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  1. I took that course. It was fun and interesting, but not the wise guidance I was hoping for. He's pretty opinionated. Was more fun just as a course on how crazy herzog is
  2. camera - sensor size, focal length, aperture, shutter speed, frame rate, iso, white balance, codec, log. Not that they need the best in any of these, but they should know what they are Camera movement - handheld, tripod, pan, tilt, stabilizer, crane some lighting - point out natural lighting can often work for low budget but great looking footage and that iso isn't the saving grace editing - hard to cover every editor, maybe the simplest intro to how an edit works in premiere vs avid since the others seem to slightly mimic from there. Maybe imovie or YouTube's editor if that's what they all have access to Color wheels, curves screenplay formatting - Celtx, I have a google docs format I could send you if you want to go that way, or just basic elements of a script.. they don't need it to look nice Maybe just show them some film clips and how the filmmaker told stories with editing, camera work etc. The Graduate has tons of great examples of the basics being used in a powerful way, for instance. Telephoto lens manipulating perspective when he's running to the church, some interesting zooms, the quick edits and framing when ben sees mrs robinson naked for the first time, shot reverse shots, plenty of loooong takes. Encourage them to study their favorite filmmakers. Clips from good looking or entertaining films shot with minimal everything. Kendy Ty, Tangerine, This is John (the $3 short film), first episode of it's always sunny in Philadelphia (before the pilot), If they can draw, encourage them to look at animation and see if they want to give it a shot. This is just a more personal thing.. interesting though. Something like Home Movies or Cyanide and Happiness could be very doable for some of those teens (with some work), and can definitely tell a story I don't know, covering all of that might be difficult in limited time. But that all would have been/was helpful to me when I was first starting. If they're using phones, you can skip most of the camera stuff and they can figure that out later. Could skip almost everything, just enough to fill in the gaps and spur them on so they know there aren't roadblocks just because they don't have the best equipment or professional training. Maybe you could just get their interest right away with something cheaply made and beautiful and then let them ask questions about whatever, things they might still be mistified and baffled by, and let the workshop go wherever that takes you.
  3. Don't "ha!" me. Don't "actually" me. I'm not saying I don't care anymore, and I know this was the real goal of the thread. I doubt this is happening at many forums like this. This just isn't productive and it's not the place for it. If it has made someone curious about how we could change the media, we CAN talk about THAT.
  4. Did anyone actually give input on the way we could reshape media? Some sort of future Netflix system that makes us not miss tv and doesn't get to twist the facts and create interest and conflict, or whatever? Was that the secondary point/justification for this thread? If we're not going to talk about that aspect, we really should close these threads. Everything else has been said
  5. Fair enough! I'll let my black brother and gay sister know that Jonesy and I decided we agree to disagree
  6. ... we, those not directly insulted time and time again or otherwise abused, by trump. I'm sure it's real tough being German, dude
  7. He didn't have to. It's impossible that you thought he meant "there are rapists of every nationality, which must mean a handful of mexican immagrants have also been rapists, though generally we are all the same, and there are mexican immagrants I would be proud to call my friend"... He said his racist thing, you can't defend it. Wasn't the only instance. And we, as straight white men, don't get to say he's forgiven for all his shit.
  8. @timmyturntable we (I) can learn from how kind you're being here, thank you. I do not think you personally are a bad person for voting Trump. I really respect your perspective, that you chose the lesser evil (and your beautiful videos for that matter). But I do not think Trump IS the lesser evil. Maybe your knowledge on the issues has become a problem at some point, as an UNeducated voter can easily point to the racist sex offender candidate who should not be in office. I'm honestly fairly uninformed and would have definitely gone without voting if Trump wasn't running. I've heard bad things about hilary, but maybe the very fact her "monster" was hidden should show you how she would be better as president (though I do not think her offenses were nearly as severe). Her presidency may have gone by mostly unnoticed, but Trump's has already stirred up hate crimes and promised mass deportations of people who call America home. And anyone with a tv or a computer knows America is now run by a monster... very not hidden. It's nice to say "everyone relax, let's love each other," but people are living in fear.. after just a couple days. If this election was about republican vs democrat, I'd have already forgotten. But this ain't good.
  9. Cute! Back before he lost his innocence I suppose. Stars in his eyes, only a couple secual assaults under his belt :')
  10. Haha, yeah I thought this thread would be shut down pretty soon. A thousand dollars?? Sounds too good to be true! You can buy one tripod
  11. So we'll have a president upgrade in a couple months?? :D
  12. Liam

