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  1. Okay, guys, it's important to remember that he's a pharaoh first and foremost, not a filmmaker. Let him have crazy ideas sometimes, who's he hurting? Just be impressed he's adapted so well to computers, and be thankful it's not another thread about Ra the sun god.
  2. You are clearly a big meanie pants. I was going to say Silent House, but assumed people had actually seen Birdman. Just in case you haven't seen it, it's in a Birdman style. I'm not sure blackmagic would be thrilled their new cameras have an indescribable quality that makes it feel different and new age. Iphone and gopro suck. But your words have been marked
  3. what else is analogue and simply carried over from the past, that we don't need to use as a crutch anymore? Or gives a broken charm to cinema? SHOULD we be making films at 120fps? Why are we even talking about frames? It should somehow be an actual moving image by now. Or we should aim for such high dynamic range that we can see the coil in every bulb before clipping? Are anamorphic lenses just left over? Get rid of any lens character, crop for the aspect ratio (why do you even want a specific aspect ratio? What are you trying to emulate?). Is sensor size just left over? Most sensors are designed to be a similar size to the film counterparts. There are other advantages to a large sensor, but why is it desireable in itself? It's just a space aged version of the old cameras. No more film-like colors, only accurate colors from now on? maybe the entire camera should really be modeled after how human eyes see? Maybe "editing" only started because the camera was too heavy to carry around, and didn't have enough film to keep recording. Is the Birdman style more advanced? A sign of the future? Not even trying to be totally sarcastic, it's interesting to think what all we could do. But it's more difficult than "we've moved on from film, stop using grain". A lot of people still like shooting on film, at a high cost, with stunning results. I'm never gonna scoff at Paul Thomas Anderson's reluctancy to stop using film grain. As a t3i owner, it's pretty obvious why I'd love for Hollywood to keep using grain. Certainly can level things out for the amateurs. until they're the only ones doing it
  4. Liam


    Sorry, maybe wasn't very clear. Both of those are Andrew's clog. The one labeled "clog ungraded" was a frame from t3i video, the other is a jpeg photo.
  5. Liam


    agreed, but i spent like 3 minutes with it, and the others were in the same setup. if it was day, i'd have scooted 2 foot over to the window
  6. Liam


