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  1. there's probably no magic fix like that. Canon is in the same ballpark as nx1 colors. that might be easier to look for, since everyone wants their sony to look like canon. I saw a thread on matching the a7s to the 5d in another forum with some interesting tips, though I can't find it anymore, and taking out green from the sony is the only thing I remember.. Andrew's gh4 log + 1dc lut could get colors a lot closer to where you want them. is it about matching them for one shoot? or you just like the nx1's look and want your other camera to pass as one? there are rec709 luts perfect for either camera to get you a pleasing look especially if you'll be shooting in log recent thread with similar topic for your other request - nx1, rx10ii/rx100iv, used fs700, bmmcc, and d750 are probably my top picks
  2. sounddogs.com is like the only place I've used. Not the best, but can be helpful
  3. I am so sorry to Independent.. I can't unquote you for the life of me. Just wanted to say to Ed, the first of the two wedding videos Dave posted from his db16 has a bmpcc b camera, and, no offense to Dave's grading skills or anything, you can tell the difference - at least in the reception.
  4. I realize it's sharpening more than detail.. though I've seen some evidence there's an insane amount of detail in the nx1's 4k as well. but to me, the nx1's sharpness is way less of a defect that it can be in some other cameras. it usually isn't like an artifact to make it look shitty and videolike unless you're really punching in or in certain shooting situations. I'd like to see some side by sides by the nx1 users who soften it a bit to fix the bit of an issue. because even now, I hardly consider it a bad thing. it's a great image
  5. Hahahahaha, best game of this so far
  6. the exact same scenes that concerned me.. but the noise is at least more even than it looked viewing online. in the description it said they were testing high and low isos, hopefully these were both super high iso
  7. there's not too much of an issue that'll be caused by the nx1 being discontinued. can't upgrade in the same line (ditch native lenses when you need a step up), no more legit firmware updates (off-chance of some awesome hacks on the way). nx1 is sharpened but detailed, hard to say either is better. if you've done your research, hard to say.. play with original files? maybe rent?
  8. yeah, depends on quite a bit. not gonna do the whole what if you don't actually need 4k thing are these your top choices because of budget? if so, yeah, maybe g7 would be better suited than a gh4, with almost as much in its favor (no log, 96fps, or log basically). if you want to get really into the grading, the a6300 might be the better option. a little more out of the box image, the panasonic might be the better option. if you don't want to add the cost of speedboosting, the a6300 might be better for sensor size and lowlight, as well as possibly adapting short flange distance retro lenses, using more of the glass. if you'll use anamorphic lenses, the gh4 might be better. if you want ten bit (for log or otherwise), gh4 with external recorder, hands down. if you'll use LUTs, or if you'll want to experiment with that, you'll probably want the log option. maybe find some original footage from each first to play with or wait for some reviews of the a6300. might not be able to go too wrong with either really
  9. pretty compressed, sorry. but fuckin beautiful. took about 3 seconds. Ed David is also mostly using Sonys, and not just the ones anyone would love. we can just disagree though, everyone. don't think any of us are too heartbroken for the topic starter who's "stuck" with a d750
  10. While we're at it, Fifty Shades of Black looks awesome too.
  11. there's a reason they called themselves Canon
  12. well... I do sort of understand the issue, but if budget is an important variable, you have to make compromises, and you have quite a few things on your list. slim pickings for low end price, professionally featured, good motion cadence, good rolling shutter, clean, 4k, small, lowlight crazy cameras, with 60p and amazing colors.. did you say full frame is important to you too? wasn't the a7rii the first camera like this with full frame 4k? that would all be great, but.. you know
  13. I was ready to backpedal and say they were all shot in 4k, haha. this really was a tough one apparently, if I was closest with like 2 half answers 2... a g6?? or a7rii also, I didn't realize you only get 10 likes a day
  14. Liam

    Samurai Jack

    I feel like I avoided that show for some reason, but I've obviously heard great things, and that clip was pretty awesome. arguing about anything YOUNGER than my generation.. and we might have a problem things went downhill fast
  15. Liam

    Samurai Jack

    What was it shot on? just kidding. But I think it's a really well "shot" show, and maybe doesn't get the credit it deserves. Particularly season 4. Kinda blows me away really. don't need to just share every single film or show that looks good, and it's hardly a "topic", but just wanted to give it a shout out. the amount of silence for a children's show, the fight scenes, the landscapes, the different aspect ratios (usually 4:3), it's all just awesome. They actually get away with quite a bit for it being a kids' show - most of the enemies are robots, so they're allowed to get "gory". It's all on Hulu, if anyone cares. the equivalent of this for someone like us might be just an enormous budget, admittedly, but I still find it inspiring. haha, hope it's not all just nostalgia and that I'm not just spamming, but yeah . happy shooting!
  16. right, but there just aren't many people using the f5 really. I made sure there were skin tones in there that looked alright before deciding it looked good. the kid on the bridge is a good shot I thought. I'm not sure the best way to find good material, I'm hoping there's good stuff out there I'm unaware of, but if there's none at all, that might say nothing of the camera. are you asking for a narrative? a good story can make you ignore a bad image, if you're looking for a good image for your good story, I don't think you need to see a narrative on the camera you're considering..
  17. all subjective of course, but I liked this a lot. it is a lot about the grade with a camera in this range. and "filmic" might still be up for debate
  18. sorry, then why should panasonic "upgrade" to apsc? seems like they have fans as m43, but if they went apsc, people should just ditch them for fullframe..? - kidding, not really looking to ruin a thread with that..
  19. without the film in front of me, I feel like No Country for Old Men was shot really really well for suspense, while Fargo was maybe a bit more their usual style of just showing things happen. honestly some of their films are a mess, with just a ton of characters and things going on, no real story and no satisfaction at the end (for me). took me a while in Hail, Caesar to decide I was enjoying it I think, just because of that style. the soundtrack in Fargo for suspenseful moments kind of lulls you to sleep too, which is a little odd. I do think Fargo is a masterpiece and wouldn't really separate the cinematography from it, but I think I see what you mean, Rich. but maybe it's all my subconscious and I don't really know what I'm seeing
  20. yeah, there are a few masters of this style, it does look awesome. a lot of cutting on action, a lot of zooms in and out in post and messing with speed, some wipes, especially between the last few shots. I'm no pro, but that's what I'm seeing. feel like good resolution 60p would be pretty invaluable for this style while shooting, along getting a wide shot and then a closer shot of the same thing. and then a fair amount of motion tracking in post. might be like a digital zoom on both clips along with a fast dissolve transition?
  21. pretty sure I follow this forum too much to be allowed to guess mayyy have seen one of those shots before from you. they look really nice though
  22. that's really awesome. Stephen Chow deserves it
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