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  1. Also, investing in Filmconvert to see if it helps, even if you never use the a7sii again, will still probably be great for whatever you pick next
  2. Dave's slog settings in his first post here - Got a lot of positive responses
  3. Upload some footage or screengrabs
  4. I like keh.com for browsing and finding deals. Takumars and Nikons are what I'd recommend for lower budget. That's about the same focal range I always use, nothing wrong with that at all. ^this had some of that discussion. Could be a good resource for the OP as well.
  5. A lot of the best nx1 shooters here like raised blacks, which can look great, but isn't for everyone. Could be the sharpening you're seeing that you don't like. This guy's most recent four videos (maybe more) were shot on the nx1, and I love the skintones and colors he achieves - https://vimeo.com/timmyturntable Probably have to do your own experimenting with LUTs, camera settings, and grading workflow. Maybe vintage lenses or a pro mist filter could help you
  6. but there's still stuff you don't buy.. because you don't have infinite money. you said yourself you do have a point where something is "expensive". you just have a higher budget than the disrespectful guy.. everyone do whatever. BACK ON TOPIC
  7. amen! exactly why I just got the Lytro cinema camera as a b cam for my Alexa 65 #sickofamateurs
  8. Agreed! I feel like the skin tones from Red without much work are definitely kind of orange, but in more of a lut way than a fake tan or plastic looking skin way. The film Drinking Buddies and Mattias's footage are great examples of the color science shown off really simple and pretty. It's more of like a glint off of the skin I think. Feel like it could help in mixed lighting too, so the skin still pops instead of just blending in. A lot of films shot on film have very orange skin, but still in a cool way.
  9. Nx can potentially can be adapted to mft, e mount, maybe fuji..? Because of flange distance. I don't know of any adapters for those, though. Could be interesting using this speedbooster on nx1, a6300, gh5, xt2..
  10. no, not all manufacturers. He's doing an ef mount speedbooster adapter. but you can adapt a lot of lenses to ef, like he listed.
  11. A little bigger crop factor than the 645z, i think. If I'm calculating right
  12. For something so beginner, or at least non-pro (well some of their customers), an 8 bit and 1080p limit with a still manageable bit rate, and the DR, color, sensor size, lenses etc offered in a nikon d750 and xpro2.. that's hard to improve upon. You can always make every camera an alexa of course with 12 bit raw global shutter more more more. And 4k is something everyone is whining for all the time, but as things keep getting "better".. a lot of people are more excited watching older tech prices drop >:) Though i hate to be the one guy with an old, cheap computer, it's nice to find a camera with magic that also just freaking works!
  13. Wow.. I watched the trailer and the short in broad daylight, on my phone, and was still screaming "oh shit!"
  14. This seems like decent time to ask this.. I forget what the technique is called where you have two mono audio channels recording, set at different levels, to have a back up if one of them clips, like increase the dynamic range of the audio. Without the name it was impossible to research how to do it. Feel like that would be an awesome tool to get something usable on set.
  15. I contacted someone who posted it years ago on Lift Gamma Gain. he's still active on there. maybe something will come of that :3
  16. Right?? I mean, Da Vinci Resolve Lite is probably a superior alternative, but still, was super bummed to discover it and then learn it was dead so quickly
  17. In the ideal nx1 settings thread in this forum there are a lot of results with other picture profiles that the nx500 can do. Maybe browse there to see if anything pops out. It's pretty identical to the nx1 when everything is the same as far as I've seen and still able to do the high bit rate hack. D5500 could be an interesting choice in that price range? If you're looking for other suggestions. Flat profile, decent DR, less artifacts and better detail than the canon equivalent. Sorry you got robbed /:
  18. cool, thank you! this may be the one I found the other day. But I was actually looking for their program "Color", not "Convert"
  19. cool, do you have a link? Their site appears to be dead
  20. I keep discovering interesting programs that have since died -_- this just seems like a place where I could put it out there and see if anyone is aware of a link or copy still about. Would be appreciated. Happy filming
  21. Sony Vegas is the only nle with markers, right? (That and Blender)
  22. While it's possible Panasonic would think that way.. it's not true. Would really just make this a much better b-camera for the gh5
  23. Liam

    Proud of eos mods

    Thanks Andy! Those are all wayy better deals for that level than I'd been finding
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