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  1. Nx1 and rx10ii are over a thousand dollars. rx100iv is just under a thousand and does aliasing/moire free 120fps (unlike the nx1) -also with more detail than the nx1. At least that's my understanding. That has to be the cheapest camera for 1080p 120fps and with quality better than much more expensive cameras. Nx1 has a larger sensor though and interchangeable lenses and maybe you'd like those colors more. But for your specifications, rx100iv is the option.
  2. Liam

    G7 vs A6000

    Camera store tv shot the g7 side by side with the gh4 for just a moment, and they looked pretty identical
  3. thanks, ha, didn't realize that was a link at first. Very informative. Just was surprised that you could get anything at all from a log image with like 3 sliders considering the way people talk about it
  4. Sooo.. I have very little experience grading. Tempted because of that to say that I'm bad at it. But someone here just posted on a thread a still from slog and their grade. I tried with the compressed image on a free photo app, pixlr, to see what I could do with it and ejoyed my grade more than the one they posted with it, even though I only touched brightness, contrast, saturation, and the tiniest hue adjustment, in absence of white balance or or color shift/tint type of options. What exactly is so hard about grading log images? Assuming people are saying you need a vast understanding of curves etc? Or is it possibly really that simple? I realize this is a little off topic and I should hit up tutorials and try out better grading software than I've used up to now.
  5. What camera? Not an expert at all, but Hurlbut often examines the point with different cameras when too much nd causes ugly infrared pollution. Think it has to do with the filter the camera comes with right on the sensor, hard to find out without tests. Don't know about adding an infrared filter along with the nd at a certain strength or just being careful not to go too high with nd strength, but could be important to be aware of
  6. Global shutter will impact the MOTION.. But I honestly have yet to know what people are talking about with motion cadence. Maybe I see it sometimes. Andrew has said (and I seemed to agree at the time..) that the nx1 has nice cadence, even though that's like the most extreme rolling shutter out there. And true, mechanical shutter is not global shutter, but faster than most rolling shutter and just different.
  7. I feel like we mostly have all embraced digital at least a little. Definitely wouldn't make sense to always screen exactly what comes out of the camera because "digital is just as good!". Grading is kind of a given, putting in contrast and adjusting colors to get an image that may end up looking closet to film in a good way. Sometimes the cinematography is like another character in your film, so clearly digital (over sharpened, 16:9, auto exposure, auto focus, digital noise, rolling shutter, colors clearly from a certain brand, banding, clipping, super cheesy hdr, 3d, etc) could reeeally take the audience out of it. Aside from grain (which can help an image in other ways, helping banding, matching differently isoed shots), other "issues" can clearly give a film character. Anamorphic is a very analog, cool thing. Softish lenses are very cinematic. A broken piece of glass held in front of the lens can look great.. which is like the perfect example of this type of shitty trying too hard effect, ruining a spotless image just to pacify an audience stuck in the past.. but it's completely cool when done right. There's probably no argument that the look of crappy old digital movies are better in the same way people are saying about film, but I wouldn't think someone is crazy for going for that effect either. Lots of charm and character. Don't know, I didn't have a problem with the way the alexa 65 looked in that trailer, but I wasn't floored by how clean it was, even though it was probably clean.. Have definitely been more effected by "broken" shots
  8. Is everyone here really gonna switch to the a7rii if vlog isn't here for the gh4 in 20 minutes? That price difference is pretty huge. It's weird It's taking so long and will be a huge step up, but it was considered by many to be a great camera just a little while ago. On a budget, the gh4 is great and 4k, with with multiple great, even cheaper 4k options from panasonic which can match with it really well with cine-v and d as B cameras (to a super cinematic 15 hundred dollar A camera with improvements over its brothers for photography, great build quality, anamorphic shooting and more). That's a low end, high quality package not really comparable to any other setup. Vlog could be (will be) awesome (I've been hearing better than slog2 - by the way, no slog3 on the a7rii, is it coming to the a7sii? Does this not piss us off?), but.. The nx1 isn't exactly better in terms of log profile either.. Rx10ii - no interchangeable lens, other panasonics, and then you're up into a drastically different price range. Correct me if I'm missing something. Could be worth a not so unpleasant wait
