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  1. Had just noticed you post this on vimeo. I like it. Think the grain filter needs to be more agressive though seems to kinda sit weird at some parts
  2. Yeah, if you've watched all the test footage, and you're still asking if 4k is necessary (and you don't answer to anyone), it's not. But of course there are other advantages in these most recent 4k cameras.
  3. That's pretty expected.. That's what you can get from the shadows from jpegs off any canon dslr. Is c-log really not much better?
  4. Don't wanna give away what my other account is but he's selling it for a VERY good deal..
  5. For something like this - so broad, trying to be definitive, and unable to list everything - I think it might be better even to look way out of reach at the absolute best, dream setup, then adjust for your budget and resources, keeping in mind what was so appealing about the big dogs. Maybe people could just write in for one or each category, what they wish they could get and what they'd realistically get if filming started in a month and why
  6. A7s and nx500 aren't actually in your poll. And yeah, it's an interesting thought, just a little unsatisfying. In one category i checked way too many boxes.. tons of room for specific needs to throw this off. And a lot of budget variation concerns too. Anyway, as a sad, camera forum addict, I'm still sort of interested to see results or discussion from this..
  7. Maybe ls300? - nds, xlr, ergonomics, can use your mft lenses, on the cheap end
  8. Ls300 could be worth a look too
  9. heard some people say pro mist or softar filters or the like for this, but I haven't seen side by sides. also a tool in after effects and neat video i believe? but haven't seen results from those either. i'd also be interested to find a cheap solution
  10. Yeah, Dave Dugdale was just saying avchd audio doesn't work well at all in resolve on a pc, right? You have to like rewrap it? Maybe that was fixed already, don't know. Depending on what you need, if you were looking at resolve mostly just because it's the free option, hitfilm express is pretty impressive. You have to buy the ability to use curves and luts and avchd files, but I think that makes it $28, so. That's all I needed add, but there are other packs to purchase.. maybe it would add up eventually or it's more limited than I realize, being an amateur, but I find it really nice and p
  11. Still supported by blackmagic. The ef mount production camera 4k and ef mount ursa mini are the same price, maybe just to say that's where they take more pride and shift sales that way. The ursa mini still requires some additional add ons to be ready to shoot, the production camera is ready once you put in an ssd and put on a lens. Production camera could be a lot cheaper used. Same image from both of those, different ergonomics is, I think, the only change. Very different workflow between this and the gh4, hardly comparable, both can do great things. The production camera is a little dif
  12. Very cool. I'd much rather have a mechanical shutter than a global shutter
  13. If it's staged perfectly, you can just like remember how your hand needs to move, do a few takes, and if you're shooting it like a choppy, shaky, telephoto closeups fight scene, maybe going out of focus sometimes won't matter as much and can be covered with other angles.
  14. Yeah, definitely great stuff shot on that, but also recently heard a certain die hard fan switching to the f65 without blinking. That IS an interesting case though, where most of what everyone is praising about the f35 is hard to really measure. Detail despite actual resolution, organic feel, motion cadence, ccd highlights. A lot like the Alexa "magic" maybe.. though that might be more widely agreed on
  15. More difficult though if your camera is a canon rebel and you look like you're twelve, haha
  16. Yeah, yours was an opinion i was hoping to see here, based on some of those images you shared. Wow. But still, frickin Arri, man. Maybe once it's decided we're only okay with reeeeal 4k, some Alexas will drop down to like the... $2000 range........ :D
  17. Just curious. Maybe I've been watching too many test videos with the cheap(er) cameras. Of course the specs can't really say how the colors and organic feel are still the best out there. Is the Alexa still everyone's dream camera vs f65, RED Dragon, BM4.6k, Bolex, c300ii etc? Anyone have footage or experience to share to say either way? Obviously a for fun topic, not like looking at a purchase
  18. There at least used to be one? Think they took it down. I was curious if anyone knew where that might still be available for download. Seemed really simple and effective and could have been nice for a simple workflow without having to use an entire hefty editor/vfx nle every time. I'm researching a lot of stuff, since I'm unfortunately kind of starting iver with computers right now, and clearly catch on late sometimes for programs. If there's something similar to look at, point me towards it if you would
  19. For wide angle adapters - I have a ten dollar Neewer one and like it. Mostly for portraits.. close up it's sharper, and there's added "character" especially wide open (some barrel distortion, edge softness, haze, goofy bokeh). Gets a lot sharper at 5.6, but still probably not perfectly acceptable for everyone. I use it on a 50 mostly, distortion is worse on a wider lens. I also use it on a full frame lens and a crop sensor, would be less confident on full frame for the edges. It also makes the minimum focus distance closer by like a couple feet, but I think keeps infinity.. near infinity on th
  20. Oldboy isn't exactly action but has one of the coolest fight scenes ever. Dead Snow is a campy action comedy horror masterpiece. +10 for Kill Bill. On the more tandard side, I like Mission Impossible 1 and 2 more than any Bond. Nostalgia can play a big part, but it's not bad to learn from and incorporate those classic, charming elements, since the rest of the world is also affected by them
  21. This is a cool test with the bmcc with Davinci's twixtor-like tool. Probably only works this well because there's so little movement. And there's twixtor. Or you could do choppy slowmo which is good enough for Tarantino and others. Depends on the situation. If it's in a good story, I might not even notice it
  22. Lol, I love how this topic turned.. definitely great music video, Jonatan. And great test of the camera. Yeah, pretty much only like.. Orson Welles would I take advice from as scripture for filmmaking. And he said he wished he could have been a perpetual amateur, because that's the reason Kane turned out well. But of course I still have respect for tutorial by guy on goggle
  23. Jeez, for an image like that, just shoot all your films on it at 2 frames per second. I'd forgive you
  24. If there aren't many blogs like yours, that seems like more reason to keep doing your thing. I've read your longest articles like 8 times each. To me that means you're one of the best sources out there now, if no one is doing it right. I've missed your blog posts, but not whining about it seemed more like a courtesy. Please don't take it as lack of support
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