimum requirement for sure). I do think the 1080p from it is more detailed than the d750. Some people have used screengrabs from the bmpcc video as stills. So depending, that could maybe cover both bases as well. I just saw a really cool test with a tool in resolve to get great high speed slow motion out of a blackmagic camera by messing with the 24fps. If you want to go that route, slow mo might not be a downside of the pocket very much either. The panasonic gm~ are pretty cool too. Basically super portable gh3s (as far as image quality) with better low light by a stop or two. Not the MOST detailed, but nice. Not sure about using a monitor with it either
  15. here's that - not great footage he was using, not sure how well the controls would transfer to fcpx, maybe not as good for something subtle, like I said, I haven't had a chance to mess with it. but if it helps! good luck
  16. I don't know fcpx very well at all, but I found a makeshift tutorial for hitfilm noise reduction which I assume would work in other nle's, in which you "find the edges" and hold onto them, then add slight blurring to the rest. It seemed effective, I didn't have a chance to test it myself. I doubt it would be easier than a plugin, maybe not even easier for your computer to handle. But other than crushing blacks, over exposing in camera slightly, or a plugin, Idk if there are really other options. If you use film grain, you could probably get away with just putting it right on top of the noise and save a step. If you're using like a gh4 (you said m43 right?) with a lot of settings in camera to deal with, it's possible something in there is messing with the noise, making it worse. There was a post on that.. a while ago on this forum. Doubt I could find it again.
  17. This is a weird discussion, I like it. Yeah I thought it was the dragon, maybe there were arris in there, maybe there were more dslr b cameras, no idea. I thought they matched the look of breaking bad really well. There's a lot of green (I realize somtimes it's literally green lighting), but I thought the green in the skin tones, even in daylight, looked really really good and was just about to experiment with it myself. Didn't notice any moire. The occasional shot is overly contrasty or a sequence (like a flashback) will have a specific look. Mostly looked like impressive DR, but skies can blow out on any camera, especially film. Depending on the scene, I have zero issue with it. I was just impressed this spinoff was any good. Breaking Bad was a little over the top (seeing as it all happened in like a year), I was just ready to discredit this because - apparently Saul had an even more ridiculous backstory. And then the next spinoff will have to be supernatural.. but overall I thought it was pretty subdued and interesting in a normal way. We'll see where it goes though.
  18. a lot of discussion happened on this thread. not sure about most of those questions personally, but near the end (like page.. 14..) there are some custom flat profiles graded and ungraded, I believe.
  19. definitely keeping an eye on this. would be awesome for the nx500, I heard they decided at the last minute to do 4k crop instead of 2.5k full sensor? that might be pretty easy to enable and hold up better to increasing framerates or bitrate... though not really sure how it all works. I think 240fps in 720p is another thing that was right at the edge of being released and wouldn't be difficult to hack into or overwhelming for the camera. I assume this is nothing new for those of you really digging into it - and not the main objective. but good luck guys, godspeed!
  20. Liam

    Sony a6300 4k

    apsc gh5 wouldn't make sense to me. the gh4 was also the first of that kind of camera to have 4k, and it's still the cheapest way to get 10-bit, if I'm not mistaken. the 96fps 1080p slowmo was pretty revolutionary at the time too. that's not really playing catch up. even low light when speed boosted is still pretty impressive, as you know. and it's the best for anamorphic too. others still need to catch up to panasonic
  21. it's not always lit for the "talent", it's a BTS. the outdoor stuff my be a little blown, but people from forums like these might be too cautious of blowing highlights. the important part looks exposed properly. framing is fine I don't think it's a gh4. it looks pretty digitally sharpened (in camera or in post). that's about all I can say. I loooove stop motion. c100 or fs7 could give you a similar look, I'm sure, if that's what you're going for
  22. The other one is still on his youtube if you want to compare or see the original, I believe, since you can't edit the youtube videos the same. I also like the way the subtitles worked, and also had trouble reading them (native English speaker). I'm a little bit of a slow reader, honestly, but it's true that the were fast
  23. great, now that you changed the title, my comment makes me sound crazy. ha, but yeah it's a pretty simple film.. not too preachy unless you support Trump. think it works just fine. screw valid structure. if you can't make your short film an art film, what can you? plenty of well structured films suck ass
  24. hate politics, but good stuff. also, f65, I see? :3 very pretty
  25. for 10 seconds at a time, and stills, yeah 5d, but if you want most reliable raw video and don't love tiny sensor, maybe BMCC - probably still cheaper than what you're looking at. better resolution than both, great sensor size when speedboosted, best blackmagic image I've seen, better battery life (but trickier when it dies... probably battery solution needed). 5d raw is great though of course. can't wait to see what you can do with this edit: plus the bmcc is huge.....
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