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  1. C, B, B. Was just planning on being a fly on the wall for this one, but hardly anyone has chimed in, ha.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Marco is a wizard o.o
  3. that's crazy. wasn't RED working on a gigantic sensor camera? Mysterium Monstro 617 or something? can't find much info on it
  4. I have seen bad color from the a7s, but those examples were really nice and impressively easy to get that way. thank for sharing Wolf33d
  5. If you're really worried, that's kind. Definitely hope he's okay. But we shouldn't like beg him to do more posts etc. He can have other work and a personal life without having to bottle feed us all the time . Though of course all of his posts are appreciated and enlightening
  6. I thought the video Joe posted looked just amazing. was that the golden 3k with the like 16 stops DR? anyone know? says in the description "at dng 3k"
  7. Canon or Nikon are probably easiest to match to nx1 colors. eos m is small and affordable with improving image quality and low light it seems with the latest one, along with those canon colors
  8. Yeah, a5100, a6000, lower end nikons, maybe an eos m? That's sort of what I had in mind. D5200 looks good at 12800iso for example. Haven't looked into it too much honestly. There was a thread on here recently for the best sub-$1000 low light cameras. Really, a7s with that new pix-e5 recorder and one lens could still be sort of close to $3000... Shame you didn't say $4000 budget. Anyway, best of luck, sounds like you're on the right track. This type of thing is never going to be an easy choice
  9. Liam

    Too Many Lenses?

    I get the one lens thing. it's a little cheating to say only one lens and then pick a zoom lens though ;). it really does make sense sometimes to have multiple lenses even of the same focal length for different aesthetic. one prime for a shoot is like a practice in framing and storytelling, giving you the best cinematic image AT that focal length since it's not a lens trying to pretend to be 10 lenses, giving you less to think about, moving fast. but of course if something is scripted and you decided beforehand a subtle wide angle is best for a shot, you should really do that. Changing focal length is a great tool for storytelling. You can use one prime to sort of look like a different focal length depending on position, or post production, but that just gives you even more to think about. in that case I'd rather pick the focal length on set from a variety of lenses. This has all gone just slightly off topic, but if you maybe realize you need money, and you're sitting on a million dollars worth of lenses that you will never use again, you could probably sell a couple. if know you want/need them all, even though some people think you're crazy, keep em.
  10. so, could be that the lx100 is all you need, way at the low end of your price range and super light and portable. it's got to be the best budget 4k right now, the next jump being the nx1/gh4 for interchangeable lenses. The g7 coming out "soon" could be great for you, and possibly slightly better low light than the lx100, which is still pretty decent. you might be able to add a used a7s just in your price range, with like a fast, manual 30-ish mm, making use of the crop modes for different focal lengths. there are pretty good low light performers for way less though if it's going to be a rare occasion. might be worth getting an lx100 and just see if you really need anything else. lots of flexibility in that price range really. Hard to say exactly what would be your best bet
  11. I was pretty sure it was to do with some in body noise reduction or something. like it's insanely clean at low isos because of it, but higher isos it just stops helping and starts hurting. feel like you won't see that on all h.265 compression codecs from here on out. a shogun or other recorder may help this I've heard? - lettinging it keep it's grain throughout, more like a gh4. pretty uninformed though, so don't take my word for it. it is an issue of the camera though, not just vimeo or transcoding, I don't think
  12. Liam

    How's Andrew Reid?

    ​same. you know what the best part of my day is? It's for about ten seconds from when I login to the EOSHD forum to when I get to the comments. Because I think maybe I'll get up there and I'll knock on the comments and he won't be there. No goodbye, no see you later, no nothin'. Just left. I don't know much, but I know that.
  13. good job Werner, but you loaded the footage wrong. edit: ;)
  14. @j.f.r., seems like a test for his own purposes that he was just nice enough to share. it showed skin tones, color chart, rolling shutter. I was impressed by both cameras in the video. but, yeah, don't make a purchase on this, great. now please cool it.
  15. Liam

    panasonic g7

    pretty identical crop in 4k as the gh4? sorry if that's a silly question
  16. Thanks TSV! image looks nice from that shot I think. nice colors and highlight handling, not too much noise at 1250iso. not very video-like from that clip. are those lenses s35? your gh4 lenses should work pretty great on the ls300 if you're more comfortable with them. you just lose some resolution. Could see the gh4 having some nicer features though. nothing wrong with preferring one camera over another. Looking forward to more of your discoveries
  17. @jagnje, I've got your back. It was indeed quite bad.
  18. Liam

    Why APSC is dead

    I agree that fullframe can be nice. And of course everyone should appreciate the options with the crop modes in the a7s. Which is to say that fullframe is not always what you want. Kinda sick of this topic, sorry. Everyone shoot what you shoot on. Hope none of (doubt any of) these formats die any time soon.
  19. Liam

    Why APSC is dead

    even stopping all the way down, it's hard to get everything in focus sometimes, which is a cool effect. a had a 50mm lens on apsc the other day filming, and often at f/16, which looked really cool at the time, but later I realized things were often out of focus :/ disappointing when I thought I had a different shot. a small sensor second camera makes a lot of sense to me. and great PL lenses usually don't cover ff, and insanely fast voigtlanders for mft are pretty much just amazing, and iso really isn't always better on ff. and I often like to think focal lengths in terms of s35 actually. and zero cinema cameras are ff. so, I disagree.
  20. Liam

    Giving Up

    (I'm in no way an authority in this area) I thought Carte Blanche has some nice dialogue and complicated emotions and relationships. Enjoyed the oddities. I honestly understand where you're coming from with some of your own criticism of it, but that's you learning or developing your own style. and I think in some ways people really aren't supposed to be corrected when they make something artistic with a vision. we only really get amazing films when someone breaks all the rules and ignores the authorities or doesn't know what they're doing anyway. I'll have to check out more of your stuff
  21. would you not consider lenses with an aperture ring? maybe you'd prefer the electronics in the lens or they'd be a little harder to match since they're usually vintage. Would the nx1's colors be easier to match with a Nikon than a GH4's would? I don't know about good electronic adapters for the nx mount. throwing some stuff out there
  22. ​Yeah, that is the point. I'm just saying clearly there's a bit too much enthusiasm on either side of this conflict sometimes. love exploring new technologies on this site, may decide when I have the budget that something is absolutely essential for a film, even have to stick the script in the drawer until I can get this bit of tech. But don't become obsessed and upgrade every week without actually making anything. I have a reeeally low budget setup, but I can't make a film with my phone. It may be possible, but I just can't. I feel like sometimes we're even on the same page there, but arguments erupt anyways because of misunderstanding or whatever. Anyway, I have no reason to disrespect anyone on this blog if they upgrade a lot or somehow cheapskate their way into making 1 frame per minute films with disposable cameras. More power to you
  23. maybe test some with the grade how you want it in-camera, or varying levels of flatness, just in case it can't hold up amazingly to grading, if it still can produce a nice image. low light DR at different iso's might be a good test? maybe see if the most cropped mode of its impressive adaptability (probably s16) becomes unusable because of the enhanced noise and loss of megapixels. maybe just some glamour shot montage, keeping it short so it's not too much trouble, seeing what you can do with the camera as a filmmaker so that some people can just set aside its potential flaws and see what it can do in good hands. but yeah, most interested to see a flat shot of a slightly difficult scene for us to grade. anything at all would be cool though, even just a couple thoughts after having used it. Appreciate the offer! Thank you!
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