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  1. so, better video dynamic range, no in camera sharpening, for lower cost. How much better is the rolling shutter?
  2. Liam

    Proud of eos mods

    Yeah, the new camera stuff is exhausting. This forum does a good job talking about all aspects, though. how about a thread where people just share weird obscure tricks. Like their secrets and sage wisdom that is at least not common. I could get really into like a subforum about super micro budget filmmaking, though obviously that's not the only way to do things, nor the best usually. Wouldn't wanna flood the forum with those little things. Been waiting for certain people here to write about their secrets to finding amazing deals online for quite a while! I'm looking at investing in some lighting soon.. to light in a way that looks natural. seems to be one of the harder things to teach yourself from online articles like I usually do... Nervous about investing in those silly $100 studio three point light kits of course. Kinda just thinking $10 desk lamps with decent, cool white, 60watt incandescent bulbs. Any good budget fresnel type lights or alternatives someone could recommend?
  3. do you know anyone you could team up with to make some of these and sell them, Luca? I understand it's pretty difficult. someone like Richard Gale probably has the skill set at least, probably others on this site have some experience in that. also, did you have to completely change the nx mount? you said you had to work on the camera body as well. does glass go into the mount enough to interfere with the shutter maybe? can you say which speedbooster brand you modified for this? just curious
  4. Sorry, Sanveer, took it down since then since I started sending to festivals. I could PM you the new private link if you'd like
  5. Liam


    Cool, just curious. Haven't used color wheels much, but a little unsure about them.. Been browsing all the free nle's lately, seeing what I can get away with. weirdly I really like those simple blue-yellow "temperature" and magenta-green "tint" sliders for color when I can get em.
  6. Liam


    I kinda freaking love my t3i with prolost and a nikkor lens. Even its lack of detail.. I ended up adding a blur to several shots in a short I did recently. And used the digital zoom at one point. I forgot kendy's picture profile is available! Have to check that out. Good luck, Matt! What color tools are you using, @mercer?
  7. Liam

    Editing Station?

    For the really simple stuff, chromebooks are awesome. Kinda funny how even Windows couldn't compete at all with their phones.
  8. Yeah, i was gonna say I'd heard bad things about cinestyle. Thought I'd give it try anyway, but it was barely any flatter than just dialing it flat in camera. Would probably only use it with a lut that was made for it
  9. That took me a second.. thought Madatcha might have been a wrestler. Googled it and everything
  10. ohhhhh! come on. we all love each other :*
  11. that was excellent to read, Kaylee! thank you for taking the time! I hope I don't seem like I'm defending myself on these points.. I do that sometimes. Not helpful, haha great note, I was a little worried about that.. I played both parts (clearly) and dropped the pitch of the guy in plaid just a little. thought it might have been enough, but I'll take another run through to see if I can make it better.. was really worried about doing that in a cartoony way haha hmm.. I was originally going to have the first guy be leaving a party in the adjacent room, to go to the bathroom (by adding muffled murmurs), to imply the second guy was sitting off by himself, later joined by the first guy, which might better explain his weird music choices? if that partially addresses that? I wish I could do that.. seems a little more difficult than playing two parts (playing a room full of people), but maybe I should make it more understandable drinking music, if I don't have that element. that makes sense, i'll keep browsing. wanted it to be subtle music that wouldn't make it seem like they were ignoring it by not tapping their fingers to it, and not like emo - could almost be funny, but probably just painful.. music is tough The grain, I hope was just because of the compression. I've been experimenting a ton today with export settings etc. I decided no grain for vimeo upload, since it's too long and the file will be too big for my basic account. But I might be convinced to buy a month of Plus for one of those huge file uploads after upscaling to 4k. seems it would work pretty perfectly. I keep getting that note about adding some meaning, haha. I kinda just can't see it.. I'm really trying. probably the whole point right now is how stupid the conversation is, ha. and the end kind of does justify that in a way I hope? making like the lack of payoff a payoff? I got one note saying even though it should mean something, they liked the ending.. it's tough to compromise like that. I'd have to really see it. and that would be difficult to get right.. a film with a twist ending or almost a "punchline" like that, has potential to be really corny.. just would have to have a real grasp on the change first. I have kind of this element in another film i'm writing (what they're talking about), but unsaid, internalized the whole time, so there you actually see it. But yeah, I'll keep thinking. more tempted right now to maybe just call this one done and use what I learned on my next film That is the best thing I've ever read, I love you! let me know if you have any more thoughts after watching again, or of course more responses to the above
  12. Sorry, Kaylee, should work now!
  13. Just kidding, you can be mean. Looking for some feedback before festivals possibly https://youtu.be/6nOFjWfFDc4
  14. Liam

