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  1. I'm not apologising for make a daft joke or pointing out the z7 had very bad rs. I apologise if I've said something else that is offensive though.

    You are in a minority of people that own both cameras... so you could make a good post about RS, with the same focal length and amount of movement.. and no matter the result, the Nikon is shooting FF, so will have an excuse, unlike canon.

    I like your passion and it comes from the right place.... wanting what's best while the big guns hold tech back... just fight the fight against every camera maker

  2. 42 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    What a spoilt comment!! In the pipeline is a 100 megapixel medium format camera and all you can do is pre-empt poor rolling shutter performance. You know absolutely nothing about that sensor or camera. It isn't even finished.

    It was clearly a tongue in cheek joke ffs.

    I'll leave you to it... wasn't attacking you in the slightest. 

    I like this forum... you've done a good job... but you have seriously thin skin... it is obvious why manufacturers don't reach out to you and it's nothing to do with "telling the truth"... you're just way too erratic and emotional.

    This is not good in 4k. Same as canon


  3. 17 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The earliest impressions I had of the Z7 was that it was nicer than my Sony A7R III in the hand, and in terms of the image, and the rolling shutter didn't stand out as anything abnormal, unlike on the EOS R. It just wasn't an issue for me. Ditto on the D850. It wasn't immediately obvious from the get go, the minute I opened the box.

    Could that be because you subconsciously wanted to love the Nikon though? I looked a bit more in depth at the Z7 and the rolling shutter stood out like a sore thumb, absolutely as bad, if not worse than the Canon.

    I'm not wading in calling you out or shouting fake news... But it is possible to overlook things when you are excited about a purchase, especially one that ticks so many boxes as the Z7.

    On a side note... At least this rolling shutter is getting us prepared for the Fuji 100mpx that's going to shoot MF, no crop, at 4K/10bit

  4. 4 minutes ago, dantheman said:

    I have a Laowa 7,5mm f2 which is permantly used on the gimbal, a Panasonic 15mm f1.7, Panasonic 42,5mm f1.2 and Olympus 75mm f1.8 but also a 12-40mm f2.8 and 40-150mm  f2.8 from Olympus.

    The 12-40mm I use the first part of the day when I shoot handheld, I shoot documentary style and work alone, a zoom is in such a case the most versatile to quickly get the shots I need, during the ceremony and speeches I have more controll and start using primes. Primes force you to move to a point to get the composition you want, that's fine when you have the time but especially during the first part of the day that is not always possible and a zoom allows me to quickly get a wide shot and a close-up without moving. 

    Thanks Dan, i think i need to get my hands on the 16-55mm f2.8 and see how i feel about that and whether the benefits of f2 primes are really worth it. Shame the f1.4s are so damn noisy otherwise the decision would be easy.

  5. 2 hours ago, hmcindie said:

    Oh no, I hate rolling shutter maybe more than most (as I like doing handheld stuff with snapzooms and all kinds of crazy things that RS destroyes). The thing is, we've had RS cameras now from since...The Sony HC1 and the Canon HV20 from 2005 onwards. After those came out, we haven't really shot anything without RS. Those cams (1/3" sensors) had about 20-25ms of RS and it looked horrible then and it still does.

    The thing I was commenting was probably meant for another thread but it's this: The EOS R RS is nothing new. For example, the 5dmkIV has the same RS. The a6300/a6500 is pretty much the same at around 39ms. The original A7s (and the a7sII) is also about 30ms in 4k which isn't hugely far from the 5dmkIV. NX1 is 30ms. It's pretty much as bad as a RS can be at 30fps. So people wondering why aren't everyone commenting on it is probably because cameras with huge RS have been with us for a few years now. A lot of people use them in 1080p mode and that cuts the RS in half (that's what I tended to do with the a6300). And that is what people will probably be using with the EOS R.

    I'm not saying it's good (I hate even the so-called fast RS of the C200 (16ms and you can see it easy)). Even a camera that people see in their minds as FAST - specifically the Sony RX10 ii onwards) has about 35ms of RS in 4k30p.

    Yep, the Nikon Z7 looks pretty dreadful too in 4K, yet no one is really mentioning that in reviews either. I think people kind of expect it in 4K on a full frame sensor.

  6. Quick question.... Do any of you wedding guys use only/mainly prime lenses? 

    I'm reworking my kit a bit for next summer and was pondering either upgrading my zoom (fuji) to the 16-55 f2.8... or keeping the 18-55 f.2.8/4 and adding a 23 f2 and 35 f2, with the view to using the primes as much as possible. (with the 90mm kept on my 2nd camera).

  7. Nice article... As ever with Canon, the end image (and AF) is sometimes worth the headaches and cripples. Unless the 1080/60p is better than it first sounds though... I think i'll skip this and stick with Fuji.

    Not sure about this btw 

    12 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    I think when the EOS R was sketched out (5D Mark IV sensor), the past customers were 90% stills orientated. Now it is probably even 50-50 video and stills and they don’t seem to have the right sensor for that.

    I am sure the sales of this camera and all Canon cameras will still be heavily skew towards still shooters. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    So "top of your game" now equals.....  average?? 


    Why did you miss the first sentence i wrote, where i admitted a made i mistake in my wording?

    This place is really frustrating... we are talking about cameras, not life or death issues. Jesus!

    Average prices in London are about £1500... so anyone earning £3k is well above average

  9. Yes... top of their game wasn't the best phrase to use as that will include millionaire/billionaire clients.

    I'm talking more about your week to week wedding shooter. Average price for a uk wedding is around £20k... the average price of a wedding video is not gonna be £3k, unfortunatly.

  10. I guess price is a personal need too!

    But any camera opinion like "this is the best' or "this is the worst" is very much aligned with that person's needs. 

    For instance, if I told my brother that the Canon R sucks because it has a crop on 4K, he would laugh and say "I don't use video, who cares.. but that Nikon sucks because [insert photography issue here]".

  11. It's nice enough, but really hard to get too much understanding as to how the skin tones will grade... It's almost like they uploaded the log video with no grade (maybe they did?). There is also cold blue/green cast on all the footage i've seen. Hopefully this can be dialed out with manual white balance. 

    Like I say, i'm not bashing it... I really want to be blown away as it could be near perfect for me. 

  12. Just now, Nikkor said:

    Imagine the hype with this camera having a sticker saying "Canon"

    Until I see some footage that blows me away though, the hype is all in the paper specs. 

    Nothing i've seen so far has made me think it is even on par with my XH1 in terms of a satisfying image... and I really want to like this as it ticks so many boxes for me. Hopefully more footage will appear soon.

  13. Care to elaborate on what parts of the image are "night and day"?

    For instance, a fair use of night and day might be... The C300's 1080p is so much better than the 5d3s that the difference is night and day. Genuinely can't imagine any scenario between the XT3 and GH5 where that phrase would make sense, whichever camera you preferred.


  14. How big a deal is AF to you? XT3 looks quite a bit better in that regard.

    DR seems to be better on the XT3, low light similar, native lenses are better on the Fuji, but M43 offers more compatibility... not sure about audio 

  15. Also worth noting that I am not in a big city or anything. I think that is maybe where people are seeing these big prices and thinking it is standard across the country. If you are at the top of your game in London, you might be getting £3k a booking... The idea that that is the standard price though is way off based on the research we have done and seen at wedding events though. 

  16. I'm still very much learning (hence the OP) which is reflected in the pricing. Due to construction issues at the venue, we only started this season, it's not my full time job or anything.

    That video was my first, shot on XT2 and XT1, i'll update the website some time to reflect more recent work. 

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