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  1. No audience will be impressed with 4K if they don't have a screen to consume 4K on. I'd choose an extra stop DR over 4K every day. The audience might not be impressed by you saying you shot raw, but they will have a sensation that it is better if they do watch it. They wont know why, but they will. Extra resolution can do that too, but not as much, if you are already shooting pristine 2K.

    That said, with the FS700/OQ7, you can shoot a great image in 4K ProRes... You loose about a stop. Should be fine for most shots.

    Like I said at the start, shoot ProRes for anything that only demands about 12 stops... If your lightmeter or exposure tools show a bit more of an extreme... switch to raw.

  2. Wait a second now. The FS700 internal is ranked, but the A7s 4k HDMI is to an external recorder. So i wonder where the FS700+7Q would fall on your list. I'd definitely place it in that top tier, maybe even at the top spot if this sort of camera/recorder combo is allowed. 

    ​Yea, seems like the FS700/OQ7 combo gets overlooked by alot of indie filmakers, but it really is the very, very best image out there for a sub $10k price and crazy versatile.

    I've had ours for just under a year and the image is sublime. Sharp 4K (to 60fps, 120fps burst), 2K (to 240p), raw, prores, 4K to HD, 13 stops, built in NDs, built in XLRs, great screen, amazing exposure tools, good low light

  3. Can't really see any justification for the F35 on the list other than "it's a bargain" in which case the FS700/OQ7 is a better bargain (4K 120fps raw!) and better suited for this forum.

    The F35 is truly a beast, no one on the indie scene is gonna use that.

    The rest looks good, though I think the NX1 has a lot to prove away from it's "on paper" specs. Looks like iPhone footage, to me.

  4. Have you thought about shooting 4K prores, but using very occasional 4K raw when you absolutely need every drop of DR?

    If you have time to edit raw though... I would shoot 2K/raw. I know all the hype is about 4K, but DR and color are still more important, imo and the 2K on FS700/O7Q is a joy, though you do hit some moire/aliasing at 120/240fps

  5. Cheers Oliver, gonna have to rent one out and see how it compares to a kitted out FS700/OQ7 ... The idea of being able to shoot without always having an external monitor is appealing, but if the trade off is a lot more weight, then it becomes problematic.

  6. every scene in this incredible looking movie will have been lit to accommodate for the film dynamic range. 

    ​People seem to massively underrate the use of lighting to create the cinematic look. It is not about recreating natural light, but enhancing it, giving a very slight unnatural, fantasy look.

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