    purchased for my t3i just on the off chance it would work alright that compressed. or i could have some fun in jpeg and see what a 1dc would be like when i get one in 50 years. but actually liking it a lot! was comparing to my dialed flat profile and "vivid skin tones" (which is also really nice, though i think it may white balance oddly, a few kelvin clicks differently than anything else). enjoyed grading it more than my dialed flat profile by far. still can't get that file as nice. Thanks Andrew! Artifacts, but maybe no more than usual on this thing... (also, there's an actual pattern there in the out of focus area that looks like banding I think) posting an ungraded jpeg too, in case that helps anyone. a little closer to one of the 4k camera images maybe hope my smile brightens some people's days
  7. The 5k rolling shutter improved over the 6k. The 6k terra performing the same as the kinemax, not improved
  8. Well if the 6k still has golden 3k (more DR than the 5k is specced to have - and I would assume less rolling shutter than the 6k mode?), or if the global shutter switch causes more real world issues than sports mode, it could balance out. We've never seen this type of global shutter/rolling shutter option actually working yet, right? Plus rolling shutter could have been improved in the 6k terra, or the 5k could be just about as bad. And 6k is still more resolution than 5k. if that much is needed, that's the option. And the 6k is a more tested sensor. Forgive me if I missed some news, hard to keep up. But I think it's hard to say right now, and they both sound great
  9. Not trying to defend canon, but how many cameras reeeally produce the spec resolution? I feel like every downscaled 4k looks better than every 1080p, etc. And also, if the number was accurate, what resolution do we need? I heard even the 1dc 1080p crop mode is upscaled a little, though not positive about it. Impressive that something lower than 1080p can be considered great today.
  10. Maybe the question is what do you feel like you're missing out on?
  11. So we're honing in on the over $500, below $1000 range..
  12. Maybe? This still impresses me for $500 it would be an amazing camera.. you can see where "good" might balance out to
  13. For Tangerine, they let the phone's limitations define the style. It worked surprisingly well, and sometimes you could forget it was a phone. Wide angle, steadicam, oversharpened, limited DR. Kind of grindhouse lowfi and in your face. The climax worked out pretty awesome because of it. There also seemed to be quite a grade on it and lens flares. But I only watched it once.. not sure all their tricks. Anyway, for most stuff, even "worse" image quality is what I'll prefer if it means a bigger sensor, better focal range, better lenses (or worse - some character), easier full manual controls, focus pulling. Not sure what would need to be done for me to use a phone for more than selfies. Not that no one should use a phone for anything serious, but I can't, and I'm surprised when people want to
  14. do you want a camera that's basically the d5500, just with some more video features and ease of use? willing to pay a bit to get it? or are you just looking at other affordable cameras that could compete with some differences and trade-offs? I'm not sure what the options are with an external recorder or monitor on the d5500, that could be interesting, you'd need to research that, but I think it could be ideal for you a c100ii looks like a really similar camera, with more features - and for more money of course. the image and files could still feel like home the a6300's 60p might be comparable to the d5500.. has gotten badmouthed some, but the d5500 is lacking a little in detail, so might not be too much of a loss, if you're still good with the nikon. I'm also not sure of the status of the overheating now. might have improved some recently, but if not, that could be a bummer.
  15. Guys, come on. If Anley Kubri can get behind the 5div, we can too. I for one can't wait to see 00 Space Ody
  16. sorry if I didn't quite follow, sounded more like film vs tv to me, maybe because binging is the only way I watch shows. It's addictive, just not as worth it as a quality film, I'd say Keep in mind I said I was embarrassed that I watch Pretty Little Liars Great point. How did we get from Vines to this? Probably helps that every show you binge has a million subplots
  17. Haven't seen either of those, but I've heard good things, I'll have to check em out. Yeah, I love everything by Cassavetes
  18. It draws in a large audience, no doubt, maybe even more than a film these days, but I don't prefer it or anything. I've heard some filmmakers say they're "switching" to tv.. and that's just baffling to me. Maybe it can work that way for comedy or if you include mini-series as tv, but for me the best part of a film isn't the viewing experience or budget or anything, it's the ending. The Graduate, Reservoir Dogs, A Woman Under the Influence, The Departed, Primal Fear, Drive, etc - the ending is what makes the whole thing count, and shows you they were competent the entire time. And tv shows made without an ending in mind often flop when it counts. Most shows jump the shark, and the very end can be even worse. For Lost, the important part was definitely supposed to be the ending.. which turned out to be.. who even cares? it was so-so. Purgatory or something. The end of Dexter nearly killed the whole series for me. Breaking Bad, ugh. I'm slightly embarrassed to say I used to watch Pretty Little Liars, 80% as a joke, but I was curious who A was.. turns out it's no one! Or everyone.. the writers don't have a freaking clue, and it shows. Scenes From A Marriage is an amazing show, but if Bergman wrote the first episode and then let new writers swoop in and carry it to nowhere for 10 seasons.. and then try to end it with JUSTICE, kill me. Season 3 of Sherlock was a mess, made me wonder if any of it was ever good. Anyway, too many examples.. For a comedy, I don't care how it ends, especially if it's episodic, like Cheers - and those endings are so much easier, just pat yourselves on the back and say goodbye to your fans. I AM, however, very into Girls and Love. And to a lesser extent, You're the Worst and Casual. The genre those all fit under I think has real potential. Not sure what it is, but it's a great tone, very human, and I don't particularly care where it's heading. but again, none of them have ended.. I'm a little scared what may happen. And I have noticed a little drop in quality of Girls in some of the latest season episodes I think, but their good stuff is so good, I can forgive them. anyway, those are my 4 cents
  19. Liam

    Life vs Film

    I think a lot of films are realistic and don't feel a need for a character to change, or the bad guy to get caught, or the couple to get married etc. It's a difficult discussion.. I'm sure there are movies you could watch without obvious motifs etc, from objective camera angles, that show things going on, and when you step back and look at the scene you don't really see a reason that couldn't have been a real conversation. There are probably several films in everyone's life you could make if you cut out the irrelevant, boring stuff. True Adolescents (and tons of films obviously, only looking at the ending, not this whole concept) - it's not the end of his life and doesn't solve his problems. It's just somewhere in the character's life where they ended the film. Maybe a series could do reality more justice and keep going forever. Maybe it helps to skip years and years at a time and end with the character's death and never use an omniscient voice over. But we've probably strayed entirely from what you were saying. I didn't expect a resolution with the ES thing. It was dumb, it's still dumb. The resolution could be someone sitting at the computer, refreshing, hoping to finally see a reply from Ebrahim... and it never comes... (Social Network)
  20. This is probably more adorable than helpful, but.. thinking outside the box.. https://www.amazon.com/Micover-Stickover-Mini-Universal-Windscreen-Laptops/dp/B006IWYH4Y
  21. Also, investing in Filmconvert to see if it helps, even if you never use the a7sii again, will still probably be great for whatever you pick next
  22. Dave's slog settings in his first post here - Got a lot of positive responses
  23. Upload some footage or screengrabs
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