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  1. Did we already know the shutter was inside the lens..?? That's kind of a buzzkill. Sorry if i just missed that discussion point somewhere... first I'm hearing /:
  2. The origi a7s is still very detailed 1080p, equally nice crop mode for s35, and slog for less of an investment than a c100. If you enjoy the image from sonys, which not everyone does, they really do offer a lot. You lose 4k and ibis from it's big brothers, but that's about it. it's a little better in some ways even. (Did the a6000 get an slog upgrade, or did I dream that? Still pretty nice image from that) Maybe ls300, but that's pushing the price range as well.. maybe a better fit than the c100 though. Nx1 with Andrew's log lut is really nice, but maybe a little videoy sometimes like the gh4. Gh4 vlog kiiinda needs an external recorder (but Andrew log lutted that cam as well ). Of blackmagic cams, probably you'd prefer the bmcc for resolution and battery and real s35 size sensor when speedboosted, but it's a bit of a brick (with an amazing image). Are you sticking with your current lenses? For lens compatibility I have like no idea what would be second best... (after c100)
  3. Liam

    Publishers Disease

    Yeah, another set of eyes or taking a decent sized break from it if possible would be helpful
  4. Good to hear. I honestly just can't tell because of the content haha. Though all my screens to view it are pretty crappy at the moment too
  5. I can never really get anything from test videos like these.. in this case they may say more about the camera than others, since fuji picture profiles were used sometimes and will be used by people who get it for video, and most other cameras need a lot of adjusting first.. but it's all so cheesy I have no idea if it looks good. Anyone know yet if the d500 has the d750's secret formula but in 4k? That would give me some more hope here, since I was also unimpressed by those tests
  6. So I've heard, but just can't really pull the trigger.. I'll probably cave
  7. I love netflix as a happy medium. Everyone has netflix, it's not illegal, money is exchanged, comes with tons of films. I used to torrent, but since netflix, I don't think I have at all (though I also have hulu, amazon prime, directv, and hbogo /: ). Netflix's recent price increases have me nervous if they ended up being the only one in the game.. also netflix has also made me less eager to go to theatres and made me never want to try louis ck's new show.. so mybe the same torrent-minded entitlement. Not sure what I'd prefer as the filmmaker... I guess just for money to fall out of the sky
  8. Imdb says arri alexa, but Knock Knock looks great. Eli Roth is a sick bastard
  9. Thanks for the encouragement! That's a great idea. There's not much of like a public interest theme.. it's just a really stupid conversation between two friends haha. but there's a filmmaker I love who's active on twitter, and this is slightly along his advice for noobs. Tweeting him might get a return
  10. Yeah we've got kind of an indie theatre here which occasionally does stuff like that. That's been something I'd been thinking would be cool. I'd probably want some sort of achievement already by then to help make the deal Good call, yeah probably gonna post it here first. Not sure of people I know personally who could critique..
  11. Thanks, Sanveer, that makes a lot of sense. Would you change your suggestions if I was less worried about making money from it? Is there a trick to catch on earlier if it's just not "good enough" for the bigger festivals or just not what they'd show, so I don't waste hundreds of dollars there? Like if I get rejected by three of the big dogs.. is that a bad sign necessarily? I assume it varies.
  12. Liam

