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  1. Exactly, hardly take any money to make a feature. I just don't have any people
  2. True, I'm basically feeling just that: it's make or break time. just wondering how best to do the work and take some risk while I'm still "young"
  3. Liam

    classic digital

    last new topic for the day, I promise. Sometimes I’m just a sucker for a small sensor and oversharpening... I think Shameless (UK) looks amazing (no idea what it’s filmed on). Same with It’s Always Sunny (dvx100). Any suggestions for cameras with this charm? Just out of curiosity? Possibly some mini-dv... Or are there other flavors of charming digital you want to make me or anyone aware of? Maybe just workflow tips - digital noise overlays, low DR curves, etc? If anyone else even shares the opinion that crappy digital can be sexy
  4. Liam

    shitty lenses?

    So I got like the cheapest lens I could, and now it’s the only one I like. “Character” or crap, I love it. Just a non-ai 50mm with a $10 wide angle adapter. I have a telephoto adapter too, which definitely still has character, but not always my favorite. I like this even more than the 50 by itself. Didn’t know if there were just terrible cheap lenses anywhere that could be worth fiddling with. usually the budget lenses are still somewhat high for me. Kinda curious about fungus filled lenses, I’ve seen those do cool things Ps, i know that those Dog Optiks are nice n Schidtty, and I appreciate the hell out of them, but maybe mostly interested from the cheapskate side of things, so /:
  5. I’m kind of in a rut, I’ll try not to make this too rambling and bitter (in previous drafts it’s been much worse).. I don’t want to speak too soon, since I’ll be in a film festival this week. But it’s really small, looks like a lot of terrible films going.. Not sure I’ll be making any valuable connections (of course definitely going to give it a try). First, any advice for how to make the most of this festival? I have a feature film written and ready I believe (should I print up physical copies or better off with a pitch and taking down some emails?). Other ways to go on from here? This film I was able to do with only me, but that’s not sustainable. I’d love to just be surrounded by like-minded, ambitious friends, but that’s not where I’m at. Find actors on craigslist..? Move to LA? I’m looking at animation (another way to not need anyone), but it’s daunting, to say the least. I hear the advice every now and then “raise $10,000 and just make your film” - almost a possible amount, but where does that money go? I can’t imagine needing $10,000, and I’d probably still end up with really amateur actors, right..? Since it’s still not much money to anyone half big. So it just sounds pointless. So um.. Fix me
  6. Yeah, dynamic range isn't really the point of this "log". It's nice to grade, and from what I've seen it's nice for applying luts, but maybe you need to adjust a little bit as well. I don't have much experience with luts. There was some talk here about how a custom picture profile from eos utility can't really increase dynamic range. Not sure how it works. Guess it doesn't go straight from the raw data to the picture profile. Yeah, definitely over expose with slog, but with it's higher DR, that's easier. With eoshd clog, it just makes sense to sometimes allow for some noise instead of making clipping worse than imaginable
  7. protecting the highlights can mean over exposing. don't do it too extremely, like a blank wall that requires no dynamic range, pushed to just before clipping. and definitely under expose a tiny bit if it's a shot where a highlight is definitely going to blow out, but not to the point where the important part of the scene is completely black. there is some info in the shadows, but I do not think there is an actual dynamic range advantage here over prolost flat. the shots where you can overexpose a little and protect the highlights will be the best
  8. You should post it to vimeo groups and "shout" it to vimeo channels
  9. Liam


    @fuzzynormal I can't imagine someone not liking Hertfeldt! It's Such a Beautiful Day is the best film I've seen in a long long time. @kaylee I've definitely been doing some copying. Free hand, things can get messy And yeah, I've kind of just been sitting on scripts that I like for a long time. Even if I can't do animation, it's worth a few years trying, in case it could open the door to like.. everything I've ever wanted. A few years ago was maybe the first time I realized (duh) that animation could be the medium for any story and not have to dictate that it's childlike or zany or have monsters. Tokyo Godfathers was such a low key and fantastic film. I'm so into animation right now
  10. Liam


