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  1. Yeah I wasn't thinking about greenscreen making it okay, duh. Rolling shutter might look weird if that comes up, and you'll have to rotate and scale your footage every time. Scaling at weird numbers, especially if there's some sharpening present might give it a weird effect, moire, alliasing etc. Have to adjust the focal lengths, if you're particular about that at all. A video tripod usually doesn't even have an option to flip the camera over like that comfortably. Not sure if there's anything else.. do your thing
  2. The only problem ^ (Certain people will think you're crazy). I've always thought it would be fun to mess with, but the implication would always be you're using a smartphone and don't know nothin
  3. http://www.indiewire.com/2017/06/paul-thomas-anderson-cinematographer-phantom-thread-daniel-day-lewis-1201848286/ I assume some of you have heard about this by now (But if not^). PTA was his own Director of Photography on his next film, Phantom Thread (Daniel Day Lewis's last film). Obviously too soon to say how this went for him, but what are your thoughts on this? Biting off more than he can chew? Too many jobs to worry about? Not enough experience? Or entirely worth it for how much he'll gain in creative expression in now each of the main areas of the filmmaking process? (just spitballing)
  4. Liam

    First animated film

    thanks! Yeah was pretty pleased over all with the voice changer I found. I'm looking at new audio equipment for sure though... yeah, I was looking a little bit at real puppets, since I have no actors haha. drawing made a little more sense to me, but I do love muppets
  5. Liam

    First animated film

    one of each! but the animated one seems more doable right now
  6. Liam

    First animated film

    Thanks again! I have about one Twitter follower, so that might not benefit me, haha. my plan is like a webseries next. Just finished the rough draft of the script for it. slightly ambitious though, so we will see how this goes.
  7. Liam

    First animated film

    the actual animation probably only took like a week or two - including making the puppets. film festivals kinda put a bad taste in my mouth with my last film, and I didn't see this one being any more of a smash hit. And it's incredibly not fun just to hang out for a year while you occasionally get rejection emails. So I just went to vimeo this time, adding it to some groups and channels. I guess I'm hoping for that to kind of get me somewhere on its own, but yeahh...
  8. Liam

    First animated film

    Excellent news about the voices. I was definitely going through some paranoia about that. I've bee trying to look at voice actors.. mostly I feel like no one will actually care about my work where I'm at right now, and I feel super weird about crediting someone in my film who only helped for the $50 or whatever. The animation was pretty simple. I drew them all by hand, then just traced them into the computer, a puppet for each character, with variations with the mouths open, eyes blinking, added color, composed each of the full pictures I would need (often just back and forth between a couple), and did the actual animation, like timing, in my NLE over the audio track.
  9. Liam

    First animated film

    Thanks Mercer! Yeahh, I did all the voices.. mostly with a voice changer program though. Hope it wasn't tooo obvious and weird haha I'm looking at slightly more complicated animation for my next one Good point on the name, damn. It was between Linus and Popeye
  10. Not very complicated animation, but it worked to tell the story I think. And some good practice for my next stuff hopefully. Also, not super relevant for this forum maybe haha I was sitting on it for a while just to see if anything else came to mind on how to work it differently, but I think I'm done with it now. Feedback welcome
  11. I think you want a blog to post on, not a forum. Still good luck though
  12. For now just know all of your options, study up on what's possible, and why some people choose certain options, don't invest yet. Use your camera very bare bones for the time being until you know you can use it this way, but you see exactly how something you can afford would be helpful. A pro can use just a camera and a lens. For instance, a variable nd makes sense, but the good ones cost money, and it can be another thing to fidget with, and make the image worse, and I very rarely want to change exposure within a shot. Maybe do mainly photography at leat at times - much easier to manage in almost every way than video, and your camera is better at photos than video. Obsess over it a little And yeah, learn more from the real pros than from youtube gear heads Good luck
  13. Ya, Blue Jay was produced by Netflix, not just added to Netflix. That's what I said.
  14. Weird that Blackmagic 4k was skipped too. Anyone know if or think they would accept a film shot on film? (If scanned to their liking I guess) I can't find what Blue Jay was shot on, that was a netflix original, sort of, from just recently.. maybe you can pull some strings if Netflix isn't the full owner of your film? Which, any filmmaker can put the name "Michael Productions" or whatever on their film I would think.. Or maybe their guidelines weren't quite official by this film's release. For some reason I don't feel like it was shot in 4k Edit: turns out it was shot on that 4 million iso camera canon recently came out with, weirdly.. so not to these standards
  15. Well, maybe, but there are those who "edit in camera" pretty well and of course even edit in the script. That'll cut down on the issue.. It's obviously different being upset that they're cutting 80 of your 85 glamour shots vs being upset they're cutting a scene of dialogue
  16. Best sunscreen for low light on a $5 budget?
  17. They announced this a vouple years ago, and then gave no updates and eventually took down the webpage, so.. Cool!
  18. Weird @Ebrahim Saadawi hasn't chimed in yet. He knows some stuff in this area
  19. Liam

    Audio Software

    I like Audacity.. but it's basically all I've even looked at since it's the free one. I've heard it's limited compared to others, which I believe, but I've never felt too trapped
  20. Yeah but if he was somewhat considering keeping the sonys with the c200, he may be alright with a couple lens brands. Smaller files sizes than the mjpeg, and still larger sensor than xc10. Was just throwing it out there
  21. C100ii and hire a sound guy? On a $1500 budget?
  22. Maybe a 4k nikon? Color science is often compared, but not sure about matching them exactly. Plus they still have issues
  23. @HockeyFan12 yeah, that's the plan! I only have one festival experience, and basically none of the filmmakers watched anyone else's work or wanted anything from it other than being told they were great, I guess.. I search in vimeo like all the time, though almost completely unsure if anyone else uses it that way. I'm beyond blessed to have several ideas I can make without any help, but it might not be sustainable.. Thanks, @HelsinkiZim. But I didn't give you good advice anyway, so we're square
  24. @HockeyFan12 love it. Right now I'm mostly trying to meet collaborators I think, so for that I think I still need to do the whole crossing my fingers thing, but I'll tell em to eat my dust in a couple years B) @fuzzynormal I kinda thought most festivals wanted a variety, except maybe in production quality. I'll have to check their websites more.. so many websites. I was just thinking trailers. Thing is, one of them is going to be 3 minutes, and half of it is a spoiler, haha. I'll have to get creative
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