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  1. 1 hour ago, jonpais said:

    1) She skipped the tutorial on moving the subject to a different location or shooting from a different angle to get the best lighting.

    Why not just move the sun while she's at it!?

    The bride and groom are going to want things they cherish from the day in frame... The church, the venue, the grounds etc. Sometimes you might get an angle that also gives good light, sometimes you don't.

    How can you have shot weddings and have this little awareness of what is possible and not?

    "I'm just going to position you next to these grave stones as the light is better than when we have the church in frame"

  2. 17 minutes ago, jonpais said:

    You're right, it might be better to get fifteen interesting shots than five well-lit ones - but she didn't even accomplish that.

    I mean interesting to the bride and groom though, not to filmmakers... Look at the 15 or so shots in that minireel that were form the bride and groom alone time, let's assume she had the standard 15-20 mins you get with the bride and groom... She has a nice variety of angles and compositions... good variation in locations... good, steady movement... alot of focus on the bride... some good wide shots... all the bread and butter shots like hands with rings.

    Whether a filmmaking forum will swoon or not doesn't come into it... Those shots are gonna be loved by the clients and it's another $1500 in the back pocket.

    I don't know if you've ever done a wedding shot, but you come out of that 15-20 minute session frazzled. To come out of it with all the classic shots is amazing in itself.... If you get 2-3 "oh wow" shots, then it's been a great day. 

  3. Yep... If I had, say, 15 minutes... I'd prefer to get 15 or so interesting shots than 5 perfectly lit shots.

    You do what you can do... When the budget allows for an assistant, ideal... When it doesn't, you make your decisions based on what you have gleaned in the (usually minimal) amount of time you have had with the clients. 

    Anyway, the girl is making cash and probably not sat around on forums pixel peeping other people's work... Good on her.

  4. 1 hour ago, jonpais said:

    but your remarks that you messed up a shoot, that the client loved it and that this person might be doing the same for the same reason just doesn't make any sense at all.

    Wow, you're a delight, aren't you.

    Where did I say I messed up? I exposed for the skin (in midday sun, like most weddings)... That is a creative (and correct) decision. The XT1 has limited DR, so the highlights were blown, yet it still looked good (the XT1 has nice highlight rolloff).... good to the point where the client actually liked the look. It added an interesting contrast to the shot that wasn't present on the XT2 shots that kept a flatter profile. You can sit behind your keyboard crying about their view on this, i'll use it to further my career and better my craft. I learnt alot this year and certain styles get a better emotional response. 

    As for my first point, note I was not directly addressing you, just talking about the wedding industry in general (what this OP was all about). 

  5. Alot of these events are directed by the photographer and the lighting you need and they need are often different. They might want to be use flash, not bounce, for instance. If time is minimal, you often just have to go with what the photographer wants. Another point, there were times last year that I shot with XT2 and XT1... Some of the XT1 shots were blown out when I exposed for skin/faces... but the bride and groom actually loved those blown out shots. This happened on a few different showings. Maybe this videographer has also come across this and is doing it purposefully? (I don't see anything particularly terrible in any of that footage, decisions have to be made on something like the 1DXii, with 10 or so stops)

  6. I'll add a camera with amazing AF to my arsenal for new wedding season... Losing too many shots with the XT2/XH1. 

    Probably XT3 or Canon R, but in no rush now... so will see what else shows up.... or if Fuji somehow drop amazing AF into my current cameras, i'm a happy camper.

  7. 19 minutes ago, crevice said:

    I think I was hoping for more answers on the technical merits or downsides. 

    I haven't used the A series since the A7s, but colour still seems to be mentioned alot. Ergonomics are better for the XT for most people. It sounds like the XT3 might just beat it on AF too. Downsides will be smaller sensor, not so great ISO (but still very good), less DR in still images, Auto WB shifts on the XT2/XH1, so that is worth checking for if you use AWB)

  8. I don't even think of camera purchases as buying anymore, just long term rentals.

    I bought the 5DIII used for about £1200, used it on various jobs and sold it for £900... Rental price for one year, £300. The headache only really comes when you are investing in glass too.... I'm now content with Fuji, so have started building up my glass collection. 

    If the guy is not content with his gear, then why not change? There is usually something more than just gear lust driving a change like that.

  9. 1 minute ago, Brian Williams said:

    I know, I hate this, now questioning whether I should return x-t3 while I can and get a second hand x-h1.

    Yea, tricky one... I have no more (wedding) bookings until next spring, so can relax for a while and see if any XH2 rumours start circulating... If I hear nothing by the time I start shooting again, XT3 joins the gang on the gimbal and XT2 goes out to pasture. 

  10. 1 minute ago, crevice said:

    I am in a dilemma. I currently have a Sony A7III and blackmagic pocket 4k on preorder. I have not been blown away by the pocket 4k footage. The specs are great, but so far the footage I have seen seems very similar to the GH5, which doesn’t do it for me. Where the XT-3 footage has looked great and has a less sterile look to my eyes. I shoot photos and videos for what it’s worth  

    I am contemplating selling all my Sony gear, canceling pocket 4k preorder, and buying an XT-3 with 4 lenses. I would use it as a hybrid camera. I am a hobbyist that does no paid work. But, leaving full frame scares me, though shooting with Fujifilm seems more “fun”, for lack of a better world. The look of the body, film simulation, and lenses are what draws me. 

    I would love to hear any opinnions on my first world problem. Also, just for the sake of it also being a huge pro for going Fuji - if I sold my Sony gear - canceled  pocket 4 - and still bought an xt-3 with lenses, I would still get back almost $4,000, since my Sony camera and lenses net me back a lot of money. So yes, money plays a factor here as well. 

    It sounds like you'll be able to buy some decent primes, so the drop from FF will be hard to notice. i changed from Canon 5DIII to XT2 and didn't feel I was missing out and yes, the fun factor really is a thing... I take the XT2 (now XH1) out alot more than I used to with the 5DIII.

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the cameras you have mentioned, so things like fun factor are now a valid consideration.  

  11. 26 minutes ago, deezid said:

    Seems like the issue was using Astia with highlights and shadows adjusted.
    F-Log with sharpening and nr all the way turned down and inter frame nr turned off in 4K DCI All Intra looks great actually (with a little bit of midtone contrast added to skin tones)

    Thanks... hard to know what these film simulations might be doing... Eterna is the only one I use really, as I know exactly what that is doing and adding the LUT in post to f-log or adding it as a film simulation is exactly the same really.... F-log + eterna lut only gives slightly better results when really pushing the grade, and even then, it is only slight. 

    The people who were getting waxing on the XT2, was that before f-log?

  12. I've been shooting weddings with the xt2 and xh1 all year and skintones are my bread and butter... I've never seen waxiness (I've owned/used near every camera brand on the market).

    I never touch the in camera highlight/shadow settings and always use manual WB. Always protect my highlights on the skin. Always use or apply eterna as my base lut/simulation... maybe that helps?

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