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  1. 23 minutes ago, Attila Bakos said:

    Would you guys consider the XF16-55 over the XF18-55 for video? Does the IQ difference translate into video as well? Is the XF16-55 smoother in video AF? I know the big guy doesn't have OIS, but I'm on tripod/gimbal most of the time.

    The 18-55 is what it is, a small, cheap, above average kit lens, the AF is good and smooth. I've yet to try the 16-55, so can't give a direct comparison, but the 18-55 doesn't have the soul of the prime lens, which is to be expected. 

  2. What lenses are you guys buying? Anyone done any AF testing on the various options?

    On a side note, I just shot a beach wedding in Portugal on the XH1... I knew the venue had alot of space as the ceremony was on the beach and the party was around a pool ... so shot the whole thing on the 90mm.... just looking through the shots now, looks absolutely stunning and worth some of the complications on the day. Some shots lost to AF though, so the XT3 or XH2 will certainly be added to next year's kit. 


  3. 47 minutes ago, funkyou86 said:

    So, if the rumors are correct:

    Panasonic is about to price the new camera in the 4000 USD range. Almost the same as the URSA which does raw.

    New mount, for pricey L-mount lenses. Sure you can adapt old glass, but than say goodbye to the "new AF technology".

    Sure, on the other hand it will give us a nice image, but these things just make it a lot less attractive.

    there is a cheaper version too though

  4. 38 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

    On a completely different note. This was a refreshing video. Focusing on the ups and downs of all systems.


    He's bang on.... There are (and always will be) pros and cons to every camera. If a certain camera checks the right boxes for you, great... If not, grab what you have and go hone your skills. It's really that simple. 

    The idea that he is just some paid up Canon mouthpiece just because he didn't completely loose his shit about the crop factor seems misguided. He just  understands that all these cameras are pretty great, but have their own flaws, especially in the $2K and under bracket. 

  5. 6 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    "everything you see I shot at 1080 and upscaled to 4K"

    Oh gee....  

    Come on now, how can he be saying all of this with a straight face?

    He said directly before the quote you cherry picked that it was a con that Canon didn't have 4k/60p, hence why he had to shoot at 1080/60p and upscale.

    There is plenty to bash, no need to make stuff up.

  6. Very cool and creative, seamless. No problem with exposure shift?

    On 7/27/2018 at 11:52 PM, Trek of Joy said:

    Just wish it weighed closer to the Crane or they do a lighter version, call it the Ronin-SL.

    The crane can also be programmed. 

  7. 12 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

    That lens is the best in the lineup imo. Its L-glass territory.

    Ive used the X-Pro2, X-E3, X-T20 and X-T2 for several gigs. Sports, portrait, documentary etc.
    I also hired a freelancer that was swinging the X-T2. Together we shot about 5-7000 images in 60 locations and I ended up editing 3000 keepers from both of us. So lets just say I have an empirical experience of Fuji files from various fuji bodies and various lenses in various lighting conditions (inc HSS).

    I cant tell you how many times Ive gone "wow, what lens was that?" and clicked the EXIF only to see the 90mm f2.
    If Fuji ends up as my main camera again I will buy that lens.

    Yea, it is stunning. I do alot of wedding stuff and the 90mm shots always get the best reaction (and also allow me to go unnoticed in the distance). I was toying with the idea of moving to the 80mm/f2.8 for the OIS, but the XH1 has fixed that issue.

  8. 27 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

    I just ordered the Viltrox EF to Fuji Speedbooster and a X-H1. So in two days I can provide additional info on the adapters performance. There already are a nice test video, posted earlier in the thread, but I haven't found any from the "real world".
    I suspect it will be popular among X-T3 users if its good enough. As a long time Fuji fan it will be fun to try it in "full frame" :)

    Look forward to hearing your report!

    Great seeing so many people joining the Fuji party ?.... I also used the XT3 news to go bag myself a cheap XH1, having IBIS on the 90mm/F2 is a dream, as is shooting direct to Eterna (tip, protect your highlights, there are alot of clean shadows hiding away in eterna)

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