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  1. I don't know, I think it's just kind if easier for a picture to look nice if it's black and white. Which if that's the case, it's maybe the opposite of what you want. Though it does take color out of the equation. Doing a shoot on a single prime, I think is a good way to practice framing. Maybe grab a different focal length each time. maybe stop down to f16 if you can to avoid leaning back on the dreamy bokeh or whatever to make a shot look nice. Maybe consciously say you're centering the subject sometimes or you're using thirds or you wanna throw both of those out the window and do something
  2. Well, in theory, decreasing the saturation would make the colors easier to adjust, right?
  3. Yeah, nx1 has very similar rolling shutter to the a7sii, and seemingly a very logical step up from a t3i.. I've heard it quite a few times. I've also heard some people use it up to iso 2000 comfortably, and that in comparison with the t3i, you just don't need as much iso to get the same exposure, not sure anyone could confirm that, though. It is really sharp though, probably the same cause of a digital feeling from the gh4, but idk.. done better in the nx1? So that's also unscientific.. also, not sure what actual issues you'd be caused by it having been discontinued. There's the ls300 at
  4. My boss's boss wrote Sully, didn't realize it was shot on the 65, exciting :3 not always in love with Eastwood, but sounds good
  5. Liam

    TRUMP +1DC + F35

    Well then I'm definitely getting a set of these! Since apparently Mexico is paying for them
  6. Don't you own the camera? You can see for yourself. Too often reviewers use a camera like the a7rii in a real world test and say later "barely any rolling shutter at all!" It's possible.. and could be better than the 1dc, and it's not a huge concern of mine, but I wouldn't take that as gospel
  7. I realized a while ago white balance that was way too blue cleaned up really well and easily in post, while way too warm fell apart immediately. And actually at the time, I had green dialed way up in my camera by accident, so at "correct" white balance it was also pretty ugly after trying to fix it. Not sure this translates to like every compressed video camera, but intentionally making it blue could maybe bypass and be better than a greenish or whatever tint in a Sony when trying to do it properly. Anyone else have experience with this phenomenon? Obviously not at all helpful for delivering r
  8. Yeah, I preferred the kine as well. not sure I saw a magenta problem in the ursa. Maybe the kine reminded me of Red colors, like orange skintones, which I've come to like
  9. Love the framing in the interview. Kind of off topic nice work!
  10. Liam

    One Lens?

    I've been really liking using my nikkor 50mil along with cheap wide angle and telephoto adapters. It wouldn't be for everyone of course, but looking at it like staying on a budget and minimal gear, works for me. The attachments actually kind of give it interesting "character" wide open for portraits, and at 5.6 they're really sharp. Since it's a fullframe lens at a long ish focal length, on an apsc body, I think I avoid most of the possible terrible corners. The wide angle has some barrel distortion, but fine by my standards. Plus for color and contrast they all still match really well togethe
  11. Kine mount is just a shorter PL mount I believe? Not sure all the options, but in theory should be really adaptable. The electronics for canon glass doesn't work with autofocus, but does work with iris control, not sure about IS.
  12. That's the ibis making that wobble, right?
  13. A g7 sounds like overkill. Yeah, maybe a twenty dollar tripod and little mount for your phone, if you'll even need a tripod. Maybe a compact like an rx100 mk I. A gf-3, an nex-7. I wouldn't go fancier than a used t3i (newer generations in the rebel series are just pointless - even the t3i is barely better than the t2i) or a g6. If you're confident in your computer, a g7 is an awesome camera, but to find out 4k is slow on your computer would be a bummer later, or if you're using a free editor with limitations, 4k might look terrible when poorly downscaled
  14. Dave Dugdale just said he was having that problem with xavcs in Resolve. He said it was a Windows thing, and that there's a way to like rewrap the files so the audio reads differently and works, but that's essentially the same as transcoding, so defeats the purpose. Are you on Windows?
  15. Ahh, that's interesting. Yeah, I saw the hateful eight on film. it definitely wasn't sharpened digitally, and it definitely wasn't soft. Though I still feel I'm seeing sharpening in these nx cameras, I just suspect it's better sharpening than others. Or that it's such high res and sharp, the combo, you don't see the downsides of it until you punch way in
  16. Wouldn't that mean the nx500 4k at -10 sharpness doesn't have the oversharpemed look people talk about?
  17. Yeah, that concerned me too.. though in a way I like the idea. Having to mess with screws whenever you want to change nds takes out most of the internal nd fun for me. Also, if you just take it out and leave it out, isn't the sensor exposed to dust or flares? So really if you want no nd, you have to take out the nd and screw in a slide with an empty hole in it? Ha. I didn't look too closely in the site to see if that was explained more. The speed mount design looked kinda cool, but if there are only like 3 options and they're all kinda pricey, it would probably have been better just to ha
  18. There was a side by side comparison with the a7s and f35 in an old thread about motion cadence, but to me it showed rolling shutter more than cadence issues, kind of cheating. In Philip Bloom's a7s review, in his talking head, his hands when he gestures seem to move really weirdly, and I think I've come to see that as more of a cadence issue, though for a long time I was convince the shutter speed was wrong or something. I know it's not in direct comparison, but that's where I've seen it the worst probably.
  19. It just looks like the highlights aren't blown all the way, so to keep some contrast, the dark areas get really dark. That's how I see a lot of bright-ish daylight videos. Stylistic in grading I would think, nothing to do with the camera, which has plenty of dr to change up the grade, and I don't dislike this look at all
  20. So, out of curiosity, I heard the terra sensor is the same as the kinemax sensor? So like a crop of it? Does that mean the custom speedbooster is not quite full frame? I think in the kinemax, it speedboosts to about 1.1x? Not that it would be much of a downside, and I may have my facts screwed up, just wondering
  21. Sure, but that's unlikely and not necessary and niche
  22. It has to be bigger than full frame?Anyway, this will be different because it's a cinema camera. I assume that basically means raw, which neither the a7sii nor that kickstarter camera have. What will set it apart at that price, as a cinema camera, will hopefully be things like mft mount, super35 sensor, built in nds, high frame rates, competitive dynamic range, pleasing image, competitive iso performance, ergonomics. But at $2000, the bare bones bmcc, without hfr, impressive ergonomics, nds, 4k, or s35 sensor, is still a real stunner and worth every penny. For the craft camera, that is an impr
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