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  1. 36 minutes ago, DBounce said:

    What attracted me to the XT3 is the image straight out of camera. Now you can get technical all you want. But at the end of the day your audience will give not a single fCk. All they will notice is the image... and they will really only notice that in the most extreme cases... and if they do notice it immediately... it means your story is failing. 

    Comparing the XT3 to the GH5/s... the image seems more organic. I can't say if one has more or less DR... the GH5S is more than usable. Both are great cameras.

    This is the reason I moved to Fujifilm.. It's just got an organic look that people seem to respond to without knowing exactly why it is different (even from fellow videographers). It has something that can't be measured on a chart, something very human (and yea, I know that sounds fanboyish ?).

  2. 25 minutes ago, avrofilmvideo said:

    Not as scientific but it shows DR.

    hahahaha... yea, not as scientific. There's hardly much DR in that shot and the GH5 still shows signs of burning the highlights.

    Oh well, sounds like you are just hurt from owning two XT2s whilst having zero understanding on how to make them sing. Thankfully, for you, the GH5 is more than a capable alternative, so enjoy.

  3. Always make me laugh seeing a tiny camera in the middle of those monster rigs!

    The image that comes out of it is basically the glass, camera and recorder though (Plus lights).... the rest are shooting aids for him and the crew. 

    $6k... we're now entering true democratisation. Even lighting and gear for motion (gimbals, dollies, cranes etc) are dirty cheap.

  4. 18 minutes ago, DBounce said:

    @Jimmy Looks great,  not sure about that huge MK lens... I envision this as a great travel camera. Also,  I'm thinking footage will be pretty dam usable straight out of camera. With no real CG needed. 

    As a cinema setup though... it's really tiny. When you see the quality of that Matthew Libatique trailer... it's kind of mind boggling to think the nuts and bolts of that setup can be had for $6k (his was kitted out to a far bigger rig, of course)

  5. 3 hours ago, Dunjoye said:

    sorry if posted already 


    Very nice... we're in a new league now... Look at that handheld setup... amazing. 4K/60p/10bit/4:2:2 with a beautiful monitor and amazing lens for about $6k, half the price of RED's cheapest brain (not comparing the two, but damn the gap is really small now).

    For $6K, you really would have a 100% boné fidé cinema setup, including legit cine glass. 

  6. I think a really underrated point about these Fujis is eterna. I've been testing it alot this week to see it's limitations compared to f-log.

    It's just really, really good. It holds almost the same DR (around 12 stops) and looks stunning out of the camera. You can really tweak to highlight/shadow to almost log levels, a touch more black to suit my personal taste and job done. I can see it saving me several hours a week in post. (btw - from this week's tests I'd suggest to protect your highlights, there is more extra latitude in the shadows than the highlights.)

    Of course, for further control, you can shoot in f-log and add the eterna lut... there is zero difference to the footage once applied.... when pushed very hard in post, the f-log with eterna stands up just a little more. I find having eterna showing on screen while shooting outweighs any benefits of log though. You can nail the white balance, exposure etc so that you are edit ready from the card.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Emanuel said:


    Will you update, Jay?


    E : -)

    As I shoot mainly weddings, I now have 5-6 months off until the 2019 bookings roll in... So will probably just sit back and see what happens. 

    I actually used the news to go and buy a bargain X-H1. If an X-H2 isn't announced by April, I will then revisit the XT-3, but also interested to see the price drops of the 5D mk IV (I really need a better AF system for the A cam). Eyes open for the Lumix FF too. I really don't care about the brand... I just need 12+ stops, great skintones and great AF.

    Abraço tambem amigo!

  8. 51 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Not at all. Not even close. The only one is a half stop or similar in high iso (for video), there is litteraly nothing else that the X-T2 has the advantage. The X-T3 is a completely different beast.

    Literally nothing else? Dynamic range is better, the XT2 has about 2 extra stops. Highlight rolloff is much better. Skintones are better. It has log. The prime range of glass is second to none for s35.

    Look... I am no camera snob, you could 100% shoot a feature on the NX1 as long as you can control the light, the resolution and colour reproduction are really great. It's a great camera, but you also have to be detached enough to be able to accept it's limitations.

    I love the XT2, but have zero problem pointing out the fact that it suffers from banding, the 120p is close to unusable, it's AF is far from amazing and the menu system is poor. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    What is odd to me is that someone would even bother to post that rubbish. Even if you don’t care about the features I mentioned, the video is pretty much worthless.

    I've got no issue with that. Though would argue some of the footage at the end looked nice (not enough of it though).

    TBH, I am ONLY interested in seeing footage and key features like how AF works, I can get the spec sheet myself. 

  10. 2 hours ago, jonpais said:

    Whatever. The fellow said he was going to focus on video, I watched for eight minutes, not a word about the 1.7x crop, 120fps 720p, no IBIS, no zebras. Lots of talk of the miracle of short flange distances, as though Canon invented mirrorless. Shill behavior.

    Cineable sell cameras, so they are gonna promote the camera's plus points rather than point out the negatives (same for all brands, and the same if they get a pre-production camera or not)... This does not make them paid shills though, you know that. Personally, I woudn't use something like that video to make any buying choices, but that onus is on the buyer to get info from various sources. 

    Just saying "Paid shill" is naive at best though.

  11. Those NX1 videos have terrible blown highlights on the faces. This doesn't happen on the XT2... the XT3 should be even better. Even on the XT1, the highlight rolloff is nice.

    As much as i loved the NX1, blown highlights and DR in general were a letdown. 

    The comparisons just seem really odd.  

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