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  1. guess I just didn't get your comment? sounded like you were describing a crazy person I'd never take advice from. anyway
  2. the standard frame rate 1080p. and I find his reviews very helpful, thorough, and practical. others often are really basic or miss the point. or don't have any good footage attached to it
  3. Liam

    NX500 Grade Test

    I like that one best so far
  4. Don't love the small gimbal gopro footage I've seen. This could be better for IQ than that easily, but the style is a little weird to me. I was excited when I heard the specs mft 4k raw consumer camera before, picturing a raw gh4, but THIS becomes difficult to use as an actual camera.. not sure about it. I'm sure people will have some fun with it though
  5. is there an mft to eos-m adapter? could be possible based on flange distance. so a different speedbooster could maybe be adapted to it and more suited for it? less the point of the topic maybe, with regards to price, but just curious
  6. sorry, I meant license-free (unlicensed). like where you get the music you do use
  7. Yeah, I was gonna say, f35 and f65 look like some of the best cameras ever, depending on your needs a bit
  8. Looks like a beaut. If you can even FIND the box in the menus! Amiright?
  9. well that's just what happens, Ed. that's what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps
  10. I'm not wrong to assume it's okay to submit the same footage to several different stock sites, am I? and be able to use it for myself? since I', still the one with the rights to the footage? sorry, old topic, just don't want to break the "law" or whatever
  11. "sony" isn't a professional camera either. colors seem deeper in the nx1 than an A7s (or easier to get to look that way) and great skins. and I'll usually prefer crushed blacks in a final grade and don't need.. all the highlight detail anyway. plus the rolloff is really great too. the 5D is great, but not an example of a resolution/dynamic range king
  12. Yeah, I'd want to see some tests with added sharpening, but the nx1 is so good. Also log, low light, and IBIS are more interesting to me than full frame when comparing the two. Thanks for the findings!
  13. I'd like to know too.. think someone on another thread said it's soft ( @jaquet ?) the a7s's clear image zoom was apparently great for 1080p. bummer they don't just have internal 2.7k apsc. there probably wouldn't be any rolling shutter advantage with this like before, but if the crop is still reading every pixel, it should be better than 1080p in crop mode in theory. @@Ebrahim Saadawi pointed out that if it's 1:1 in full frame, you can just crop to super35 in post from full frame and use the full abilities of the sensor, but of course it would be nice to frame in-camera. (also, is it actually 1:1 in full frame now? no minor downscale? I keep getting lost with 12, 8, 10 megapixels..) sorry to tag everyone in the forum..
  14. around 9:50, Faymusmedia compares detail of the a7s to a 4k recorder and the gh4 in 4k (also to an external recorder). seems there really is more detail in the sony - but not 100% sure the a7sii is quite as sharp recording internally. the video in general might be a little biased though.. You don't do much post production, right? I feel like if you set the image how you want it in-camera, the gh4 might be a better tool for that, without really lacking in sharpness. and yeah, a gh5 with a stop better low light and IBIS for a lower price than the a7sii could be on the way.. eventually. A speedbooster could definitely be helpful and satisfy you for a while longer. nx1 isn't the best in low light, but could tick a lot of boxes for you. very clean up to 800iso, and a very sharp image, good colors and look straight of of the camera. the lens stabilization isn't great (and they're pricey lenses), but the DIS looks like it could be helpful sometimes. decent autofocus as well (but again, native glass).
  15. I don't know, seems like there will be a lot to leica bout it B)
  16. @maxotics I love hearing how other people work, but I would say definitely don't let anyone tell you how to tell a story or "the rules", if that's what you're saying
  17. Possible to get an idea of what your current go-to cameras are, Andrew? Unless that's nosy. I'd assume rx100iv, gh4, nx1 for your cooke's, anamorphics, and slowmo. excited you're back, and for the low budget focus going forward!
  18. yeah, the page length rule can vary, especially if it's a lot of stage direction and less dialogue. a huge monologue will throw it off too. it's a weird thing, but to me it doesn't really matter how long it ends up Definitely keep at it! I'd be excited to see it. seems like you've got talent, resources, decent script, and good actors that might be hard to get again with no budget or at least not a lot of proof you're good. take advantage of it
  19. Liam

    grading feedback?

    I tried bumping the bit rate up just a little, but it crashed pretty fast, and I didn't feel safe with it. I have fairly cheap cards, so that could be the only issue. I didn't really notice a huge difference in quality in the footage I was able to get. not sure at all about it bouncing around by itself
  20. I like it the way it is too! if it's already a short, it might be hard to make a 2 minute trailer for it. maybe a second teaser about this length for marketing? maybe you could hide the "monster" 's face if that's a big moment in the film or to keep more mystery in the trailer. Also, maybe the stuttering effect is a little cliche for a horror trailer, but it does work. Maybe see if you can ease up on it, or maybe skipping frame after the stutter could make it look more professional? Mostly just throwing stuff out there. I liked the color as well. maybe it helps the horror genre for it to look a little flatter and ungraded like that, giving it almost a found footage sort of realism (though clearly it was shot well from like an omniscient perspective and far from a handycam feel). if that makes sense. really impressive! good luck!
  21. ha, looked up some clips, he seems like a bit of a kook..
  22. just saw this from the f35 the other day (I know it's not new, but wow)
  23. sorry you didn't get any replies.. I'm no expert, but I went through that thread, and a lot of those tips seem to make sense
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