    classic digital

    Very nice. Weirdly the word "organic" comes comes to mind for some of these images.. P.S. has anyone here seen Peep Show? Shot at first on a cheap camera that was built into a hard hat I think? Definitely relevant here. All POV shots, which somehow works really well. Certainly helps that the writing and acting is fantastic too though.
  13. Hitfilm works reeally similar to premiere. You may want a couple paid add ons for the free version though, and you're restricted to 1080p export, but I'm a big fan. Blender and Shotcut are probably the other best free ones (besides Resolve), but less intuitive, and some different restrictions. Hard to cover it all, I love Hitfilm. Hitfilm, Blender, and Shotcut also run perfectly fine on my i5/8gb ram laptop
  14. Liam

    classic digital

    Some of each. I like the idea of embracing some weird camera that you enjoy. Like embracing the reeally weird sensor size of the bmcc or allowing for some rolling shutter on the kinemax, but in all other way.. it's a freakin kinemax! But also, yeah , I love 2/3 inch sensor or just anything that could give it style in a non-traditional or often laughed at way. Noticeably automatic controls, interlacing, anything. Partially thinking for a specific film, but just curious what people have to say, or looking to see this be more of a trend. Film is preferred by many because it made some nice film in the past, has some charm, but really should be the same with classic video. Also might be overthinking it though. Any cheap camera can be this style of fun. Did some messing with my old cheap generic gopro type thing.. the weird weeeird grain it has is kind of awesome
  15. Liam

    classic digital

    yeah, it's really interesting to me. I was watching this latest season of american horror story and really bummed that the 2/3 inch sensor, servo zooms that would usually be a given for some of that was all replaced by alexas. partially it's that you need to rely on your skills more, but I also just really like bad digital. Puffy Chair is another great example. suuper cheap cameras. beautiful
  16. I'm out of likes, so everyone just be aware that I'm thankful @Tim Sewell yeah I definitely have to learn how to present my ideas. I have a decent logline I think, but even my two page treatment of my next film doesn't really show some of the interesting bits.. wish I could integrate it all, but is it maybe smarter just to keep it really short by saying the logline basically, and then just flat out saying some of the gimmicks and attractions interwoven? I'll have to researching pitching.. @Chris Oh argh, wish I was in Atlanta! I appreciate that, that would be great. I'm in Iowa, and yeah, I think I'd prefer to stay where I am, but I wanted to be open to any possible advice.
  17. Liam

    shitty lenses?

    right?? she's my niece, and she's perfect
  18. It's obviously harder without any guarantee. I think I'd be willing to move to LA, but I think it would really just be the same thing and higher rent. I'd definitely be willing to help other filmmakers who I gel with. Like if I partnered up with someone and we did their film, then mine, etc. That would be amazing. I'd be less interested the worse the hypothetical partner is of course and the lower the job I have.. I wouldn't want to be sound guy number three on a movie I know sucks and then maybe that job could lead to being a permanent sound guy's assistant at.. whatever.. I mean, just an example, no offense to sound guys, but gross. I also think side connections through something lower like that are still not great, since it's like oh.. the boom holder has a script. Everyone has a script. I honestly feel like my goals are very minimal and would either lead to something or not, which would still be some closure and could mean i have one or two films I'm kinda proud of. Can't think of a lower, fulfilling, achievable job to put in my dues or work my way up. should probably focus on this festival first...
  19. Sundance is still only like $40. so i entered for the hell of it. But yeah, even really liking my film, it was a little ridiculous to do If i had two people (and a script to match) I'd be ecstatic Yeah, I'm going to be very open and intentional. I'll watch every single film and talk to anyone. but still that's two talented people who get along and can work together, that seems way more rare than saying any connection you make is valuable.. still trying not to be a downer though.
  20. Exactly, hardly take any money to make a feature. I just don't have any people
  21. True, I'm basically feeling just that: it's make or break time. just wondering how best to do the work and take some risk while I'm still "young"
  22. Liam

    classic digital

    last new topic for the day, I promise. Sometimes I’m just a sucker for a small sensor and oversharpening... I think Shameless (UK) looks amazing (no idea what it’s filmed on). Same with It’s Always Sunny (dvx100). Any suggestions for cameras with this charm? Just out of curiosity? Possibly some mini-dv... Or are there other flavors of charming digital you want to make me or anyone aware of? Maybe just workflow tips - digital noise overlays, low DR curves, etc? If anyone else even shares the opinion that crappy digital can be sexy
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