    Thanks! I was looking at that book - can read a lot of it on Amazon's "look inside" thing. Good stuff. I'm alright with the animation looking pretty simple, but I id assume I'll be putting in a year or more work before really seeing fruit at all. I'll look into everything you mentioned, thank you
  11. Liam


    Been really into Satoshi Kon and Don Hertzfeldt lately. Seemed like an interesting way to go, if it's doable, since I have so little help. Looks way more possible than I expected, having never even drawn much before. Looking at Blender 2d animation and Plastic Animation Paper. Didn't know if anyone here had experience animating, with tips for someone new, or thoughts on it opposed to live action, or could just share some of their favorite animated films. Anything really. Happy filming!
  12. There we go! that thinking trumps all weird concern everyone has about a "dead system" imo. It's only a problem if you upgrade all the time. This thing could last you 10+ years, and definitely make your $1500 worth it.
  13. If you're buying it mainly for video, I'd think a rebel or eos-m could be all you'd need. Maybe by the 80d you start to see actual improvements in video for detail and artefacts, maybe dynamic range. But that might be all imagined, and all you gain is digital sharpening. Haven't seen enough comparisons to know. The 5diii is probably best for moire, low light, and if you want full frame (though even then, you can speedboost an eos-m). A d5500 or d750 might be smarter all around though. Eoshd's clog has helped sustain my first camera purchase, on the cheap cheap side, but I don't know about investing into canon for it, unless you're also getting dual pixel auto focus or sexy 1dxii image quality at 4k60p
  14. I was just hearing a lot about how V/H/S was shot in about 4 days, and then Joe Swandberg rode the high and shot 6 feature films in a year. sounds like an invaluable skill
  15. are you saying Ed's video was promoting hating Trump? that's ridiculous. the video only promotes love, and the hashtag reads to me more like "Trump hates, and we have risen above him". the high road rarely involves violence. and Trump definitely hates. not that we should talk any more about politics ever. beautiful work, Ed! I thought I'd heard that camera has 13 stops?
  16. If "on sensor" meant crop of the sensor, digital correction, it could only be like three axis, or probably only two
  17. Red is flexible, but there is a color science to it that can show through. Isn't that how every raw camera is?
  18. I could see it. Someone posted a long time ago about how he was going to use a red and an nx1 on a shoot. Don't think he came back with footage though
  19. I think blackmagic wants to hold off "uprgading" their cameras as much as possible. You can sort of see how each of their cameras still has their own purpose. They were pretty specific in saying the micro doesn't replace the pocket, and it clearly doesn't. When they came out with the pocket, and newsshooter asked them about 4k, they said they wanted this camera to be 1080p. They didn't make it just to disown it right away. They like it, people want it. I could see them developing a new type of camera if they see a gap, but I think it could and maybe should take a long time to make a pocketii. Probably wouldn't be healthy for business to play it like sony. I can't exactly think what other range they'd want to develop right now. They have high end cinema, lower end cinema, drone, handheld, studio. Something more like a dslr, with better battery, evf, and the 2.5k or a new 4k sensor (like a crop of the 4.6k) would be awesome. But I don't think they feel they need it, and it really might shift their sales unfavorably. Not that I'm a businessman..
  20. Makes sense as a concern. I thought the dynamic range was identical to prolost flat on my t3i. But clog was better for colors when grading, and it's definitely looking better for LUTs too. Regardless, the cine picture profiles and LUTs are easily worth $10..
  21. His words were ridiculous, but his hand gestures so confident.. I don't know what to believe anymore
  22. This was mentioned in the hack thread. Sounds like the cheaper, earlier option may disappear at some point, so it's like an "act fast!" thing
  23. not in your nle. it's done the same as with cinestyle. there should be an instructional pdf in your purchase. use canon eos utility for your camera, plug your camera into your computer, replace a user defined picture profile with whichever of Andrew's .pf3 files you're going to use
  24. Anyone else getting blockiness in the woman in the left's wrist? Maybe my editor ruined it somehow? Maybe it lost something when it was downscaled from 6k? Also the shadows seemed a little blue to me. But my screen might not be great. I definitely don't want to scare anyone off either. I know nothing, and it's obviously a great file
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