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  1. You are right, I should have mentioned that my camera is the Samsung NX1.
  2. @Flynn We are on the same page Flynn , I couldn't understand why the others where giving me a hard time about my focal length selection while your post showed they are the most popular. But BTT please. I don't know why this again developed to a sensor size discussion. I really think people like to talk about it, even if everybody understood it already.
  3. @maxmizer I am not sure where your problem is? Are you the nitpicker guy, that crys "uh pros use t-stop lenses, if you can go with master primes"? I even wrote about my budget, but you didn't even read my post, did you? Yes, I know the fact that I am on APSC since I already mentioned it in original post. However since this is similar to super 35 with is the reference for dops when talking about focal length and the fact that 3 of the lenses I was asking for are in this top 4 I have am surpised why you keep telling me that.
  4. Hello fellow filmmakers, I am feeling confused and overwhelmed by the information there is out on vintage lenses and I have spend so much time my head is feeling to explode. I've come to the part where I need your help. I am looking to build my first lens kit for cinematography (and a little bit photography) on my apsc sized sensor camera, mainly for vimeo style shorts. The focal length I am currently searching for are 35mm, 50mm, 85mm but don't feel strictly to these if you have a great lens tell me. So here is the criteria I looking for (2.8 and faster): sharpness (if possible
  5. Dear nx hack developers, first of all thanks for giving us our time to improve the abandoned NX1. It's great to see the progress made in the last months but the thread is, to my mind, shifting in the wrong direction, namely a race of bitrates and framerates. I think the goal is to make a more potent video camera for production and as a result the focus should lay on other factors like the goal to record 10bit color internally to increase the downsides the camera still faces in post production. I know that this can be very difficult to implement and that you are just a little gro
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