    Composer Needed

    I too have a friend who may be interested. I'll check and PM you with his contact and some work if he is
  13. Ran across this beaut shot on the gh2 just a few months ago. I was reeally surprised to hear it was after I watched it
  14. It's a script i actually believe in, AND i had the resources. it's turning out better than i expected. My restrictions led to some creativity in the look. Anyway, I'm taking it really seriously and wondered what to do with it. Been doing my own research, of course, and had some thoughts, but thought I'd look for advice here too A lot of festivals now let you enter while your film is also released online, which is very cool. I figured i may put it on vimeo, send it to some groups on there, "shout" it to some channels like "short of the week", just hope to get some views. Maybe enter it in a couple of the big festivals just in case (not risking too much) and some just close to me that are somewhat cool. I wouldn't be looking for like a film deal. The best thing i think would be connections with people near me on the same wavelength who i could maybe team up with. Should i not risk it being online because of the fine print of the little film festivals nearer to me? Is vimeo even a great place for it? I've been doing a lot of browsing.. the staff picks are all the same, bigger and more symmetrical than my film will be, with less of a story Any other filmmaker communities online to look at? Any hidden groups in vimeo to find cool stuff and might be a good place to share a film as well? Should i release it on vimeo on demand with a good thumbnail and promote the crap out of it, making up for the lack of connections with a couple of bucks? I figure even without connections, trying to cast anyone near me with a decent film on vimeo under my belt would be a good start I don't know, i can only assume there's a lot i haven't considered. This is also very chickens before they hatch.. but if i ever finish anything, I'll want to have thought of this
  15. Liam

    Cadence Plugin

    This is the most discussion there's been here on the topic if it helps you make sense of it
  16. Liam

    Cadence Plugin

    There are plugins for rolling shutter and adding motion blur, yeah. But they aren't the best, and may not be exact where that special quality lies, and can't really be fine tuned in the right way for that anyway. I don't know of a plugin to take away motion blur, though that's kind of part if what goes on for faking high frame rates in newer tvs, so should be possible. Those effects also aren't great.. maybe a combination of those in perfected forms wayyy down the road could attempt to address the subtleties that might lead to this magic. but yeah, a camera with actual good cadence can still have rolling shutter and will still have something nice at any shutter speed. Could be the transition between frames or the like spacing, making sure each frame lasts the same amount of time to fit perfectly in the frame rate. Some people shoot slightly lower shutter speeds in a compressed comera to maybe hide the poor frame transitions. I've only felt like I noticed it a couple times, and it may have just been shot wrong, so I'm no pro. Would be nice to somehow see proof of this phenomenon I've also heard some people preferring "motion" from a global shutter over a mechancical shutter or at least saying in theory it's better.. I kind of feel like this would be a case where film can be the benchmark, so that sounds wrong to me.. maybe it's all just a myth. Can probably only look up all the footage you can and see. I'd say it's not worth worrying too much over
  17. "even better". impossible when you're at the top.
  18. Gh4 g7 T3i Ten glasses of wine would literally kill anyone. Don't be a hero The guy, me apparently, could easily classify each of these as the best image ever. Which means a better camera used properly would NOT be better.
  19. http://nofilmschool.com/2016/06/sd-standard-definition-cameras-super-8-film-look Weird coincidence I stumbled on this apparently immediately after it was posted haha. Congrats, Ed
  20. I liked your grain from your nx1 short. Was that gorilla grain? I figure that would have some good ones. Only grain I've used is vision color's free one. I like it for my stuff, but not very grungy. Maybe adding some softness after the grain would help it blend better. Anything you like about the camera other than for this style? I used to be pretty into the idea of someday getting like an f900r.. I figure that price jump might be for a reason though
  21. Yeah, I shoot properly in camera and don't need my photos to look crazy, so raw isn't an advantage. Still "better" I guess, if I could ever figure it out, but overkill? Hell yeah. If this discussion has some people raving about raw and great work to show as proof, and some people showing off their stunning gh4/nx1 videos, and Kendy Ty just killin it, as usual, I guess we all win. Cuz we better be talking about the end product. Otherwise this is all silly. In fact, if you can get a great image out of a compressed 4k camera, that probably would have a slight edge over a 1080p raw camera for the final image. Sometimes 5diii raw doesn't look insanely detailed, and that's not something you can skill out of the camera
  22. One kind of dorky trick.. for like a whip pan on a tripod, probably doesn't work for general use, shoot the scene in portrait instead of landscape, and then rotate and crop later. If it's like an a7s, that has almost as bad of an effect, where the vertical line all get really close together in the movement, but if the rs isn't too bad, you just avoid slanties and might get away with it. Lose resolution and sensor size and confidence in your frame though. And a lot of tripods don't work that way
  23. I... realize people have shot good photos in raw. Still had that experience. People have shot pretty jpegs too
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