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  1. Maybe just a sturdy, flexible little tripod for that small of a setup? More likely to only work with the gopro..
  2. Well if THAT doesn't come and wash away the rain, I don't know what will.
  3. Plus people HAVE confused the dicussion and made it about how iphone video really is better than say.. a d750. It also gets weird when it's the newest iphone with 4k etc, trying to be fancy. Someone might use it to "simplify" and still say no one should ever shoot video on an iphone 6 -_- Regardless, being able to change focal length makes absolutely everything more appealing to me than a phone
  4. Liam

    Reframed TV Shows

    I don't know if everyone else has been seeing all the tv show reruns being like uncropped to fit 16x9. Mostly I'm just confused how it's possible. I guess they kept the original negatives and rescanned everything for higher resolution etc. But it seems they also shot (s16mm instead of 16mm) - or whatever format - in 16x9 with the foresight that they would be uncropping later when tv standards changed..? PLUS a lot of the lenses vignette like crazy because of it.. meaning they were using the wrong lenses for the camera? But it's also weird to me that they'd even want to do this. It fits the screen now, but vignetting (a ton on That 70's Show), performances that were supposed to be cropped out (people breaking character on Friends etc), once I saw a body double whose face would have otherwise been cropped off on Malcolm in the Middle. It's bugging me.
  5. Liam

    I need A7s3 !!

    Well it better hurry. I'm getting sick of my A7s7
  6. Hitfilm express is probably the second best free NLE, after resolve (but a $20 add-on might be kind of necessary). Not that you're against spending any money probably. can also run on a lower specced computer
  7. Liam

    I need A7s3 !!

    I think the A7s7 is really gonna be the sweet spot
  8. Organic is completely different from cinematic I think. I'm alright with us calling House of Cards cinematic, but organic it is not. "Organic" can be shot poorly, in bad lighting, with insufficient dynamic range and resolution, at f8, on a one inch sensor. the important element would be the camera or grade, maybe a nice grain, proper highlight and shadow rolloff, maybe cadence.. "Cinematic" is the production quality argument, with HDR and high res, good lighting, and apparently doesn't need good colors these days (having just watched Sneaky Pete on Amazon)
  9. Liam

    nikon d750

    Think that was the d810, if I'm thinking of the same one
  10. It should. Only reason it wouldn't is if they rearranged the physical pieces in the mount or the shutter. But if it doesn't work, there will be a new dedicated one soon enough
  11. Liam

    Crop Factor Question

    Isn't apsc usually a little smaller than s35? Definitely in the case of like a Canon rebel. It's also not the only film standard. I don't know any of the specifics of The Game, but like Imax film is enormous. Anamorphic changes things too
  12. Liam

    Oscar Thread

    I think for me, La La Land hit that little spot where I couldn't really have a criticism because all of it was either awesome as a throwback or just straight up magic. Or something to that effect. Trying to think of other films that had that effect (ones where it isn't just a me thing). I guess if anyone has every called a film "perfect", you can probably look back and say there was a "problem", but if you already see it as perfect, even those just become charming. So maybe means I was a little clouded by sentiment, but it does mean the film did a fantastic job of pulling me in. The style obviously isn't for everyone; maybe that let some people be more aware of issues as it went along.. I really wanna see Paterson too Also, just a tthought, no one has done it I don't think, but give a heads up for spoilers.
  13. Liam

    Handheld Shooting

    I was just looking at cheap shoulder rigs. sometimes the cheap ones like rest on your stomach partially.. looks a little awkwards, but supposedly those can work well. but I was mostly for the specific 16mm style cat-on-the-shoulder look. Not sure the audience will really see much of a difference between that and regular handheld though
  14. Liam

    Oscar Thread

    be specific!
  15. Liam

    Oscar Thread

    Finally saw La La Land. Amazing. Manchester by the Sea I thought had a lot of issues.. really freaking weird editing in one scene, but overall liked it more than I thought I would. Casey Affleck is talented. What should we be excited about? What was overrated? Post a review or a title or whatever. Or just say screw the Oscars. What won't get recognized, but we should all see? Go!
  16. Liam

    a6000 vs a5100

    a6000 has an evf and a little better of a codec I believe. think I heard the a5100 can overheat (never heard it about the a6000). you've got some panasonics in that price range, like the g6 or gm1. nikon d3300 looks alright for video, but no flippy screen or flat profile and the least flexible mount. canon is of course weakest in that range, but the eos-m is still up to par with their rebel line at least for video, and a hell of a price these days.
  17. Liam

    1DC Mark II with 8K

    I don't think they could fit peaking in if it's the same body
  18. Those look nice. I like Andrew's a lot, and his additional profiles and LUTs are great too. Could be fun to see how they compare, but I wouldn't want to nitpick too much between them if they're both good for skintones and dynamic range and using LUTs
  19. haven't seen any. do you have/enjoy James Miller's?
  20. Liam

    How do you grain?

    very cool, that's something I was curious about. how do I use your file exactly?
  21. A sub-forum for low/zero budget filmmaking as a whole would be nice with the cheapest options in every filmmaking area, and this type of stuff too. I often feel a little dorky asking for the dirt cheap gear here, when it's such a broad range of people, and I don't want to clutter the forum. I'll have to google those. Tangerine was surprisingly good
  22. Liam

    How do you grain?

    @Bioskop.Inc nice, I wish I had a camera that produced the grain on its own. I did some more testing. I think what was bothering me before was just because I was zoomed in way too far. Also adding a touch softness to the grain made it match my footage a lot better, and kept me from whining and fussing with other adjustments to make it more aggressive. Anyway, this wasn't totally about my issues, other ways of graining welcome. David F Sandberg said an interesting way on his vimeo a while ago, one image of grain that he randomized on his own, I believe? Talented guy
  23. @martinmcgreal great images! Have you compared the pocket cadence in prores to raw? I heard raw is notably better
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