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  1. Ooo, interesting. It's definitely not as long as.. any other post he's ever made. Maybe his son is pretending to be him, carrying on the family.. you know.. shame
  2. I thought that too, but then I'd be on DPReview.. not worth it
  3. The nerve of Canon. Telling a lie, and ripping people off. The later is the worse of those to things. Ebrahim is such a slut.
  4. Liam

    Why film?

    @Axel do you think it's just inherent to a novel that it would have more of an effect on you? Or would you say a good author is generally more creative than a good filmmaker? @kaylee totally agree. I'm mostly just worried about it not being taken as seriously as a film would. Webcomics almost seem like an even more saturated field than film, with maybe less of an appeal to the public. That's pretty intimidating. @Mattias Burling do you worry about the flip side, that there might be too much ambiguity in photography?
  5. Liam

    Why film?

    It's looking like I could do a webcomic soon, which is cool, but admittedly less exciting than if I was making a film. Why did you pick film over other similar mediums to tell stories? Or is it no longer a choice for a lot of us at some point? Or are you in multiple arts that appeal to you? Just curious to hear some thoughts
  6. Liam

    New computer -_- help

    Thanks, Kayls :') I forget the name.. something with a padlock logo. The files were there, but they were all encrypted.. maybe I was likewise too stupid to figure it out. It's really not a big deal this time though because I'm on google drive for documents and pictures B) Edit: think it was carbonite
  7. Liam

    New computer -_- help

    It's a laptop, I'll have to look up some of the specs maybe.. it's an acer f15. I'm going to try more scanning or something. It turns on, tries to run automatic repair, and then says it didn't work and can't boot up.
  8. Liam

    New computer -_- help

    My latest computer seems to have died on me after about 7 months. Luckily this time I had my important files on my external ssd. It was kinda cheap, and I expected it might be a little disposable, but 7 months seems nuts to me. I kept pretty good care of it, barely even moved it. Is a mac always going to last longer? Is an ssd hard drive necessary for longevity? And what's the best way to back it up? Because this is just terrifying. Copying and pasting the files to my hard drive seems wrong, and doesn't update the files when they're changed of course. paying seems unnecessary (plus I paid for a service for a while that didn't even work). Sorry for the noob questions, and I know it's been discussed, but yeah, any help would be great
  9. I respect some of those guys, but can't justify Pewdiepie being a multi multimillionaire... There ARE people out there making powerful films with their $7 or whatever they can. They'd be the happy medium to me. Never hurts to reexamine yourself and what you're doing, especially when you see someone with less doing more.
  10. Yeah, I would think it doesn't change the focal length when the height changes in the field of view. But it's weird. It's like the opposite of the concept of using anamorphic lenses, where you actually make the frame wider with the same vertical framing. While, when letterboxing, you'll want to keep getting wider lenses and backing up to keep the same vertical framing. Not sure how to do that math.. the fishiest fish eye lens can act as a normal focal length when you letterbox enough. You could take your own references, and consider the sides cut off as well when you cut off the top and the bottom to find out about what it would be equivalent to.
  11. http://www.storytellerartist.com/documents/Perspective_Made_Easy.pdf I don't want to blab on too much more how I've been learning to draw and animate lately, but I stumbled on this book in the process and love it. It's a really easy read, and each chapter had several moments of "OHHH! Now I get it!" It's making me think about framing in a new way, as well as boosting my storyboarding skills like crazy. I'm almost positive it's okay that it's online for free because it's in the creative commons, but.. grain of salt. Worth a look. Happy filming!
  12. So hard to keep up with the huge threads in these subforums, but every time I come back and check.. wow. Bravo, Luca
  13. Yeah, I guess I meant just check that it won't email you and then stop logging in
  14. Ah, Mercer, my old nemesis. No, I really do appreciate it, haha. I just see so many twist ending short films. None of them stick with me. And it negates anything that happened up to that point. The human aspects I liked of this film are disregarded as sociopathic, and it probably starts to feel like even longer of a film, if that's one of its downsides, because nothing that's happening matters, it's all just a "wait for the twiiiiiiiist....!!" No version of me; writer, director, or editor; wants a twist. And that sort of conflict between the three actually seems like it could be dangerous for the film.. it could keep the process exciting, and it's a catchy concept, but I think that's one thing Sidney Lumet, for example, speaks directly against.
  15. I really appreciate your time, thank you. It might not be beneficial for me to respond to each point and get defensive.. I'm a little stubborn, and I know it's a problem, so I'm sorry if any of this comes across as snotty (but hey I may not be real either, so doesn't matter). I'm just not really looking for ways to "improve" the film. Those notes could be an interesting new direction to take it; I just don't think it would be this film anymore at all. I generally agree with show-don't-tell, but I don't think the dialogue tells the story here, so they're speaking, but not telling. And yeah, my resources were limited, so I played both parts. I tried to distinguish them, but I'm okay with someone reading it as an internal thing
  16. Haha, fine with me! That was at least more specific than "speechless". Yeah, it's a weird film. Thanks for watching.
  17. haha, I never know how to read your posts, web but no, of course not. a single Arri is useless. you need two in a mirror rig to make full use of the 20 stops
  18. Guess I'm done with festivals. Let me know what you think.
  19. I'm more annoyed by a bad gimbal than handheld jitters
  20. Have you changed your opinion of the iso rating or the motion cadence? Or you're just okay with the compromise because it's so great in other ways?
  21. Ha, I have none. Not sure how to take that But you're right that if I was married it would only last a few days.
  22. I've always loved and believed in the idea that we can do amazing things with nothing. This is probably a little bit of a tangent, but I've been so depressed lately at how few people around you will see things the same way... The filmmaker will say "I love filmmaking, and this film will only cost me $500 out of pocket!! I'm in heaven." My friend is a composer and keeps posting about how terrible it is that people want him to work for free. There are also very few composition competitions that charge a fee for submissions, which is apparently completely evil... Every film festival charges a fee. I look forward to meeting actors and collaborators at my next film festival, but I dread hearing what they cost. Out of frustration of it all, I played two parts in my last film, and I'm slowly and painfully learning to draw and animate so that I can be all the actors in anything bigger down the road. My own time is worth nothing, or less... I do it because I want to. I mean, I probably hate money more than the average person, but where the hell is the passion? Where's the fun?
  23. Usually I'd define it myself first, but I really want to leave it open to whatever anyone has to say. Maybe mainly I'm just seeing myself less and less interested in someday getting an Oscar. What makes, or would make, you feel accomplished and creatively satisfied?
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