    New Camera

    lol, is this topic basically "... SO ANYWAYYY..."? love it. kind of necessary at the moment.. shot my short film recently with the t3i.. still kind of impressed by it. I liked my simple lighting setup a lot. probably the saving factor of the film, since the camera alone isn't exactly stellar. (haven't gotten much feedback yet, but have been digesting. I'll probably just post my film here in like the next couple of days). when I was able to overexpose, the image was really clean. when I needed to underexposed, the grain covered the artifacts and noise really well. probably have to buy a month of vimeo plus in order for that to matter in the export though not camera news, but.. been looking a little at Portable Apps.. the prospect of being completely portable with Blender and Audacity is.. interesting. just working at the library.. probably not actually on my radar, haha.. I'm just a little obsessed with finding the absolute cheapest option that's still good enough, for... everything in my life. the possibilities for someone with no money in filmmaking are continually pretty awesome. thinking of putting together a more legitimate lighting kit diy for like $50 sorry to stray away from the topic of "anything"
  15. first one probably the a6300? very sony-like to tend toward bluer under the same conditions is 2.. the micro?
  16. yeah, can we not speculate anymore? Mayybe actual investigation (even then being cautious what you share and who you accuse), more responses from Ebrahim's account would be nice, but we're getting nowhere, and it's possible we'll regret saying some of these things.. was not bad to start this topic though of course. Don't want a million others to try to buy that item. I wish there was a thread sooner Can't you report the stolen footage on vimeo? Any more tips on how to avoid being scammed would be great. I'm pretty nervous about that now.. I have about a thousand dollars in the whole world, but I could contribute to helping repay the victims, cuz that's really shitty. And because Ebrahim, if hacked, is definitely NOT responsible to repay them. Even if he wasn't hacked, you're shouting at thin air now. This thread is sad for many reasons
  17. Oh yeah, the making of that was crazy. Waking Life is by far my favorite of his though. Or just him in an interview.. he's so spacey and philosophical, i love it
  18. Wasn't trying to actually argue with you either. Just a different taste thing or what have you. All good, good discussion. Yeah my favorite filmmakers always write and direct haha. My short film is really close.. which I didn't expect so quickly. having some people give feedback. Eoshd is its next stop. Admittedly it's a little boring right now maybe, but that's kind of part of the joke, so we'll see! Haha
  19. I just felt that was a little bit of a new topic, and the "answer" was less specific to screenwriting. one of them does a 3 page treatment; another scripts meticulously, even hundreds of scenes that get thrown out, and then opens it up entirely in filming; there's my whatever way, which may not work perfectly, but feels right for now. that style is just difficult, and those strategies could help cater to the story. the story is definitely a separate thing, but personally I would never use story structure as a tool. And you are allowed to. my films will still have raising stakes and conclusions and inciting incidents and climaxes. or maybe they kind of won't, and it will be interesting in that way. as if to make my point, not numbering page one is totally irrelevant. it could be helpful to learn story structure, but "don't number page one!" seems to be taking it a little too far. some guy just came up with that, just like the rest of this
  20. John Cassavetes, Joe Swanberg, Derek Cianfrance, and Jay and Mark Duplass are some of the big ones to use that style where it's basically entirely ad-libbed. Shadows by Ray Carney gives a pretty great look into Cassavetes' style (and the film it's directly about is on hulu). that film was born out of actual improv, then some scenes scripted later, then Cassavetes just screwed with the actors.. didn't give one of the actors the script until the last minute so that she would stumble over her words, insulted another off camera to get him to yell in the scene, etc. a difficult style to perfect, but very cool - and if you can do it right, great performances out of total amateurs! It's beautiful. Joe Swanberg has talked about how he doesn't use a script at all, just like a three page treatment. Mark Duplass has given some tips on that style too (multi-camera, film chronologically, don't over rehearse, don't do takes over and over if you can help it, improvise a scene before beginning shooting which happens just before your first scene). though Cianfrance and Swanberg use one camera usually, and Cianfrance can do a hundred takes sometimes. most of that isn't to do with the scripting, but yeah, hope that helps. I can post more if you'd like (interviews etc), but I feel this post is getting long . I just recently wrote a script I want to be mostly ad-libbed.. I kind of just wrote everything around the dialogue, still in script format. it became about 15 pages, but I think it would end up maybe 50 minutes.. less of a science with that route i love this type of discussion. I think the "shooting" subforum was technically intended for posts like these as well as sharing your work, but it wouldn't have much discussion there, being a little buried, i think. I say post as much of this as you want, people can select which topics they want to participate in, no biggy
  21. This might not be the advice you want, but I really like the theory of not learning how to tell a story at all. Learn what others do, sure, like watch as many films as you can, behind the scenes type stuff all day, but mostly just do whatever you want, and then you've got something original. You make it "wrong", and it could be the best thing ever. A lot of great filmmakers have basically given that advice - Robert Rodriguez, Orson Welles - anyway, just a thought. I know a lot of filmmakers know the rules too, so it's not gospel. I'd still suggest a book if I could think of one, sorry, but good luck!
  22. Love those Canon colors
  23. Lucabutera, you're doing a full post on this speedbooster? I can wait, but I do have a lot of questions . That's so cool
  24. Think in the announcement they said it has all their previous glass available to use in it, so I think they have it sorted, but that would indeed be a pity
  25. Sorry, just jumped the gun I think, haha, uninformed. Thought the shutter would just take up space and make it matter less that there's a short flange.
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