  9. The topic is sensor size. Didn't think it was super complex, explained it here too. Better here than there since someone was asking for advice. Sorry
  10. on the sensor size debate.. even though it's been beaten to death, just got bored enough to test with what I had and didn't want to further pollute that other thread I assume NOW we'll finally all agree. kidding, making it worse I know.Quick test. could've tried f/16 in crop mode to play fair. crappy equipment, I know.Sorry if the production quality was overwhelming or made you feel inadequate as an artist. You'll get there, newb https://vimeo.com/131131999
  11. Oh and Dave Dugdale did. And Sony reps (your heroes!) were just talking about their 2/3" sensor cameras recently at NAB, made for super telephoto work. Sorry, we should get back on topic :3 edit: and... Orson Welles would have considered it if he could have... because they were going nuts trying to get shots like these
  12. if you are thinking anamorphic, but of course on a budget, this hack I thought worked surprisingly well to get anamorphic bokeh. a lot of factors though.. I guess the hack only works with 50mm and longer (guessing 50mm equivalent since he demonstrates with FF - but it might vignette easier on a crop sensor or when stopped down), so wider lenses may not match - which could be a real shame if you're letterboxing since you may want even wider than your usual wide option. Soundtrack is probably important here and editing rhythm and grade. haven't really looked at Western much. maybe be a little more subtle with the shallow depth of field in like that portarait in particular. but nice images. and nice saloon
  13. also, if you're cropping into a FF 4k image, it's not the teeny tiny sensor effect you'd get with a gh4. you could stabilize or reframe a ton and still have an s35 look
  14. yeah, people keep saying Panasonic should go bigger sensor, but their great lenses wouldn't work, you're right. pocket or cinema camera could be worth looking at. cinema camera gives you an upgrade in resolution, dynamic range, codec etc, without shrinking the sensor size as much as the pocket (cinema camera is about the same as the gh4 4k crop right?) if you want more iso, you can actually adapt manual mft lenses to e-mount on the a7s in a basically m4/3 size crop mode that doesn't lose quality (1080p) - but that could be a bit extreme... and you have electronic lenses too, so. depends on what you need. might want to wait a little and see
  15. yeah, I'm slightly inclined to think FaymusMedia was exaggerating..
  16. Yeah, slightly faster lens and great macro ability. Not sure about the macro of the rx10. Not a huge difference. Do ya thang
  17. I agree g7 looks like something you might want to consider. swapping slightly soft, cinematic lenses could help fix that video feel that these all may have a little. and could be your best bet with low light too. lx100 would probably be my next choice, with decent low light and some ability to get a shallow depth of field which can help it feel more cinematic rather than teeny sensor video
  18. got almost 15 seconds in almost as bad as the c300mkii promotional short film. exploiting that Joseph Gordon Levitt short film shot with Nx1's, or even just a glamour shot montage music video would have been an infinitely better call
  19. i used a gh4 file in a trial version nle timeline that only let you export in 720p and got terrible aliasing. 6k to 1080p would be a comparable issue since it isn't really captured at 4k like the gh4. not positive that'd be it
  20. specs-wise: ​likely better low light, dynamic range, rolling shutter (?), lens adaptability, codec, than the nx1. first time ever having internal 4k full frame (under a million dollars). option of speedboosting the better 4k option. could be a better 4k camera than the a7sii since there will be limited megapixels for the crop modes, and probably much better video compared to the a7r. it's going to be a great stills camera (I wouldn't want a canon for this price now), pretty astounding how great it could be for video as well, since it seemed the a7s was going to get the most attention for video. potential with the 5-axis ibis. nx1 should still hold up, which is impressive, but this looks pretty killer. and at the very least, just happy to see the direction Sony is going in
  21. ​did it say 1080p for that?? I only saw it said "not 4k"
  22. not too confusing really. first video they're the same letters with different settings on the cameras only. then they're jumbled. D from video 1 is pretty clearly B from scene 4 in video 2 right? he's trying to throw you off a little. tell which you liked best from each scene, and then check out the results when they're up
  23. I don't think you should judge scene 4 based on moire. Matthias has gotten moire from that building with basically every camera, and there's downscaling issues here too I'd think scene 4 - c scene 5 - A
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