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  1. I have a look if I can find some dngs as i mostly shot prores. I am rocking the mini 4K since 3 years now, also got it because the 4.6 was way out of my reach. I was skeptical at first as well mainly about DR and the never ending rumors about the necessity to rig it up.Well, slap a small v-mount battery on it put in a cfast card and you are good to go; no cables no flimsy stuff. About DR, yes...there isn't much headroom in the highlights in prores (even in 444). You just wont be able to hold the sun if it's in your background and you try to expose for the skin even a little bit; small sony or
  2. FS5 is like 827g body only camera? I think every argument for and against bigger cameras really come down to what you are shooting with it. I switched from Sony nex 5r to Ursa mini and for the life of me I would never go back to a dslr like form factor for my controlled narrative shooting. Specially for shots involving movement. Every inch of that movement is planned...with regards to the talent and background. Why would I want to wiggle around with a small cam, that just doesn't make sense. If you run and gun with your camera, and you never really know where you want to move beforehand.... su
  3. When shooting a movie you will set up a location /room with lights and actors and what not. Normally your set will get better the longer you do that, or an art director joins your crew;) When starting you will probably use the same location/ rooms again and again and stage them according to your script. I think then you need a lens to fit your set up, not the other way around. Later you may prefer one focal length and fstop over another, you can then redesign your stage or find new locations. Also, better don't spend a lot of time staging a nice background, only to destroy everything with a sh
  4. and we still don't know how many people are "a lot"(or someone really has reliably numbers of the percentage of broken units?). The voice of those complaining about a supposedly broken product will always be much louder than those who are outside actually working with their product of choice. Then we always seem to have so many people joining the discussion without even owning the camera. Plus beginners like me who suddenly got a professional camera, but have no idea yet how to work with it. All this gives a really fishy picture when it comes to info's and reviews on certain products or manufa
  5. went straight from Sony Nex 5r with kit-lens to Ursa mini 4K. I knew what I would get, and this camera is absolutely perfect for what I am shooting. It's really the "low" price that puts those tools in hands where it doesn't belong. That's all there is to it really.
  6. On my 720p Macbook screen 4K youtube videos that I play at 720p look much more ugly than 1080p videos payed at 720p. I guess that jump from 4k to 720p is just too much? Maybe I should really think about upgrading:)
  7. Never heard of that movie before, will definitly watch it:) @fuzzynormal, thanks for all the advise. It will be the first time I draw/ slide-show a story board. I already started and my drawing got alot worse after all these years. But as long as I can see whats going on it will be ok;) As also none of us are actors and since I know any poorly spoken or recorded dialogue is worse than no spoken word at all I might keep the whole short silent and work with facial gestures only. It fits the script anyways. If we really feel brave enough I try to get them to do some one-liners and will practice w
  8. Thanks guys, alot of great tips. I should really get my storyboard 100% done and clearly write down which lens to use on which shot. Since I know the place I think I can even do it while not being there. We might only have one weekend to do the shots were our whole group is together, so tinkering around with different lenses and angels when shooting is probably a bad idea. @ Hans Punk, you are right, those old movies seemed use very wide lenses and very stable movement if any at all. I wish I had the SLR Magic Anamorphot to screw it on my SLR Magic 35mm lens, but thats too much of an investmen
  9. In this last year I shot a bunch of rather meaningless clips and pictures while out for a walk or when biking to familiarize myself with a rather modern camera (Sony Nex-5R). Last time I used a video camera was 20 years ago. Me and my friends enjoyed shooting short movies alot at that time and we plan to come back to it before we are too old for this shit. Anyway, I am able to use a rather nice set-up reminiscent of a mini western saloon (from the outside at least). We are huge fans of Terence Hill/ Bud Spencer movies and its only natural we want to make a short based on those. Script is kind
  10. ​Well, I was only talking about the viewing experience, nothing more. Thought we as film makers here have that as a priority. From an economic point of view of course it makes sense for them to push 4K....heck...to push any technical developement..usefull or not (hello 3D,2000 Hz tv). As long as you are not affiliated with Sony, Samsung and Panasonic and you collect your fair share from their sales is 4K it really helping your movie-making capabilities? Did anybody of your viewers say, two years ago your movies sucked, but now, since they are in 4k they are marvelous? Other then that we have t
  11. Just want to throw in my two cents. I am happy to see some great improvements in Sony cameras this year(codec,Slog). And while I appreciate they do 4K, I am still wondering why everybody thinks this is most important technical aspect. When I show documentaries or short films to friends and relatives I will make sure they watch it on their a big tv(mostly still 1080p) in the living room. Some watch it on they Smartphones maybe. But who except us will watch footage on a 4K Monitor sitting 15 inches away and gawking at the details? Its convinient since we are probabaly checking out the forum and
  12. Great!..love the editing, clean cuts, great camera work, great color grading. Its easy to see (or better hear) alot of work went into sound editing. The sound of dripping water is quite dominant in the first factory part, but the actual cut showing some water dripping was very fast. Maybe that close-up of water droplets in the small waterhole towards the end could be set earlier so the viewer can see where the dripping sound is coming from. All in all really great stuff:) Makes we wish i could start my short film this year...but most difficult part is matching time for me and my friends:(
  13. I like this channel for video comparison, excellent choice of location for highlighting flaws. Water, rooftiles, trees etc. Sadly execution is a bit flawed, would be nice if he could choose to shoot in similar weather condition for every cam but of course that would be more time consuming. Anyway, the Sony a5100 footage looks very similar to my Nex-5R, not in a positiv way. Same horrible moire in the rooftiles, mushy colors and aliasing. I dont think that shooting xavc compared to avchd will make a huge difference there. But well, dynamic range seems to be nice as always. I love my Nex-5R and
  14. Hi mercer, I am using resolve 11 lite too, on a 2009 macbook:). So i know the trouble with the small screen. Basic color grading is possible, but masking becomes really too difficult with such a small screen. As it is a grading program, i think you should not actually use an auto color mode here;) ...that could be done in a program like imovie 11 just as easy. -First you should make yourself familiar with the nodes in the upper right corner. Just create a new serial node....and in that one you can go crazy with all the sliders and learn what will happen when you push what slider. ⌘-D will disa
  15. Celli

    Black Forest

    1 day hiking trip into the black forest, Germany, to climb the Mount Belchen and run down the Triberg Waterfalls. The struggle is real:)
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