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  1. 15 hours ago, mercer said:

    Are you getting 60fps at 10bit or 12bit? Is it continuous? And finally, do you know if there is any way to set shutter to 180 degree shutter angle instead of shutter speed? Or is there a way to save multiple settings?

    Only 14bit lossless is available.

    I get around 10 seconds at 60fps and 30 seconds at 48fps (seems to vary depending on scene and ISO, so worth testing alot)

    25 seconds and 60 seconds when conformed to 24fps.... More than usable for alot of shots.

  2. 15 hours ago, EthanAlexander said:

    I've been running a build from late 2013 that has SUPER stable 14 bit at full 1080 on my 5D3, so I've never been willing to update. Can anyone confirm how stable the 12 bit compressed build is? I'd love the smaller file sizes.

    Why not keep that version on an SD, then try some of the new builds on a different one?

    The latest 4K build seems very steady with all the normal modes (1080/24p etc)

  3. 38 minutes ago, Boygetslost said:

    Does anyone have any workflow recommendations  for AE? Like is there anyway to see a diffrent frame in ACR, not just the first one?

    Pick the frame you want to adjust... save the settings as a preset, then open the 1st frame of the sequence and apply.

  4. 23 hours ago, Boygetslost said:

    Thanks Jimmy. So are you using ARC through after effects?

    What do you use to convert the MLV's? In the past I used Rawmagic, though I have started using MLVFS.

    Yea, After Effects... I process the MLVs with mlv_dump, it's a bit confusing, at first, as you have to use Terminal, but it is lightning fast.

  5. 2 hours ago, Boygetslost said:

    Hey everyone, just started using ML on the 5d iii again. really enjoying it.

    What are the best workflows currently to maximise the image quality in import and post?

    I don't mind if it involves extra steps, just what ever delivers the better result.



    I think for the very best quality, go through ARC (adobe raw converter). I find i can get more out of the highlights and shadows with ARC than any other software.... I find the tool for tweaking saturation on different colours is really helpful too. If i've shot everything in similar light... I can do a first grade with ARC, save a preset and apply to all the other clips I bring in.

  6. If you're using your phone as part of a cinema camera.... You're gonna need another phone for calls, internet etc anyway...

    My concern with this holo phone is that RED seem to want to develop all the apps themselves or have not really thought out how people will make apps for it. I've asked several times on reduser about the coding environment it will use for apps, if development kits are going to be released before launch, etc... but it gets drowned out by posts of "goodbye apple, nice knowing you... go Jim!"

    This kind of tech will live or die by the apps it runs... They need to figure this out quickly if they want app devs to take it seriously, especially with a Q1 2018 launch.

  7. 4 hours ago, kkfok1031 said:

    Thanks Jimmy, will get one to try asap, can't wait.

    No probs... definitely a case of try before you buy, for your needs.... i think the live view issues will be a nightmare, underwater.

  8. 1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Dear peoples... Can you test something for me? Who has 10bit lossless in 3.5K? I did. Then it went away without explanation (same build, same card). Now the minimum is 11bit.

    I get 11-8bit option

    I seem to remember reading A1ex said that it automatically picks from 11bit, 10bit or 8 bit depending on the ISO selected.


  9. 15 hours ago, mercer said:

    With the 3K/4K Raw... is it a module or a nightly experimental build?

    It's an experimental build that is separate from the nightly builds, scroll here


    9 hours ago, kkfok1031 said:

    Thanks a lot for your great help. For the "crop" what I want to know is the the crop ratio in FOV, for example if I use a 50mm lens, what is the approximate FOV after using the setting of 3520 x 1320? Does ratio of 2.351 mean the 50mm lens becomes a 117.5mm lens?

    I once had a 5D3, but sold it for a 1D-C 2 years ago for 4K, now is thinking to switch back to 5D3 if I can have resolution of around 3K. I need capacity for color correction as I shoot underwater.

    BTW, is the live view really that poor with this module? Gray scale is fine for me. Thanks.

    I'm not very technically minded... But if the horizontal resolution is 5760, then isn't it the horizontal crop factor something like 5760 divided by the horizontal resolution, eg, 5760/3072 = 1.875 crop factor?

    I think proper crop factors use a diagonal measurement, too tired to work it out!

    The live view is pretty bad, right now... It's not so much the grey scale but the fps, it is really jittery and looks to be running at about 5fps.

  10. Yea, it was set to 24fps in Canon menu.

    Certainly some glitches in this build, but to be expected (not moaning at all!)

    I find that I have to occasionally power off and on again to get certain settings to stick.

  11. ok... So the 3:5K 1:1 centered mode allows for lower bit depths.

    at 3520x1320 11-8bit lossless, I could shoot for 20+ seconds

    For some reason, i had to force the fps to 24... It was showing 30fps in that mode, even though the camera was set to 24fps

  12. 2 hours ago, kkfok1031 said:

    Thanks. May I know the crop of this resolution? Is that possible to achieve higher resolution if I just need less than 20 seconds of shooting and 10 bit raw only? I am thinking about using it underwater, it is rare to have a clip more than 20 seconds.

    As far I can see, you cannot go below 14bit lossless on these cropped modes. Still learning these new features myself though.

    Ratio is 2:351

    I'll try some higher vertical resolutions and post my findings.

  13. 10 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    3072 x 1308 is 95.5MB to the card with 14bit lossless. What card are you using that gives you such a high sustained data rate? I thought it maxed out at around 85MB/s on the 5D3?

    Just ran a full test.

    Filled the card with 3072x1308 24fps... ISO100… not much movement.

    Data rate is 82MB/s... Stayed in the green throughout.

    Will test some more difficult shots later. See if it crashes.

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