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  1. Hi, Not sure there's a topic which tackles precisely this issue, so there you go. I wanted to check whether the usual rule of thumb applied to GH4 settings works the same way on G7. In other words, I've had better results with sharpness dialled down to -1 rather than -5, for example. Also, the jury is still out (for me) on Cinelike D or Natural for low light shots. At any rate, I did some tests with Canon FD 1.4 50mm and maybe the sharpness worked because of it. For the kit lens (14-42), I was happy with sharpness to go to -5 and NR to -2. It's a harsher lens. Need to do more tests, but would be good to hear different opinions on the video setting. Anyone?
  2. ​I second that completely. Panasonic LX100, if interchangeable lens system is not important, but if it is, then, I'd go with G7. As for 4K, it is important even if you only deliver in HD. (Future proof, better image when downscaled etc etc) And something less technical...I feel especially good supporting Panasonic who over the years (since SD days) were supporting low budget filmakers by making great quality stuff for an affordable price. Just my two pence...:) disclaimer: I don't work for Panasonic or any of their affiliates. (although, if they're hiring...:-)
  3. Bought G7, great video. I'm now looking forward to Andrew's review of the combo (Speedbooster) as promised
  4. Panasonic LX100. But, I'll tell you what the other forum members told me (rightly so). Try Panasonic DMC G7K. In my opinion, best video.
  5. ​Well, it's hard to beat that deal! That said, I dislike the fact that G7 is only 28MBps in HD mode, but hey...
  6. ​Cheers, they look pretty good! However, I'm now leaning towards G7, it seems way better!
  7. PanasonicDMC-G7HK Motion picture*MP4*:NTSC area[4K] 3840x2160:4K/30p 100Mbps, 4K/24p 100MbpsMP4*:NTSC area[Full HD] 1920x1080:FHD/60p 28Mbps, FHD/30p: 20MbpsMP4*:NTSC area[HD] 1280x720:HD/30p 10MbpsMP4*:NTSC area[VGA] 640x480:VGA/30p 4MbpsMP4*:PAL areaN/AAVCHD*:NTSC area[Full HD] 1920x1080:FHD/60p 28Mbps, 60p recordingAVCHD*:NTSC area[Full HD] 1920x1080:FHD/60i 17Mbps, 60i recordingAVCHD*:NTSC area[Full HD] 1920x1080:FHD/30p 24Mbps, 60i recording (sensor output is 30fps)AVCHD*:NTSC area[Full HD] 1920x1080:FHD/24p 24MbpsAVCHD*:PAL areaN/A
  8. Sorry guys, I guess I need some time to learn to quote properly. Just wish to thank you for all your comments. I guess the general consensus is Panasonic DMC-G7 for a cinematic look, but LX100 close second for "all-in-one" compact plus shallow depth of field and low light capabilities. ​ At this point, I don't need a camera with interchangeable lens. ​I don't need a telephoto. I don't need anything longer than 70mm to be honest.
  9. Hi guys, If you don't mind me complimenting you, but the information on this forum is the most on point in regards to digital filmmaking, indie filmaking and the like. Therefore, I'd love if you could chime on what it might be a dilemma for me, right now. I'd love to purchase a camera for some arty/indie filmaking, and I'm torn between these three cameras that are mentioned in the title. (the Sony being the only one we cannot properly check). I was trying to decipher what all the reviewers are saying, but I am still puzzled about a few things. So, there you go. I am not that worried about interchangeable lens. Sound as well. What I am worried about it is the cinematic quality of an image. Broadcast quality. Can we say with some certainty, which one has the "best" image? (most details, least artificial video look etc). Will Sony win that round - do we know? Obviously, ability to shoot 240fps in 1080p is great, but what's the quality of the image? What IS important for me is the low-light capabilities of each camera. I will be using a camera mainly for some guerilla micro-budget projects. That's the scoop. I'd super appreciate if someone can comment on it. Cheers.
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